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Girls Share The Most Embarrassing Experience They Have Ever Had!

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#1 Gushing Blood

22-year old Emily was in the backseat of a car with her man giving a bI0wj0b, and he asked her to bite him. She bit him, and blood gushed everywhere!

#2 Woops

Grace got tips from her friends for going down, anticipating her hookup to come over. But when he came over, she was so nervous that she threw up! Let’s just say she never heard from him again

#3 Bottle Popping

Nancy and her boyfriend were turned up on New Years, so she decided to give him a bj with champagne still in her mouth. He screamed in pain from the burning, saying it felt like piranha’s were in her mouth!

#4 Marathon Suck!ng

“I was finally fed up and checked the time. It had been three hours so I just left.” That has to be a record for longest bl0w j0b!

#5 Spitting Out

Carrie always picks the pubes from her teeth after going down…her man likes it bushy down there.

#6 Speechless

Jess chocked her throat cavity while suck!ng, leaving her unable to speak for days!

#7 MOM!

Annie was going to town on her boyfriend’s pen!s when his mother walked in to give him the laundry…

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