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Save someone from a stroke using just a needle

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Medicinal practices across the world differ from one another. Professors in China who are experts in Chinese medicines advice everyone to carry a needle with them at all points of time. Needle, they say, among the many purposes, is useful to save live, if that is an amazing fact for you.

Yes. What we said seems to be the fact too. A needle can save even a patient suffering from a fatal stroke. Let us see how.

Stroke, in reality, is nothing but a severe cardiac arrest. It is more of an emergency.

Medical world advices to carry a first aid kit always.

And, the specific instruction is to carry a needle in the first aid box since it can save people from stroke, if you want some first aid training, check out the CPR Certification Baltimore course. One main thing to understand about stroke is that the brain of the person who undergoes a stroke experiences severe wear and tear in the capillaries. Using sterilized needles is advisable to bring stroke under control.

It is advisable to react in a quick manner when you suspect a person is experiencing cardiac arrest.

Make the person motionless and never try to shift him here and there. Making him move will damage the capillaries further which may in turn burst. This will lead to internal bleeding worsening the situation in hand.

Heat the needle just to sterilize the same. Start pricking on all fingers alternatively. You have to prick at points that are a few milli meters away from the nail. Ensure this action is done fast.

Once this process is over, the next logical thing to be done is to massage the ears of the affected person. Keep massaging the ears of the affected person till they turn reddish. Using the sterilized needle, pierce in the soft portion of the ears gently till blood oozes out of the same. At the outset, this may appear barbaric. However, this will make the affected person mouth to return to its normal position[adinserter block=”16″]

Doing all these things will take just a few minutes. But, these few minutes will bring the affected patient out of danger.


Now that you know the value of a sterilized needle, keep it ready to save a life at any point of time[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”last page”]

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