Top 7 Horror Movies to Watch on a Date

Do you want to watch such a horror movie that will remain in your memory for a long time? And what if after watching it, the famous “7 days are left…” will be said to you from your phone? If you are brave, then we found the top 7 horror films, which are sure to bring to the limit of stress. And if you are dating a sociopath and don’t go to the movie theaters, you can watch these films together at home. You can always be a hero in the eyes of a girl and protect her from any monster! But try to scare her a little while assuring in advance that she will be fine. After all, she should understand that is near a knight who would defeat anyone for the sake of the princess. So, offer your girl to watch these films to tickle her nerves.

1. Insidious, 2010

A classic story about moving a family to a new home opens the list. Immediately after the moving, strange things begin to happen in the house: objects start moving, and strange sounds are heard from distant parts of the house. Soon the ten-year-old son falls into a coma and gets into the underworld.

2. Ringu, 1998

A young female reporter is investigating a mysterious superstition about a deadly videotape. In the house of the one who watches it, at first a strange phone call is heard, and a little later, a person is found dead. After her niece dies the same death, the reporter decides to take up the investigation, and she watches the ill-fated videotape. And a little later the bell rang in her apartment.

3. The Others, 2001

Grace’s children suffer from a strange disease: they can’t live under direct daylight. When three new servants appear in the house, they must learn the vital rule: all rooms must always stay dark, and they can’t open the door until the previous one is locked. The strict order established by Grace will be challenged, and the children and those around them will take a decisive, fatal step.

4. It, 2017

This is the new film adaptation of the novel by Stephen King. Every 27 years, in the town of Derry, children disappear. A few brave kids decide to figure out what’s going on. They will have to face their greatest fears and overcome them to defeat the evil clown who is behind all this.

5. Darkness, 2002

Three weeks ago, just before a solar eclipse, Regina and her family moved to a charming, old mansion in a remote Spanish countryside. And they wanted to live happily, but day after day, a strange force affected the new residents. And Regina is the only brave enough person who decided to find out the nature of this terrible force. However, all the answers lie deep in the walls of the house: something ancient, terrifying, and hungry is hidden in the dark. This is a really scary movie that doesn’t have an abundance of blood but has the gloomy atmosphere and tense moments. According to the audience reviews, Darkness is perfect for watching together.

6. The Hills Have Eyes, 2006

The story of how a harmless trip can turn into a nightmare. The Carter family drove into the mysterious nuclear zone and fell into the trap of bloodthirsty mutants. This is one of the most shocking horror films, and it is better to refrain from watching if you don’t like the bloody mess.

7. REC, 2009

This is the horror film that is shot in the found footage subgenre. In the apartment building where a terrible virus obsessed with the thirst for the flesh of animals and people lives, the heavily armed commandos penetrate. A mysterious man nicknamed Doctor comes together with them. What they find inside the house is beyond the scope of medical science. This demonic nightmare is worse than even experienced Special Forces can imagine. Are you intrigued? Watch what was next!


Cute Layered Bob Haircuts: Modern Styles with Layers for Any Event

Whether you are hairstyle maniac or you simply don’t care about hair trends, you must have tried layered bob haircuts. With varying lengths and textures, undoubtedly there is a bob that looks great on your face and matches well with the type of your hair. Contemporary bobs utilize the layering that works to boost or reduce volume hence making the entire look chic and sophisticated.

Remember that when selecting your preferred cut you should also think about how you will style it best. However to makes things more comfortable, you can follow the most-renowned haircuts trend-setters. Anyway here are some of the chicer layered bob haircuts incorporating all modern vibe you can imagine.

  1. Cute Pale Blonde

If you are bestowed with thick hair, you can make your locks appear fuller without necessarily using the dye tricks. Go for a bold hue that enhances cool vibe to your bob hairstyle. The pastel blonde is sexy and whimsical with some toughness; ideal for ladies who are both sexy and seductive.

  1. Modern Blonde Bob

If you are searching for a layered haircut with the sophisticated appeal, opt for the side part and the extended bangs that match perfectly with the remaining beautiful choppy cut.

You have many options to choose to style your layers and give them a unique feel. You can pick sea salt spray or hair gels meant for short hair. Experiment with each style to know the one that works best for you.

  1. Touchable Simple Wear Bob

This look gives you an opportunity to toss and play with your hair all day long. It is a cropped haircut with correctly done layers. However, you need to leave the work of styling this haircut to an expert to get the desired look. You can get the pictures for this style from Facebook or Instagram and tell your stylist to give you an exact look.

  1. Wavy Bob with Highlights

For fabulous, dimensional bob, choose layers that show off both lowlights and highlights. Thanks to the bright hues, the waves are more than just typical swirls. Curl the tresses at the back and tuck them. Keep the middle layers in alternating directions to get a beautiful, sexy style with enhanced femininity.

  1. Inverted Layered Chocolate Blonde Bob

An inverted extended layered bob haircut is more refined hairstyle than the typically inverted bob. It incorporates the same wedge shape, but the difference is the way the two bobs look. This one appears softer and reveals less neck area.

  1. Inverted Messy Bob for Women with Straight Hair

Bobs usually appear smooth and sexier on women with straight hair, since the nape part is lifted. By incorporating messy layers, you come up with a rough texture that gives your facial features sweeter contrast.

  1. Curly Layered Haircut

This beautiful look incorporates short curls and warm, cinnamon-tan hue that gives this cut nothing more but life-transforming especially for women with red or brown hair.

Women blessed with naturally curly hair will get a hairstyle that is just like a wake-up-and-go style. This haircut is modern, yet simple.

  1. Voluminous Ash Blonde

This feathery layered bob hairstyle incorporates layers throughout. It derives the messy look from the backcombing style. The ash blonde shade adds to this style-forward look. Regardless of how you wear it, whether edgy, straight or smooth with a shaggy touch, you are sure to steal the show for all the right reasons.

  1. Nape-Length Layered Haircut

Ideal for months of summer, this layered bob reveals the nape of the neck, and it is effortless to keep. You can opt to layer the hair from the crown to the bottom, but keep the style blunt and accurate. You can ask your stylist to improve the efficiency of the depth using the accented and shaded sections.

  1. Refined Side-Parted Bob

This is the best cut for women who need to maintain the length of their hair. The hair is side-parted to present asymmetry fullness, and that enhances the refined and seamless final appeal.


5 Things Every Gardener Should be Doing to Help Their Garden

Gardening is an awful lot more work than some people realize. It’s not necessarily the most relaxing hobby out there despite its reputation.

It can be stressful, it can be time-consuming and depending on how much and often you want to do it, I’d go as far as to say that it can be exhausting.

But it’s also extremely rewarding. It’s nice to put so much effort into something and then be able to see the results of that literally growing before your eyes.

And there’s a lot of different ways to take this hobby on. You can just go the route of growing flowers in your garden but you can also start up a vegetable garden.

You could do indoor gardening in a greenhouse too. Gardening is a very diverse thing and there’s something for everyone.

Like I said though, it can get out of hand a little bit if you’re not careful. So here’s five things that every gardener out there should do to help their garden.

1. Compost

If you are not already composting for fertilization, then you should start. You might as well start right now actually.

It’s good for the environment, it means that you won’t have to pay for fertilizer and you can make use of a lot of your waste which would otherwise just be piling up in a landfill.

Composting is an extra skill that you will need to learn but it’s definitely a worthwhile one. You will need to gather up all of the material first.

This can be things like fallen leaves, yard waste and also some household waste too. Things like eggshells, coffee grounds and certain other food waste should be good.

You can even use dead plants if you’ve got any of those cluttering up your garden. Mix all of this stuff up and leave it in a pile in your garden.

Leave it somewhere where it will get plenty of sun and also make sure that it’s all well mixed together.

You’ll know it’s decomposed and ready for you to use on your soil when you can see very little of the materials that you used to build the pile.

It should look dark brown and crumbly. Work this in as the top layer of soil before you start planting.

2. Water Properly

The fact that you need to water your garden is probably the single most basic thing about gardening that there is.

Plants need water to grow, and you can’t always rely on the rain for that. Depending on the climate you might never be able to rely on the rain for that.

So you have to find another way to water your garden. No big deal, there are lots of ways that you can do this.

The problem is that if you are feeding your plants, you could also potentially be feeding things that will become a problem for your plants.

Diseases tend to grow on the plants leaves and on their stems, and so if you’re just spraying the plants then chances are you are going to feed these diseases.

What you need to do is just focus your watering attention on the roots. You can do this by either holding the leaves out of the way while you water, or you can set up an irrigation system.

This way you can ensure that it’s just the soil and the roots that get the water and you can avoid the spread of harmful diseases.

3. Pay Attention to Pests

No matter where you are this is going to be a huge problem. Pests are everywhere and there’s different ones around at different times of the year.

Your plants are pretty much never safe from pests that will slowly chip away at all of your growing efforts and it will drive you crazy.

Caterpillars, snails, slugs, various different kinds of beetles, there are so many that could potentially cause an issue for you.

And it’s not just how the plants look that pests will affect, a lot of them carry diseases too which will kill your plants without you even realizing what’s going on.

There’s a bunch of different ways that you can keep these pests at bay and some are more effective than others.

You could try to build barriers but that won’t necessarily protect your plants from ground-dwelling bugs and it will also be time-consuming to prepare.

You could try and strategically place plants that will repel these insects or you could just go the route of spraying your plants with repellent.

The decision will come down to what kind of plants you have growing.

4. Don’t Overcrowd Your Plants

Not everyone who gardens is spoiled for space. And a lot of us just want to plant as much stuff as possible.

Letting your garden get overcrowded won’t work out well for you. If your plants are all on top of each other then they are competing for all of the nutrients that they need.

They’ll be competing for sunlight, the roots will be squished for space and will struggle to retain the necessary amount of water that they need.

And also, plants that are spaced too close to each other will cause a build up of heat and humidity.

This is an issue because harmful bacteria and viruses will be able to thrive in an environment like that.

So you pretty much just have to resist the urge to plant things too close together. Give every individual plant as much space as you possibly can.

5. Keep a Notebook

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical notebook, you just need a way to keep track of everything that you’re doing in your garden.

You can use your phone for this, you could just have some kind of record sheet on your computer, any way that you can jot things down.

You can use it to keep notes of plants that you’ve heard about which you want to add to your garden.

You can set up a schedule for when you’re going to water certain plants or when you’re going to plant something knew.

Keeping a notebook will give a sense of structure to your gardening and ensure that you don’t forget about any important actions that you need to take.


Overall, gardening should be a fun and rewarding experience, but there’s things that can get in the way of that being the case.

Follow these guidelines though and your garden should be thriving in no time.


5 Tips That Will Help Your Dishwasher Run Better

I think it’s safe to say that the dishwasher is one of the greatest inventions of all time. That’s something that we can all probably agree on.

Nobody likes washing dishes. Without a dishwasher you have to add a solid five minutes to every meal you eat during the day cleaning up afterwards.

These days very few houses are without one of these miracle machines and I’m willing to bet that the average happiness of the world has gone up because of it.

Well maybe I’m going over the top, but I really do think that it’s an incredible invention and that we’d be lost without them.

Sometimes though, things don’t quite go to plan with your dishwashers. Things come out not as clean as we want them to be and it’s not uncommon for a dishwasher to just not turn on.

In most cases it takes about a half an hour for the dishwasher to work it’s magic, but we’ve all experienced a time when it inexplicably takes two hours.

These things don’t happen for no reason though. If something goes wrong there’s probably a logical explanation and you can probably fix the problem.

Here’s five things you can do to make sure that you’re dishwasher runs as smoothly as possible.

1. Don’t Overstuff

For the most part, you’re going to have plenty of room for your dishes. If you get your hands on one of the leading dishwashers, they usually have plenty of space for a variety of dishes.

But there also needs to be a certain amount of free space inside to allow for the machine to actually run.

You have various mechanisms in there. Certain things like the spinning blades and the hoses will be too squished for space to do their job if you overstuff.

If you’ve got a lot of people in your home this is and especially big problem. For a family of four, that’s four sets of dishes and cutlery for each meal.

That’s quite a bit of stuff and they’ll probably be using their dishwasher pretty much every single day. The urge to fill it up is definitely there.

It’s irritating when you’ve filled up the dishwasher and you still have one or two plates left over that then have to be washed by hand.

But the fact is, the machine either won’t run at all, or it will run and will just leave half of the plates still dirty.

Avoid this problem altogether. If you’ve filled every slot just leave it at that. Don’t try and squeeze extra things in between the jam-packed slots, it’s not worth it.

2. Keep the Trap Clean

You probably don’t even know what I’m talking about. And that’s fine because this is a part of the machine that you don’t always see.

The trap is a piece of rubber on the drain that is there to make sure that it doesn’t clog up with all of the food.

The only way to get to it is to open up the dishwasher, take out the lower rack and then find the drain that’s usually below the bottom sprayer.

Removing the trap can be a little bit tricky, but once you know how to do it it shouldn’t take too long.

Chances are one you take this out, you’ll notice that the trap itself and the top of the drain have a fair bit of excess food on them.

It’s not a place that will get naturally cleaned when the dishwasher is running so it needs to tended to like this.

A blocked drain means that a lot of the food is just going to stay in the dishwasher and get moved around while stuff should be getting cleaned.

It depends on how often you use the dishwasher, but if you’re using it on the daily then you should probably do this once every couple of weeks.

3. Scrape Your Dishes

The more that you do this part, the less likely you are going to have to deal with a clogged drain and a clogged trap.

The purpose of a dishwasher is to wash your dishes, it’s not equipped to deal with larger particles of food.

Of course, you’re never going to be able to remove every single big piece of food on every plate, and some of it will go down the drain.

But not scraping is how your drain will get clogged more quickly, and unscraped dishes probably won’t end up clean at all.

It seems like an extra job, but it really isn’t. It takes a matter of seconds per dish to give it a quick scrape.

All of those seconds are nothing. Having to clean the drain more often and clean plates after they’ve come out of the dishwasher will take you way longer.

4. Don’t Overuse Powder

You know what can happen if you put too much powder in? You guessed it, it will block your drain. It might also not dissolve and then you’ll end up with powder all over your dishes.

It’s a pretty easy thing to solve. Just don’t put a ton of powder in there. It sounds like common sense but you’d be surprised.

Some people just pour the powder in absentmindedly and then there’s too much of it in there. Also, there’s those that assume they need a lot of powder to effectively clean their dishes.

And on the other side of the coin, some of us don’t actually put in enough powder and then the dishes don’t get cleaned either.

There should be a recommended dose listed on the bottle, but I think a better solution is to just avoid the powder altogether.

Go for the alternative route of using capsules or pods. By design they have the perfect amount in them to where you won’t be overdoing it.

They won’t be that much more expensive either so it’s a good decision to make.

5. Utilize Hot Water

This is also a really easy solution. Something that can be causing a less efficient cleaning, is the fact that the water is a little cool.

As you know, the water is coming from the same source as the water in your faucet, and if the last time you used your faucet was with cold water, that will run over.

So just let your faucet run until it gets hot. It sounds like nothing at all, but it will make a significant change.

The first cycle of cleaning will have warm water which will of course be more effective in cleaning your dishes.

Small tip for sure, but a valuable one.


Dishwashers can make your life a whole lot easier, especially if you’ve got a big family and have a lot of cleaning up to do.

And you might not be getting the best out of yours. Sometimes these really simple solutions are the best ones.


How to Survive a Divorce

So how to survive a divorce? Questions relating to the institution of marriage and family are a priori the most painful and controversial. Millions of couples annually get married and after a short time divorce. The reasons for parting are varied (from cheating to changing the image of the ideal of a partner) and depend on the level of internal organization of individuals who have once decided to create a family union.

Some families after reunification are reunited because of the awareness of the absurdity of the reasons that served as a break in relations. Other former spouses continue to communicate for the sake of children left after marriage, others – prefer not to meet again. But in any case, everyone agrees that the procedure for divorce is associated with a large expenditure of nervous resources.

Three basic dilemmas of the reasons for divorce are identified. They are the next:

  1. I want a divorce, but I’m not sure about the correctness of this decision. This will affect children, day-to-day life and material well-being. Besides, I doubt that I know how to survive the separation. This is a big decision to make. There are no guarantees that it is right. It is better to take it with a cold heart and a sober head.
  2. I do not want to divorce. This is the wish of my spouse. I do not know how to survive a divorce from the husband! You can position yourself as a victim of the circumstances and refuse to recognize the obvious. Consequently, there is a strong emotional desolation, and life changes right before your eyes, and you can do nothing about it. To solve this problem, you need to ask yourself whether you’re just clinging to your usual way of life, relationship based on illusions. This is a hard time admitting this.
  3. I want to get a divorce because our marriage is just a formality, it does not work properly.

This view means that you blame your spouse for any and all of the troubles, and he, most likely, does the same. You really must try to understand one simple thing: both partners are always to blame for the problems of the couple. If you do not get to the bottom of it and do not admit that each of you is guilty of your own faults, then the further steps will be filled with the bitterness of problems, scandals, and unnecessary quarrels.

A common feature of these three dilemmas is fear. In the first case that’s the fear of making a mistake. In the second – the fear of recognizing the presence of problems in the relationship and the need to survive to part with your beloved. In the third – the fear of sharing the responsibility for the challenges. Divorce must be a mutual and weighed decision. So how to survive a divorce emotionally? Let’s clear it out together.

Restraint of expression of emotions in representatives of the strong half of humankind has its reasons. All boys from birth in the family, kindergarten, school implicitly affirms that men do not cry. This statement firmly settled in the male subconscious and is reflected in the whole subsequent life, whether it’s going to the dentist or divorce from his wife.
It goes without saying that the spouses who have lived together for several years and had children, part harder and more dramatically. It depends not only on the destruction of the illusions that accompany the rupture of relations but also on the fact that the husband and wife have developed a habit of living together and dependence on each other in the process of living together.

There is an opinion that men live less than women precisely because they do not know how to show their experiences openly. There are several options for behavioral reactions of men to divorce with his wife:

Taciturnity and withdrawal into oneself. This reaction is the most dangerous for a man. It signals an acute internal experience, a lower level of self-esteem and a deep yearning for a departed woman;

Posturing. In this case, the behavior of a man becomes deliberately demonstrative and defiant. It would express the concept “Yes, it did not hurt me, and I don’t need you. I’ll find a dozen more like you and better. ” In fact, it is often impossible to implement such statements. This encourages the representatives of the stronger sex to tedious self-analysis and may entail aggravation of various addictions from alcoholism to drug addiction;

Denial of the decision of the second half about divorce and attempts to lead a habitual way of life. Usually, this behavior does not succeed, and the man is forced to reconcile himself to the real state of affairs. This can happen if the spouses have repeatedly argued, quarreled and threatened each other with a divorce in the past.

So, how to survive divorce at 40 and get out of it with the least consequences for the psyche?

First, do not artificially try to organize your personal life quickly. To ensure that the next attempt at family life will turn out to be successful, you need to survive the separation from your ex-wife.

Secondly, it is necessary to concentrate your forces and aspirations on goals that are not related to the relationship with the opposite sex. It can be career, fishing or cars – it does not matter, but the hobby should be really interesting to the man. How to survive divorce with a narcissist? Just try to live your life – not her.

Thirdly, in no case, you should not stop talking to children. There can be many women, but children are a bloody continuation of a man. Having decided to break all the connecting threads with a woman, you can make an irreparable mistake, depriving yourself of the future. The anger and resentment of the former companion of life will subside with time, and children can never forgive a disdainful attitude towards themselves.
And how to survive a divorce financially? It is best to discuss financial costs with your former spouse immediately. If your interests do not match, hire a good lawyer. You should not save on these things – you risk losing all your money if your affairs are dealt with by an amateur.

You can also check article about how to survive a break up to gain more information how to survive after divorce.



From the very childhood, we all love to solve puzzles. There are various kinds of puzzles all over the World. Puzzles are very important whenever it comes to enhancing the brain sharpness. It increases the thinking and logical ability and helps to sharp our mind to take a better decision. There are puzzles of various complexities, from simple to hard. In the beginning, we all start from simple puzzles and with the time passing, we enter into the hard puzzles one after another. But, it is very interesting that there are some puzzles, which are very difficult to solve. But, with some tutorial, we can handle them. There are some puzzles too, especially some puzzle box, which are almost impossible to solve even with the help of the tutorial. So, let’s catch those puzzle boxes. I am sure, you will be really amazed.



Puzzles are often used by people as a form of entertainment. They tend to be created specifically for entertainment purposes when they come in game format. Puzzles can also be derived from mathematical and logistical problems. Puzzle games, no matter the form, all require critical thinking skills.[adinserter block=”16″]



There are a ton of people in the world who have a very hard time concentrating on things that are hard to grasp. There is a whole section of the population that has never solved a Rubik’s Cube, myself included. Even with a tutorial they just seem impossible. Some people just are not built for puzzles.[adinserter block=”16″]



That being said, the impossible dove tail puzzle box is probably one of the hardest puzzles you will ever see. Even when you watch a video tutorial it’s just freaking hard. If you don’t believe me, try one for yourself.[adinserter block=”16″]


Even though it’s disected on camera and talked about at length it’s just freaking hard. I found myself rewatching the video over and over but still couldn’t figure it out for myself. Watch the video yourself and you will see what I mean.[adinserter block=”16″]



It looks so much easier compared to this puzzle box, doesn’t it? But I bet you it’s 10 times harder.[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”last page”]



Here is a story of an ordinary high school student, who was expelled from school for wearing clothing that was inappropriate according to school officials. So, let’s go through the story.



Kaitlyn Juvik is an ordinary high school student that has garnered national attention when she was expelled from school for wearing clothing that was found by school officials to be inappropriate. Juvik honestly feels as though she has done nothing wrong. The offending article that got her booted? A loose-fitting black T-shirt that you can see below.[adinserter block=”16″]


12 Most Shocking Moments Ever Seen On Live Television


#12 O.J. Simpson car chase

Even before the trials were held, the public already witnessed O.J. Simpson driving away from authorities as news helicopters followed him. He was accused of murdering his wife, but he was acquitted in the end.[adinserter block=”16″]

#11 Los Angeles Rodney King Riots

These massive riots occurred for days and caused the deaths of a staggering 53 people. Likewise, more than 2,000 people were injured. All of these happened because people were angry at the fact that the police officers who assaulted Rodney King were eventually released.[adinserter block=”16″]

#10 Japanese Tsunami in 2011

This horrific natural disaster led to the deaths of more than 13,000 people and the destruction of property worth more than around $235 billion. The waves were more than 40 meters high and so many people were never to be found.[adinserter block=”16″]

#9 Challenger Space Shuttle Explosion

On January 8, 1986, all seven crew members inside the Challenger Space Shuttle died as the shuttle exploded just 73 seconds after take off. The whole world watched in utter shock.[adinserter block=”16″]

#8 Assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald was infamous for being the sniper who killed John F. Kennedy back in 1963. He also killed a police officer named J.D. Tippit on the same day he killed the U.S. President. As he was being sent to county jail, a club owner named Jack Ruby shot him to death.[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”5th page”][adinserter block=”16″]

#7 On-Air Suicide of Christine Chubbuck

She was a news reporter in Florida who was suffering from depression. Chubbuck even asked to do a segment on suicide, and it was approved. As she was reading news reports, she suddenly said that viewers would witness the very first attempted suicide on Channel 40. Chubbuck used a revolver to shoot herself in the ear.[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

#6 Tourist Hostage Crisis in Manila

Rolando Mendoza was previously a police officer until he got sacked. Because of this, he hijacked a tourist bus. This led to a ten-hour live event that led to the death of eight hostages.[adinserter block=”16″]

#5 JetBlue Airways Flight 292 Landing

This was an emergency landing like no other. What made this incident phenomenal was the fact that people inside the plane actually saw what was happening outside because of live TV. Thankfully, no one perished.[adinserter block=”16″]

#4 Destruction of Saddam Hussein’s Statue

On April 9, 2003, soldiers from the United States and the civilians in Iraq managed to topple Hussein’s statue. Many people celebrated this occasion and thought that it was a good sign of things to come.[adinserter block=”16″]

#3 Shock and Awe

Once the United States got on to the Iraq War after the horrendous 9/11 terrorist attack, people witnessed ‘Operation: Shock and Awe’ right in the comfort of their homes. It was a real, controversial war that involved human lives at stake.[adinserter block=”16″]

#2 9/11 Terrorist Attack

A plane suddenly crashed into the World Trade Center, but people still weren’t sure if it was just a terrible accident. But when a second plane hit the second tower, people knew that it was a terrorist attack. This attack singlehandedly changed airport security and led to a bloody war, supposedly against terrorism.[adinserter block=”16″]

#1 The Moon Landing

This might not involve death, but this is shocking because the world at the time was not as advanced as it is today. Nobody really realised that humanity was capable of going to the moon. More than 600 million people witnessed one of the greatest events in human history.[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”last page”]


Snow Falls In Sahara Desert! This Has Happened For The First Time In 37 Years

Mother Nature is full of surprises. The great diversity of artistic features present in this world is too many to account for. All we can do is just stare in awe at this remarkable beauty. Some of the landscapes, however, are completely incomparable to the rest. One such landscape is the Sahara Desert. It is also one of the most aggressive places in the world.

We all know that the Sahara, covering an area of 3,600,000 square miles, is the largest desert in the world. We are all acquainted with the red dunes of the desert, and with the blazing temperatures, it’s tough to imagine that this place can also get cool at times. But that is exactly what happened recently – snow fell in the Sahara Desert for the first time in 37 years.

It took place on 19th December. Karim Bouchetata, an amateur photographer, visited the Sahara Desert during this time. And as you can expect, he was quite surprised to see what nature had in store for him. He had seen something and was able to take pictures of an event that has not happened for almost 40 years. [adinserter block=”16″]

Bouchetata was apparently shocked to see this unusual event of snow falling in the Sahara Desert, but he didn’t let this opportunity go to vain. He took great pictures of this event so that we could witness this awesome event even though we were not physically present there. It only happened for 24 hours, but even then it was a miraculous event. Some might think whether they are actually dreaming after watching these pictures. [adinserter block=”16″]

Bouchetata was apparently shocked to see this unusual event of snow falling in the Sahara Desert, but he didn’t let this opportunity go to vain. He took great pictures of this event so that we could witness this awesome event even though we were not physically present there. It only happened for 24 hours, but even then it was a miraculous event. Some might think whether they are actually dreaming after watching these pictures. [adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”last page”]


Top 10 Oddly Insured Body Parts

1. Troy Polamalu’s Hair

When you actually have not cut your hair in over a decade and that too out of reverence for just your Samoan ancestors, then that long mane ought to have some kind of mystical character as well. Or, as with Pittsburgh Steelers the strong safety Troy Polamalu, rather an endorsement deal with Head & Shoulders. This very week, Procter & Gamble has decided to take out a full $1 million policy on the rather long locks of this particular football player. Not a very bad way to start off this season. What do you say, folks?Source[adinserter block=”16″]

2. Brazilian Playmate Suzana Alves’ Posterior

Well, Suzana Alves, the famous Brazilian star who made her living by playing a whip wielding sexpot on the Television, had once signed on to protect her moneymaker. The Playmate was alleged to have insured her ankles, knees, and derriere for a huge $2 million and that too in exchange for posing in a few billboard advertisements for her insurer. The deal had even sparked a host of imitators, who were apparently making the practice of insuring celebrity bottoms so very often that they are even referred to as “bum bum policies” in Brazil. Sounds funny, isn’t it? Well, as for other celebrities with famous posteriors, J. Lo had once upon a time shot down some rumors that her goods were covered by a huge $27 million policy. Well, like her love, her booty does not cost a penny.Source[adinserter block=”16″]

3. Ben Turpin’s Cross-Eyes

A huge number of people would, in all probability, pay huge sums to have their own eyes uncrossed, but not silent film comedian Ben Turpin. His “centripetal optics” as TIME mentioned in 1923, served him pretty well. Always up for making everyone laugh, the famous clown-star of films like The Shriek of Araby was very possibly the very first celebrity to have a body part insured. As TIME mentioned back in the year 1928 “The crossed eyes of Ben Turpin, cinemactor, were insured for $100,000, the money payable to his producer, Mack Sennett, if the eyes become normal.” (Some other reports mentioned the figure at about $20,000, which is not really any less strange and ridiculous.)Source[adinserter block=”16″]

4. All of David Beckham

In the year 2006, David Beckham, who is perhaps the world’s most iconic and famous soccer star, had sought a great deal extra protection. The £100 million (approximately $195 million) deal is widely known as the largest personal insurance policy in the history of sport. It was so large that it was rumored to have been considerably divided among a number of companies. The policy was even alleged to have protected more than just his precious feet, legs, and 10 toes. Although much of his income came in from selling his killing looks in commercial ads, he was also covered in the event of disfigurement. Well, that is too bad that even the most expensive policy could not save his faltering sporting career from the ticking clock of Father Time.
Now, to speak of hunky footballers, it actually seems that Real Madrid’s forward, Cristiano Ronaldo is following in Becks’ footsteps almost literally. The Portuguese sensation had reportedly taken out a huge $144 million policy on his legs only.
Source[adinserter block=”16″]

5. Dolly Parton’s Breasts

Let’s face the truth! Dolly is nothing without her two most famous as well as valuable assets. Sure, we cannot forget the platinum-blond hair and twangy brogue. To speak of her music, yes, the music was just awesome but her sexy breasts, measuring a reported huge 40DD, have gotten far more attention than her music. And why will she not take care of them? They were insured for a huge sum of $600,000 — also that is $300,000 each. Dolly has also taken pains to remind her fans that they are all real also.Source[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”5th page”][adinserter block=”16″]

6. Egon Ronay’s Taste Buds

Distinguished and well known food critic and restaurateur Egon Ronay, who died earlier this year, was best known for his sense of taste. The Hungarian-born Ronay became a leading culinary voice in Britain, and published his first eponymous restaurant guide in 1957. Well it is only natural that the man who wrote a book called The Unforgettable Dishes of My Life would obviously insure his influential taste buds and that he actually did for some £250,000.Source[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

7. Merv Hughes’ Mustache

While you might not recognize the Aussie cricketer Merv Hughes right away, you will surely appreciate the ‘stache. This right arm fast bowler’s bristly handlebar style mo’ was also insured for around $370,000 during the time of his cricketing days being a member of the Australian national team. Though he was a really fierce competitor on the field, Hughes may be remembered mostly for his legendary drinking talents and also due to some of the manliest facial hair of all times.Source[adinserter block=”16″]

8. Jeff Beck’s Fingers

The God of guitar Jeff Beck actually slices his own carrots. How do we know that? Due to last fall, the British rocker had by mistake sliced off the tip of his left index finger doing so. “Oh, dear, that’s the end of me,” he had quoted as saying at the time. But it was not, of course. After a few stitches followed by a seven week hiatus from playing music, Beck went back into the studio so as to finish a brand new album, Emotion & Commotion. And it was ten that he decided his fingers were too damn important to leave uninsured, and that is why he took out a $1 million policy — and that too on each finger.Source[adinserter block=”16″]

9. Betty Grable’s Legs

Betty Grable’s 40 films grossed more than $100 million at the box office. She was perhaps the highest paid Hollywood celebrity between the years 1943 and 1951. However, in spite of her exquisite and wonderful singing as well as dancing skills, Grable was the most famous person because of her legs. This iconic pinup of the starlet within a white bathing suit had become a favorite with GIs at the time of World War II. Grable had reportedly earned $300,000 a year, largely on account of her beautiful legs. Hence it just makes sense that, at the height of her fame, she got her legs insured for $1 million.
Do you want to know what $1 million looks like? Well, then just visit Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, where Grable had committed her legs to concrete in 1948.
Source[adinserter block=”16″]

10. Bruce Springsteen’s Voice

Bruce Springsteen is actually the boss of everything and also his voice. The gravelly rocker has even insured his golden voice with Lloyd’s of London for a jaw dropping $6 million. So if he is ever not able to sing “Dancing in the Dark” again, he will probably not be in the danger of getting his lights cut or staying without food.Source[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”last page”]


15 Fantastic Pictures That’ll Keep You Going All Day Long

15 Fantastic Pictures That’ll Keep You Going All Day Long


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Source7[adinserter block=”16″]


Source8[adinserter block=”16″]


Source9[adinserter block=”16″]


Source10[adinserter block=”16″]


Source11[adinserter block=”16″]


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Source13[adinserter block=”16″]


Source14[adinserter block=”16″]


Source15[adinserter block=”16″]


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48 Powerful Photographs That Look Photoshopped But Aren’t

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”- Ansel Adams.
Photography is an art. Each photograph depicts a hidden story, which I think takes a lot to notice and understand. Photographs are the sources which communicate the events occurring in one world to another. Photography is a feeling; it should be done with emotions and passion. Even giving the best camera to any newbie at photography will not do the thing, it takes a particular eye to master in photography. If you have a camera, you have a different eye and an angle to view the world. You have all the chances to show the beauty of any place, to the entire world.
So, go ahead, pick your DSLRs and head-photographing. Here are some of the wondrous captures from shutterbugs around the world. These photographs are original and are not photoshopped.

#48 Netherlands – a country is known for its arrays of Windmills.


Netherlands also informally known as Holland is a densely populated country. But even being way populated it is a land of beauty with many beautiful cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht. Netherlands is also the land of windmills with giant windmills plant located at beautiful places.


Bullies Used To Call Her ‘Tooth Lady’. Her Transformation After She Got New Teeth Is Shocking!

Gemma Swift had a terrible accident when she was only six years old, which caused severe damage to her front teeth, which in turn completely changed her life.

Due to her damaged teeth, she had to face countless bullies her entire life, but ultimately, she couldn’t deal with it anymore. There was one woman who made life hell for her, so she decided to come to The Jeremy Kyle Show. In case you don’t know about this show, it is the British version of The Jerry Springer Show.

This particular woman was her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend who made life tough for her. Gemma wanted to confront her when she first came to the show in 2015. She was so frustrated that she pleaded at the show to stop harassing her.

What is shocking is that several social media channels such as Twitter, and basically the entire Internet, was against Gemma and even started attacking her, making fun of her damaged teeth. An accountant at HuffPost UK stated that it was actually surprising to see so many people side with the ex-girlfriend in this situation.

The show was even stunned to see the public’s reaction, so they decided to fund the entire dental makeover for her, which cost around $12,000.

Gemma came to the show again after the makeover was complete to show her transformation. The public responded quite positively to her new change, and they even praised her.

Finally, Gemma was now relieved that no one can bully her for her appearance, which in turn made her more confident and beautiful. Now, she didn’t shy from smiling and showing her teeth to the world.

Watch the video below to know the entire story behind her amazing transformation.( PLEASE ATTACH VIDEO LINK )

What do you think of her transformation? Are you surprised by it too? Don’t forget to share this story with your friends and family.
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Taking selfies become rend of today. There are innumerable selfies are there in the internet, which are ackward. There are lots of selfie freak people too all over us. Some people have taken their selfies in a whole new level, which will left you astonished. You may think that you should never come across these selfies again. Here is a list of 10 disturbing selfies, that should be removed from the internet. So, let’s catch them one by one.


#10 Oh! Look mosquitos in my mouth selfie.

Source[adinserter block=”16″]

#9 Never ending love for mollucs and its yuck!

Source[adinserter block=”16″]

#8 Common you people it is a camera.

Source[adinserter block=”16″]

#7 Looks like he has taken ‘work with fun’ phrase too seriously. LOL.

Source[adinserter block=”16″]

#6 A selfie with a ‘selfie stick’, hahaha…

Source[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”5th page”][adinserter block=”16″]

#5 Whoa! Let’s hope that he was the only one on plane. A very strong contender for the craziest selfies taken on Earth.

Source[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

#4 There should be an option of auto-deletion in phones.

Source[adinserter block=”16″]

#3 My eyes have started burning, someone please help.

Source[adinserter block=”16″]

#2 The best photobomb ever!

Source[adinserter block=”16″]

#1 OMG! I wonder what of kind selfie her daughter takes.


Seriously looking crazy, isn’t it?

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Celebrities With Secret Missing Body Parts

You may obviously think bat certain times that every celebrity is damn flawless. Don’t you? Well, you should think twice. These celebrity people are missing toes, fingers, and other body parts as well that you may never have known about. Take a very close look and also keep your fingers away from really sharp objects. Source[adinserter block=”16″]

2. Ronnie Lott – He already had part of his pinky amputated long back after the 1985 season.

Source[adinserter block=”16″]

3. Rashad Johnson – This Cardinals player has already lost part of his finger in the middle of a freaking NFL game. Can you believe that?

Source[adinserter block=”16″]

4.Jose Canseco – He accidentally shot off one of his own fingers. Doesn’t it sound so disgusting?

Source[adinserter block=”16″]

5. Gerald Green – He is actually an NBA player who has been dunking with only nine fingers.

Source[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”5th page”][adinserter block=”16″]

6. Daryl Hannah – She is actually missing a part of her left index finger

Source[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

7. Rahm Emmanuel – He has lost almost half of his middle finger.

Source[adinserter block=”16″]

8. Christian Bale – He said he is actually missing a part of an index finger. All thanks to a freaking bike accident he had faced once.

Source[adinserter block=”16″]

9. Matthew Perry – He has been missing a part of his middle finger and this has been for a while.

Source[adinserter block=”16″]

10. Jerry Garcia – This famous rocker too has lost an entire finger.

Source[adinserter block=”16″]

11. Buster Keaton – He lost the tip of his index finger only at the very early age two.

Source[adinserter block=”16″]

12. Arnold Schwarzenegger – He was alleged to have lost a testis and that too because of excessive usage of steroid. Is is so damn unbelievable!

Source[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”last page”]



Fashion can explain about a person’s personality. Having a true fashion sense is a very much important. Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but a correct fashion sense is also equally important. But, when it comes to fashion, some people take that phrase too seriously. Some people want to make a unique fashion and try to break the rules of fashion, but sometimes they fail drastically. Here is a list of ten people who took a chance on breaking the rules of styles and failed spectacularly at it. So, try to make a good and correct fashion sense. Let’s catch these ten people one by one.


#10 A Little Extra Support


When you’re short on suspenders and you need to improvise.[adinserter block=”16″]

#9 Let Me Slip Into Something More Comfortable


While there are a lot of things here that can’t be unseen, at least the shoe choice is practical for walking.[adinserter block=”16″]

#8 I bought them like this


There was that period where we were all paying extra money for pre-ripped jeans at the mall. Somehow, these seem a little more homemade.[adinserter block=”16″]

#7 Britney + Pizza = Love


Be honest: You wish you were as passionate about anything in your life as this guy is about Britney and pepperoni.[adinserter block=”16″]

#6 After a Hard Day of Fairy Tales


“These dwarves just keep making me do all their chores, man.”[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”5th page”][adinserter block=”16″]

#5 Can’t Touch This


Dang, those coats look soft.[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

#4 Who Wore it Best?


“Fine, we can wear the matching outfits. I just don’t want to look too touristy, OK?”[adinserter block=”16”]

#3 asual Hospital Chic


It’s called fashion. Look it up![adinserter block=”16″]

#2 When Nothing Else Fits


When you’re feeling big and bloated but still need to run errands? This is the cover-all outfit for you.[adinserter block=”16″]

#1 She Wears Short Skirts


Seriously unbelievable, isn’t it? So, improvement of fashion sense is very important. So, now onwards, don’t forget to check your outfit to your best friend before leaving the house.

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The greatest creations of God are the humans and our body is a wonderful machine which is really complex in nature we can ever imagine. By any means, we are the creators of finite complexity. This precise, efficient and unquestionably the most complicated structure of our body works nonetheless as a complicated machine. Though being complex, the human body unveils an amazing design. A human body is created with trillions of cells and each cell has their own complex structure and functions. Apart from these complexities a human body has some dirtiest part in it we didn’t know before. It is not only your peeing and pooping areas that require extra cleanliness, but these parts can be the homes to innumerable bacteria, which are more than 615 different kinds. So, it’s very much important to know those specific body parts. Here is a list of nine most infected body parts that carry millions of germs. Let’s catch them one by one.

#9 Mouth


Undoubtedly, the mouth is the dirtiest part of our body with the greatest amount of bacteria. It is discovered that more than 600 different types of bacteria live in the mouth making it the dirtiest one. So, now you know that it is not always our bad breath that makes our mouth dirty.[adinserter block=”16″]

#8 Armpits


Nevertheless, this body part is associated with more than 80,000 bacteria, and so it increases the chances of stinking even more. Well, this area requires the utmost care and attention. [adinserter block=”16″]

#7 Head


Got dandruff? The bacteria living in your head might be to blame. Dandruff mixed with bacteria is responsible for the itching experienced by you. So, you should wash your hair at regular intervals.[adinserter block=”16″]

#6 Ears


Our ears produce waxy like substance, and when we try to clean it ourselves, we might hurt our ear. Perhaps, this dirty place has the ability to clean itself.[adinserter block=”16″]

#5 Tongue


The color of tongue can vary from pink to yellow or grey in case of serious infection or disease. So, it is necessary to clean the tongue with tongue cleaner on a regular basis.[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”5th page”][adinserter block=”16″]

#4 Anus


There are various types of nasty bacteria in our digestive system which are thereby passed through the anus, making it one of the dirtiest places on the body.[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

#3 Nasal Cavity


Nose is one of the dirtiest places, and maybe you didn’t know, but when you try scratching or fingering your nose, you become more likely to nasal infections. [adinserter block=”16″]

#2 Finger Nails


Fingernails and skin under fingernails carry a lot of germs which might frighten you to death. And, the skin is main breeding ground for bacteria.[adinserter block=”16″]

#1 Belly Button


I am sure many of you will agree that belly button is among the grimy body parts. There are tones of bacteria thriving in our belly button, which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

So, these body parts should be maintain with utmost care as these germs can be detrimental to our health. Well cleaning and maintain a sound health can save our body from these unwanted creatures.

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A Snakes Bites The Breast Implants Of A Model. What Happens Next Is Shocking!

We all know that the new craze in the fashion world is bigger breasts and a bigger butt. Women who are crazy about these things are spending tons of money on implants and breast augmentation surgery despite knowing the harmful consequences of these operations.

Orit Fox is a model from Israel who too had breast implants and faced a dangerous situation recently. She had to “make out” with a snake for a photo shoot. I know this is hard to believe, but what happened afterward is even more shocking.

Read on to find out more.


1. Orit Fox was shooting for a photo shoot.

As you can see, as part of the shoot, she had to make out with a huge snake. [adinserter block=”16″]

2. She had no problem in wrapping the snake around her body.

[adinserter block=”16″]

3. She was trying to show her seductive side for the shoot.

[adinserter block=”16″]

4. Something rather unfortunate happened next.

Snakes usually don’t like all this commotion, and this one was no different. [adinserter block=”16″]

5. The snake bit the right breast of the model.

Did the model die? She instantly threw the snake and screamed in pain. She showed as if she was extremely hurt, but was it the truth?[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”5th page”][adinserter block=”16″]

6. Something different happened in reality.

What happened, in reality, was that the snake died within a few minutes by biting the fake breast due to silicon poisoning. The model could have died but survived because of those implants, and only required a tetanus injection later.

You must be having a hard time believing this story. So watch the video below to see the action with your own eyes. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.
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Find Out What Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Kids Are Doing Now. They Look Just Like Their Father!

We have learned a lot of things from Hollywood, and are especially amused by the lives of the actors and actresses. I am sure that everyone is jealous of the fame and wealth that these actors possess. In fact, I even wanted to act in Hollywood. The children of these actors also spend lavish lives.

Arnold is one such Hollywood actor, and his kids must be lucky. They have all grown up now. Let’s take a look at the highlights of Arnold’s life and what his children are doing now.

1. Arnold was only 21 years old when he came to America.

You will be surprised to know that he had little knowledge of English and could barely speak that language when he came to America. But he wanted to become a famous Hollywood actor, so he worked hard on improving that. [adinserter block=”16″]

2. Arnold was able to reach the zenith of bodybuilding.

Arnold became Mr. Olympia in 1970. In case you have never heard of this competition ever, it means that you are the best bodybuilder in the world for that year. [adinserter block=”16″]

3. He went on to win this title 7 more times.

Apart from becoming the best bodybuilder in the world during those years, he also earned a lot of fame in Hollywood as an action superstar. Later, he became a politician and even became the Governor of California in 2003. [adinserter block=”16″]

4. He also married.

And that’s not all; he even became a father![adinserter block=”16″]

5. He met Maria Shriver in 1977.

Maria was not only the niece of John F. Kennedy, former President of the USA who was assassinated but was also a well-known journalist.

[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”5th page”][adinserter block=”16″]

6. The two got married after dating for two years.

[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

7. They have four children together.

However, they divorced in 2011.

[adinserter block=”16″]

8. Their kids have all grown up.

I am sure you want to know how they look like and what they are doing currently. [adinserter block=”16″]

9. Katherine Eunice Schwarzenegger

Katherine was the first child of Arnold and Maria. She is now 26 and is an author. Her first book, “ Rock What You’ve Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty from Someone Who’s Been There and Back” was released in the year 2010. As you can guess from the book’s title, it is about self-confidence and how one can get rid of one’s body image issues. [adinserter block=”16″]

10. Christina Maria Aurelia Schwarzenegger

Their second child is Christina, who was born in the year 1991. She is now 25 years old. In 2013, she graduated from Georgetown University.[adinserter block=”16″]

11. Patrick Arnold Shriver Schwarzenegger

Patrick is Maria and Arnold’s third child. Judging by the looks of this 23-year-old, it is no surprise that he is an actor and a model. And you would be shocked to know that he was only 15 years old when he started his own company.

[adinserter block=”16″]

12. Christopher Sargent Shriver Schwarzenegger

Their fourth child is Christopher. He is now 19 years old and just graduated from high school in 2015.[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

13. Joseph Baena

Arnold also has a son with his former housekeeper. He is now 19 years old, and you probably haven’t heard of him before. But can you see how similar they look? They have come a bit closer now especially after Arnold’s divorce.

Arnold has an exciting life, isn’t it? Let us know in the comments what you think about him and his kids. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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50 Priceless Pieces Of Advice About Love & Relationships That You Can Not Ignore

Here are some worthy advices that you can not simply ignore in a relationship.







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[adinserter block=”16″]






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