Awkward Moments Captured At The Perfect Time

Great Timing! Awkward Moments Captured At Just The Right Time

Everybody has at least one photo where they get Captured in an awkward moment. While it is immensely embarrassing for the person, it acts as a good source of laughter for others. So, here we bring to you some unfortunate yet funny incidents, captured At the perfect time:

1. Bulls Swim Too:

Though Bullfighting has become an extremely popular sport these days, but still bulls shouldn’t be messed with. They’ll go to any limits to seek revenge from the person torturing them, even swimming. Think this is what happened with this person, trying to run away from the bull. Though it is a scary situation for him, it is rather funny to

2. Bon Voyage:

Though this may be a life-threatening situation for the sailors, it is rather funny to look at and you wonder what will happen next.

3. Best Pal:

Except for the girl experiencing it, for whom it is embarrassing to another level, for everybody else, it is a great source of laughter. LOL. It can happen with anybody with a pet, and manages to give everyone else a good amount of laughter.

4. God’s Angry At You:

Relax, everybody’s fine. Though this photo, the lightening, the plane is Photoshopped, it is rather funny to look at.

5. Splashback:

These two women were walking merrily on the road, going to a restaurant to have a sumptuous meal. But if the road is full of mud and water, it is very likely to have a splashback and get some on yourself. That is what happened with them. Fortunately or unfortunately, their embarrassing moment is funny for us.

6. Look Behind You:

What seemed like the picture perfect moment to this couple, turned into an embarrassing moment because some random guy’s dog suddenly turned up in the picture. Maybe dogs should be leashed at beaches. Funny, isn’t it?

7. Priest Gets A Peek:

This seems to be embarrassing for the girl, but a delight for the priest, and funny for the rest.

8. Careful:

That hurt! You can see the intensity of the hit on this player’s face. You should be careful with that, friend. While you take the aid, we’ll laugh at this.

9. First Person Shooter:

Imagine that you are already late for work and are waiting for the public bus to rush to office, and suddenly a random guy shows up and sprays something weird on you. This is what happened with this unlucky girl. She was all ready to board the bus and go to school, buy this stranger sprayed some weird stuff on her. Poor girl. While she changes, you laugh.

10. What?:

Is this a man with such perfect legs, no, perhaps it is not a single person, but two people. This absurd visual illusion is surely laughable.

11. Working hard, aren’t you:

Surely with this kind of attitude towards her work, she is not getting a Christmas bonus. But a good idea, eating a banana while surfing the net at your workplace. Keeps you healthy. LOL

12. Perfect Timing:

While motocross is considered to be generally very dangerous, it is even dangerous when done on a Rocky terrain. But with what perfect timing this pic has been clicked. Stupids definitely are a boon, they give us something to laugh.

13. Buy me:

While the girl is busy with her phone, her dog is inside the shop standing at the display, looking for a new owned for himself. Perhaps angry at her, trying to say “buy me”. LOL.

14. Shadow Wins:

The girl or her shadow? Definitely, the shadow looks better. But what a perfect shot, the girl busy in her make is not even aware of the fact that she is being clicked!

15. Many a licks:

What a perfect pic. This guy knows just the right place to stand it order to give us a perfect, laughable pic.

16. Something touched me:

this dog got so frightened when some, possibly harmless, marine animal touched its leg that immediately jumped. Funny, isn’t it?


17. Barrack Brobama:

Maybe being the president of the United States doesn’t make any person unique. Even Obama has a look alike, like Matt Damon.

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