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You’ve Been Wiping Your Butt Wrong All Along. Change The Habit Before It’s Too Late, Here’s How!

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Let me ask you a simple question – do you know how to wipe your butt? You probably think that this is a very silly question since that was one of the first things that you learned as a kid. But answer me something – if you know how to do it, why do skid marks occur frequently? Also, I would just like to inform that any reader thinks that it’s taboo to speak about such things, you probably shouldn’t read the rest of the article.
Hygiene is critical to maintaining proper health. This also includes cleaning the anus, and it is rather unfortunate to see that many people are doing it wrong. When it is not done properly, you might feel discomfort or irritation due to the accumulation of fecal matter in the anus, which can lead to serious diseases and odor problems.

2. Instructions

Remember to wipe from front to back always gently. Wiping in the reverse direction can cause fecal matter to get in contact with the genital area, leading to infection. Also, be gentle so as to prevent hurting yourself.
Please note that you should wipe till the entire fecal matter is gone. The best way is to wipe most of the feces using regular toilet paper initially, and then use special wet pipes to finish the cleaning process. Baby wipes can be a good substitute. For people who have sensitive skin, ensure that the wet wipes aren’t scented. Otherwise, they might cause unnecessary irritation. The above instructions should provide a complete cleansing process, reducing all sorts of discomfort and irritation.
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Baby wipes or wet wipes can be used to complete the final cleaning process.
The reason why most people don’t know how to wipe their butts the correct way is that they use lots of wadded paper.
Consider an example. Suppose you have a chocolate pudding, and accidentally you drop off a chunk of it onto your white table top. What do you think is the best way to wipe it off? Will you use dry toilet paper?
The most efficient way would use a wet cloth, which can also help in disinfection.


Have you ever wondered why toilet paper isn’t used for babies? That’s because they can’t do the job. Baby wipes are the only option. Otherwise, you will end up with a rashed baby and no adult wants that.
But suddenly after we have been potty-trained, we start using toilet paper. Rather surprising, isn’t it?
Baby wipes are paper towels soaked in baby oil and witch hazel and are much more useful than toilet papers. [adinserter block=”16″]


Still most adults don’t use them. Cleaning with baby wipes provides a much more comfortable experience than toilet paper. In case someone thinks they are same, they definitely haven’t tried them.
Wiping your butt is an important issue; so don’t neglect it, and go out to buy a pack of baby wipes. Trust me, you won’t go back to toilet paper ever again.
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