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She Pulled It Out Thinking It Was A Blackhead But Was Something Else, OMG!

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#1 What’s This Weird Thing In My Leg?

With the help of some tweezers and a little courage to fight the pain, she attempts to remove this annoying scab.

#2 This Little Bugger Just Won’t Budge!

This wasn’t a normal scab like she was expecting. No… This was something much, much worse.

#3 After Some More Aggressive Prying…

The thing in her leg starts to wriggle loose.

#4 Finally… Some Relief!

Turns out there was a parasite making a nice little nest in her arm…

#5 Getting Rid Of The Parasite

Though it wasn’t living anymore, she couldn’t be more excited to get the parasite out of her skin and into the waste basket!Source

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