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Try This For 3 Days And The See This Super Change In Your Body. Works Everytime!

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Everyone is aware of the fact that sugar is one of the main ingredients responsible for obesity. Carbohydrates and fats are also included. Often people think that they consume limited amounts of sugar, but in reality It is much more than the normal value because sugars are present in everyday food items such as sodas, honey, candies, chocolate, fruit juices etc.

These food items also contain lots of carbohydrates, all of which combined lead to accumulation of excess amounts of sugar in our bodies.

Our bodies have been designed to use sugars mainly as an instant source of energy. However, the blood sugar levels in our bodies are increased in this process, which can have adverse effects on our health. It also prevents the intake of optimum amount of nutrients.

Some of the main side effects include consequent fatigue, depressive moods, hyperactivity, colds, headaches, sinus problems, along with sleeping disorders. Besides, if you keep on consuming increased levels of sugar, you are putting your body at a high risk of various cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Even breast cancer has been linked with high blood sugar levels.

2. Sugar Consumption Vs Weight Gain

As said earlier, the body uses the sugar we consume to produce bursts of instant energy. However, that is where the pros and end the cons start. If the body doesn’t need to produce any energy at the moment, it converts the excess sugar into fat. Sugar present in various food items are even more dangerous than natural sugar.

Besides increasing body fat, they can increase bacterial content in the bowels, which in turn causes blood sugar level to increase further which again gets turned into fat. Most of this extra fat is stored in the waist, hips, face and thighs.

3. Quit Sugar

Quitting sugar is really tough. In fact, many experts believe that unless you completely remove sugar from your diet, you can’t stop your sugar addiction ever. Many people try to completely get rid of sugar from their diet, but it causes various problems such as depression, headaches, cravings, and extreme fatigue. These symptoms usually come after a heavy meal. At that time, the body hasn’t received the sugar, and is experiencing sugar cravings. It then sends a signal to the body, and that manifests itself in the form of these symptoms.

This is where the worst part comes. People who don’t have a strong willhave some sugar after these symptoms, which means they are basically adding fuel to the fire. Sugar addiction can never be solved in this manner. If you want to stop being a sugar addict, you need to get rid of it completely.

4. Three Day Sugar Detox


Day 1

  • Breakfast: Three scrambled eggs with a cup of oats, almonds or berries.
  • Snack: A small bowl of nuts
  • Lunch: A small serving of turnips, carrots, butternut squash, beet, beans along with poached chicken breast
  • Dinner: Broiled fish, or salmon, green beans, mushrooms and broccoli


Day 2


  • Breakfast: Three scrambled eggs with a cup of oats, almonds or berries
  • Snack: A small bowl of nuts
  • Lunch: Zucchini with yellow and red peppers with lemon dressing, thyme and vinegar, or a red or green shredded cabbage salad and carrots, and lemon juice and chopped parsley
  • Dinner: Steamed vegetables or bok choy with baked cod, bean soup, vegetable casserole, roasted turnips and Brussels sprouts



Day 3


  • Breakfast: Three fried eggs with a cup of oats, almonds or berries along with walnut salad and shrimp
  • Snack: A small bowl of nuts
  • Lunch: Roasted chicken with black olives, thyme and onion or roasted chicken thighs with lemon and rosemary.
  • Dinner: Vegetable broth with garlic, onion, bay leaves, carrots and thyme with mushroom heads or penne pasta with basil, mushroom and tomato sauce

5. Drinks

You not only need to consider the food you consume but also your drinks if you are serious about stopping your sugar addiction. You need to get rid of drinks which have a high sugar content. The best solution is to replace them with healthy drinks which will reduce the blood sugar levels and will also make you feel refreshed and energised.


  • Detox water: Grab some blueberries, grapefruits, oranges or strawberries and chop them up. You can add mint for added flavour and then mix them in a jar filled with water. Keep this jar in the fridge, and drink every day.
  • Tea: You can drink green or herbal tea as many times as you want, but it must be without sugar. Try to drink at least thrice every day.
  • Coffee: You can drink only one cup of black coffee every day, and no sugar must be added.


You will notice that all your headaches, fatigue and depression have vanished after this detox. Besides, your sugar addiction will be gone as well. Just keep in mind that you should resort to consuming food items with low sugar only from now on such as fresh fruits, sweet desserts having low sugar content. Don’t forget to share this with you friends and family!

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