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Woman 20 Weeks Pregnant With Twins Has Abortion And Smiles About It While Posing For Photographs

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Wednesday is an abortion day at the Orlando Women’s Centre. This is the same clinic where 12 years back I had my abortion. At first, when I started walking down the sidewalks of abortion clinics too, I almost had no idea that late term abortions were legal or not. I can recall hearing about the Partial Birth Abortion Ban in the year 2007 and had possibly assumed that this stopped abortions late in the pregnancy of a woman.

I get a shock upon thinking that all of these women have been pregnant. They have even felt their babies kick inside. A lot of them even know the sex of the child, and perhaps this is one of the reasons for the abortion. These women have carried these babies for almost six months. They have come more than halfway.


I just kept on crying and crying. I could hardly speak initially. I thought about family members, friends, and even colleagues of these girls who know very well that they are all pregnant. Does our society lack so much accountability that they will resume their normal daily lives and no one will think this is an issue?

The last Wednesday my friend by the name of John had posted a picture of a girl who had arrived at Orlando Women’s Centre for the abortion of her twin baby girls. She had daughters already and did not want any more daughters. She was almost like 20 weeks then, but since she was pregnant with twins, she had a huge belly. Within some hours, the picture had gone viral. I started getting phone calls and even emails from my friends who had almost no idea this was going on. Many people even offered financial help, and some also went on to offer to adopt her babies. Myriads of people all of over the globe were praying that the girl would change her mind, while some even said that this was barely legal and that the picture was merely a hoax.
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I continuously repeated and again that abortion is legal in America until the day you give birth. As a matter of fact, in the capital of our Nation, there are merely two doctors who specialize in abortions and that too this late in the months of pregnancy. One of these doctors has been practicing with his suspended license for many years. The Partial Birth Abortion Ban has only stopped the use of that procedure late during the pregnancy of a woman. But as long as the baby is dismembered just before removing him or her from the mother’s womb, it is pretty legal. Have a look at the laws in your state. Always keep in mind that any state that has exceptions related to the health of the mother can mean that if a lady has severe heartburn, then that is a threat to her health. And a late abortion starts around $2,000 and can even go up to around $15,000, but that depends on how far along a woman is in the pregnancy.


I have been to the Holocaust Museum in the Washington, DC. Well, you can see there are piles and piles of hair that have been shaved off of the Jews in those concentration camps. Then you can see millions of pairs of shoes that belong to those children who were killed simply because they were Jewish. The pictures depicting thousands of dead bodies layered on the top of one other are shocking. At a point of time, I decided I could look no more. I was disgusted that this could happen without even a revolution rising to overthrow a government.

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I know it is a bit controversial to say this, but as a matter of speaking, abortion is the holocaust of my generation. Can you even imagine the bodies of around 50,000,000 babies piled on top of one other in a museum somewhere? It sounds creepy and even shocking even while speaking isn’t it?


Just after this Holocaust came to an end, the German civilians were drawn to Buchenwald concentration camp so as to see the atrocities that had taken place there. Again and again, they could be heard saying, “We didn’t know.” Because of the internet and also the social media, we can have no excuse for ignorance. The hands of every American are stained with blood, and perhaps her ears and eyes are covered too.
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The girl about whom I mentioned earlier finally ended up aborting her twin girls in her womb even after we had all types of help that she would ever need ready. She confessed that she did not want girls. She even admitted that she had no feeling of compassion for her babies she was carrying in her womb all these months. During a two-day process, she had to go into labor and deliver her sweet babies and right into the toilet. Such abortions as these happen all over the country every single day, and you can even not count the huge numbers.


I guess that this particular picture of the girl made many so angry that they are provoked to do something. While spending hours on the Planned Parenthood sidewalk all on my own, I just want to cry my heart out “WHERE IS THE CHURCH?”
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