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Dad Accidentally Sent His Daughter A Raunchy Snapchat Instead Of His Wife…

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There have been a large number of cases that we can learn from. We can understand from them fact that parents should be kept away from social media. One of the recurring lessons is that they are actually most of the times unable to handle the social media tools and they ultimately lead to very embarrassing situations. Let us take this case for example! This girl’s father actually wanted to send her mother a wonderful treat through snapchat on Valentine’s Day. However, he just ended up accidently sending it to his daughter instead of his wife.

Check this out below in the following lines!

1. Snapchat

Snapchat is a famous photo sharing social app. However, you already know that, unless you are actually living under a rock for the last couple of years you will actually be able to handle it.

2. The most inappropriate snap

Parents are often unable to use the social media tools properly and that is why they often end up creating a number of embarrassing situations. Ms Millen also learnt this lesson when her father sent this particular raunchy picture to her by mistake, when he actually wanted to send it to her mother instead on Valentine’s day as a gift!

3. Taking to twitter posts

The daughter actually tweeted the awkward image. The conversation that followed this was just mind blowing. She was actually so embarrassed from her father’s mistake that she literally wanted to die! However again, it was really very hilarious at the same time!

4. Basking in the fame

Her tweet has actually made her father a sudden celebrity in the social media; however he does not really care the embarrassment that has been caused! In fact, he’s enjoying the new found sudden fame.

5. It is nothing to take things very seriously though!

The father does not take this mistake of his really very seriously.

6. Good point

Well, the father does really have a valid point to make here.

7. Her parents took it very well!

Now as long as a lesson has been learnt, all is good!

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