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You Will Never Ever Want To Make Love In A Car Without Knowing These Things

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1. Location

Obviously, location is one of the most important aspects of hooking up in a car. You definitely don’t want a crowded parking lot to do that. A secluded safe place is the best solution, and of course, you want to the most romantic, you could choose the beach at sunset.Source

2. Fitness

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that making love in a car is the same as doing it in bed, you will be needing a lot of stamina in the car, since you need extra energy to stay comfortable in the cramped up place. Hence, make sure that you are fit to perform at the optimum level. Source[adinserter block=”16″]

3. Clean

This is a no-brainer. You obviously want the inside of the car to look good and also smell nice. I can guarantee you that no girl would be interested in making out in a foul smelling dirty car.Source

4. Only good for a while

Obviously, this can be fun for a while but don’t make the mistake of making it a habit. Constantly making love in a car makes the partner feel as if the relationship is a secret or maybe she is your side chick, which can obviously ruin the relationship. Source[adinserter block=”16″]

5. Front seat isn’t the best

Most people think that the driver’s seat is the best place, since you can easily turn on the car and drive away if you find someone coming at you. However, you will also feel extremely uncomfortable due to the steering wheel and gears. So there are better options available. Source

6. Best Positions

If you think carefully, you will understand that the back seat is probably one of the best places, since it can give the feeling of a bed. Also, it allows the most freedom in terms of movement. Now, if you are really interested in trying out risky stuff, the hood of the car can be a better option since it has a large surface area.
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7. A Little Effort

You need to show your partner that you really care for her, and put in extra effort – make a playlist of the songs she likes, also keep a blanket nearby and obviously use an air freshener. Keeping these in mind, hopefully, you will have a nice time in the car!
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