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Ex-Wrestler Stopped For ‘Drunk Driving’ – Takes Down Seven Police Officers Trying To Arrest Him

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Vyacheslav  Oliynyk is a former Olympic wrestler who won the gold medal for Ukraine in Olympics 1996, was seen fighting seven police officers at once when they were trying to arrest him for driving while drunk. Oliynyk countered even the pepper spray and the batons that the police were using at the end after becoming frustrated.

Oliynyk, who is now 50, still seemed to possess al the characteristics of a pro wrestler and he showed that age has nothing to do with skill. The entire incident was captured on video and was later released by the police.


One of the police officers attempted to use pepper spray, but the former wrestler easily countered that.
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The pepper spray seemed to have the opposite effect on him, since he became even more furious now. Ultimately, the police officers were forced to resort to using batons. The champ was injured and was bleeding profusely from his face, still he didn’t give up and continued his assault on the police officers.

Oliynyk, whose weight has now a tad above his Olympic weight of 90 kgs was brought down by seven police officers, but even then he used his skills to free himself. When a female officer tried to explain what his crime was, he said ‘Go f*ck yourself.’
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Finally, when his friends plead him to stop because his young son was crying, he stopped the revolt. Oliynyk commented later that he would fight the same way in the court room.

He did accept that he also had fault in the incident. He believes that he is partly guilty because he completely ignored the police and continued driving. However, this doesn’t turn him into a criminal. Yet, in the court, he will receive punishment because according to him, that always happens. The police allowed him to go home that day only which makes him think that his punishment won’t be severe.
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4. What’s funny is that in Russia, you can beat up seven officers and yet nothing happens and in the USA, you even say something rude to the officers, and they will put a bullet through your skill.

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