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Weird Things Women Do After Breakup And Men Are Clueless

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#1 Stalking

She’ll unfriend him on social media, and then stalk him using other people’s accounts.

#2 Drunk Texts

Alcohol numbs her emotions, but then she drunk texts him and regrets it.

#3 Bad Mouthing

She will tell everyone how badly he treated her and will tell everyone all his flaws … every single one.

#4 Writing Poetry

Her poetry is a way to pour her heart out and unburden herself, even if it is bad.

#5 Gets A Makeover

She doesn’t want to look anything like the girl who dated him and wants him to rue the day he broke up with her after he sees how great she looks.

#6 Trash Talk

She’ll text him to tell him how much she misses him, but then blames him for everything.

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