9 Places To Touch A Woman And Make Her Go Crazy For You.

9 Places To Touch A Woman And Make Her Go Crazy For You. Models in a plenty of photo we all are aware which female body parts men most often like to explore, but there is more to her than just the back, front or her private parts. The largest amount of nerve endings may […]

8 Things That Happen To You When You Don’t Have $ e x

1. Ere(tile Dysfunction You have probably heard the phrase – “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” This holds true for your pen!s as well, and if you have stopped having $ex for a long time, your chances of getting erect!le dysfunction are significantly increased.   2. Bladder Control Issues The pelvic floor muscles […]

Study Proves That Men Really Do Prefer Curves – But Not The Ones You Think

#1 Men Prefer Curves The University of Texas recently conducted a study on if men find women with curves MORE attractive than thin women. But the curve that men are most interested in are NOT the breast or butt….so what curves then?   [adinserter block=”16″] #2 All About The Spine The study showed that men […]

9 F0replay Moves To Make Your Man Feel Good

  9 Foreplay Moves To Make Your Man Feel Good Men also love to be pampered and that is even more so when in bed. Well, that does not actually mean all they want is just $ex. Men do rarely divulge their secret desires to their women in their lives. Although everyone has different needs […]

Scary Things That Can Improve Your Love Life If You Try Them In Bed

Well, until you make a try, how would you even know that you like something? Willy-nilly, every mortal gets that $exual feeling and to fulfill such wonderful desires there are actually a few things that you might feel a bit awkward in trying, but it may help you to improve your $ex life. Here we […]

10 Simple Ways to Protect Your Thing Right Now

Protecting a person’s manhood is the most crucial aspect of a male’s life. However, many men nowadays don’t care about their health, and that has taken a negative toll on their manhood. According to Charles Walker, M.D., associate professor of urology and co-founder of the Cardiovascular Health clinic at Yale University, most guys know that […]

10 Scientifically Proven Ways To Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Often we are in a doubt or trouble how to check the loyalty of our partners. That is why here, we have some of the important facts that you might really want to see once. 1. Teachers have the tendency to cheat: It has been proven by a lot of researches and studies that teachers […]

These Are The Real Reasons Behind Every Breakup

When we speak of relationships, the very first thought that comes in our mind is of someone very special. However, loving is not the sole thing that can maintain any relationship, your partner needs further more from you when you are committed with him or her. The net result of such relationships that is not […]

7 Tricks To Give Women Long And Multiple 0rg as ms Every Guy Should Know

Women can reach 0 r g a s m multiple numbers of times during a $exual act, whereas the same can never be said for men. Considering the hormones and the body of women, almost all women can actually reach a cIimax more than one time and it is not so difficult for a man […]

10 Best Things That Happen In Every Relationship After A Year

1. After you move in together, you don’t need to dress up for a date. Everything is casual here. 2. When waking up with each other’s message has changed to something like this. [adinserter block=”16″] 3. Because you don’t dress to impress now. 4. Here is how your cat reacts later. [adinserter block=”16″] 5. When […]

Ring That Lets You Feel The Heartbeat Of Your Loved One In Real Time No Matter Where You Are

In today’s world it is way easier than ever to actually stay connected to your near and dear ones and the persons you truly love from the bottom of your heart. You can even call, mail, text, and video chat with your loved ones whenever you want. However, none of these really compensates for them […]

GROSS Things Every Comfortable Couple Does At Least Once

There are certain times during which people get really very comfortable around each other and that is why they do things which we can hardly imagine doing in front of anybody. Well, this is exactly what happens when a couple is really very close to each other. And the best part is that you cannot […]

7 Shocking Girlfriend Confessions That Will Give You The Most Awkward Time

Well, every person has confessions to make. We have seen a lot of confessions often by people. Here is the ultimate list of confessions. Have you ever heard of some confessions of girls they made to each other? If not then here you can relax and have a look at the entire list of such […]

7 Qualities That Made These The Best Girlfriends Ever

1. Several people nowadays think that due to the modern day hook-up culture, true love has almost disappeared from this world. We can only hear about them from our grandparents. The main problem is that guys are afraid to commit, while girls think guys are only with them for sex and nothing else. However, that […]

10 Shocking Confession From Celebrities On Their S3x Life

Celebrities have to keep in mind a lot of stuff when answering any question in public to make sure that their private lives don’t turn into gossip for the media sites. However, certain mistakes are always made, and some are intentional as well! Here are the top 10 confessions from celebrities about their sex lives. […]

K!nky Wives Confess Their Deepest Desires

Kinky Wives Confess Their Deepest Desires #1 Prefers To Ma$turbate Often Sometimes she just prefers to ma$turbate and then go to sleep rather than having $ex. This is quite common in women, and researches too have proved this.Source[adinserter block=”16″] #2 Wedding Night $ex Well, the wedding night $ex was not as awesome as she had […]