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VIDEO: Female Thief Sent In The Air After Car Takes Sudden Escape

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Although the woman is pregnant, we have to say that whatever happened to the woman is completely justified.

1. A Thief

Whenever someone is committing a crime, he or she will always be in a state of panic. It is obviously extremely dangerous, and it is evident from this case, where a woman was almost about to die.

In this case, a woman who is probably pregnant is thrown up into the air when the car in which she was filling petrol rushed away.


This lady was dressed in a pink swimsuit top and was seen filling a car with petrol when a specialist was verifying the enlistment plates of the car.

The driver soon understood that the CCTV camera was recording the entire incident, so when he saw that the specialist was returning, he drove his car with the spout still connected. As a result, something terrifying happened.

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3. The Pregnant Thief

As said earlier, the spout was still attached to the car, and when the car started moving, the hose extended which threw the lady into the air, and a few seconds later, she fell to the ground. What is even more shocking is the fact that the woman was apparently pregnant.

The lady, in her injured state, tried to reach the car, and after the spout had got unattached, fuel was spilled all over the surrounding areas. The video below should make things clear

4. The Video

This video was captured in Mt Warren Park Caltex located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We know that the lady is committing a crime here and what she is doing is completely illegal, but still, we hope that she won’t have any problems with her pregnancy after falling.

Watch the video below.

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