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Answers To 6 Classic Magic Tricks. #4 is Mind Blowing!!!

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There are several magic tricks that are performed by magicians all over the world. The interesting part is that there can be no explanation whatsoever to a trick. But if you want to understand how the magic is being made, you can understand in details. Let us have a close look at the details of the famous magic tricks:

1. Levitation

In this magic trick the lady is held with the help of a metal rod. The magician stands to conceal the rod, so the place where he stands determines how good the trick is performed. [adinserter block=”16″]

2. Cutting a Body in Half

The individual in this case needs to tuck their body into giving the deception of their body being cut into pieces. Fake feet are added toward the end for when the model moves.
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3. Zig Zag Girl

This trick is quite basic and a very simple one. At the point when the partner ventures into the case she turns her body sideways so that when the sharp edges go in, they slide directly past her body. At the point when the waist of the crate is pushed out, just her hand runs with it, yet the dark covering of the container gives the hallucination that her waist has totally moved.
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4. into the Air

This trap is fundamentally the same as the other levitation trap yet the entertainer does not remain before the backing. He then gradually passes a band the right hand just going similarly as the backing permits which gives the hallucination that the body is almost floating in mid-air.
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5. Cut in Half

This is a perhaps the most classic one. It is a standout amongst the most exemplary tricks. One partner is now in the case before the trap begins, her body disguised. At the point when the other right-hand gets in the case, the one officially inside, puts her legs out while alternate conceals hers, lone her abdominal area appearing. At the point when the sharp edges go in and the container isolates, we are really seeing one portion of two individuals.[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”5th page”][adinserter block=”16″]

6. Michael Jackson Dance Trick

This dance move is quite a simple one! There is a groove in the shoes that catches on a lift so when you lean over the center of gravity of your body is fixed, and you can easily return to an upright position without even falling over!

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7. Learn Magic Tricks

“Learning magic isn’t easy… there’s just too much information out there these days. And, it’s mighty expensive — just ONE trick could cost hundreds of dollars alone!”

Here an amazing magic book that covers hundreds of magic tricks.

“This ‘Learn Easy Magic’ collection from Bryan Dean is probably one of the BEST ways for anyone to learn some truly AMAZING magic tricks. They are easy-to-do, fun and entertaining.”

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