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Proof That There Are Two Types Of Men

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#1 Brains Vs. Brawn

We all know either the car guru who can fix any problem, or the computer nerd who creates the navigation system for your car!

#2 Social Relevance

He’s either on top of his social media, or couldn’t care less what the newest emoji trend is!

#3 The Selfish Boyfriend

Some guys will ALWAYS think of themselves first

#4 It’s Mine

He’s either really polite and well-mannered, or will touch you any kind of way he wants…ANYWHERE!

#5 Environmentally Friendly

Most men want the Tesla, but others want to save the environment!

#6 What’s Wrong?

Because some men just don’t give a crap…

#7 Sound ON/OFF

Some prove their manliness through the loud pee noise, while others are polite and quit.

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