Types of Toxic Women You Should Never Date

1. The Self-Absorbed Chick Girls should be confident, but too much confidence can ruin a relationship. Some women are so self-absorbed that they keep on taking and posting pictures on Instagram every few minutes, more than you ever check your phone in a day. Considering she is always trying to get other’s affection and has […]

REAL RELATIONSHIP GOALS!!! Woman Posts Pic Of Boyfriend . . . Who Is HOLDING HER DOWN . . . Even Though Her Face Is COVERED IN SORES Because Of LUPUS!!

Woman posts pics of boyfriend holding her.. irrespective of the fact that her face is full of sores due to LUPUS!! #1. Living life with lupus Jokiva, a twenty-two year old model and an inhabitant of New Orleans, got the biggest shock of her life when she was diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease. Having […]

The Real Differences Between Lust And Love

Feeling attracted to someone is a common thing. Gradually that attraction increases and there comes a stage when we start getting serious about someone. The most important question at this stage is whether you are feeling love or lust. You should be asking yourself whether this relationship that you are pursuing at the moment is […]

She Was Attracted To Her Boyfriend’s Best Friend And Wanted To Pull A Switch

#1 My Boyfriend We were only dating about a month, and he was greatl, but when I met his best friend … fireworks.   #2 Best Friend This friend would often join us on casual nights out and we really connected. We had a lot of the same interests and would end up laughing at […]

8 Habits Of Guys Who Are Crap In Bed

You can always get to know good $ex when you actually have it. Body-aching vigorous orgasms, bliss that even lasts for several hours afterwards, and a wonderful feeling of satisfaction that lasts very long after the initial encounter are just part of a wonderful $exual encounter. This is not about that, though. This is about the […]

Most Men Lie About Cuddling In Bed. They’re Too Afraid To Tell Their Wives The Truth

Cuddling is one of the best means of physical affection; it garners closeness and increases happiness. Cuddling makes one feel good when in a new or established relationship. There is also a scientific reason for that and are many unexpected benefits. Surprisingly some men lie about cuddling with their wives as they don’t like it […]

See why you should Make Love With Your Woman Immediately She Wakes Up In The Morning

How many times have you heard your partner say, “Not tonight, honey”? If this is quite frequent, then you need to learn a few things to spice up your love life. Most men are ready at any point of time, but things are a bit different when it comes to women. Cindy M. Mest0n, Ph.D.and […]

13 Types of Love Everyone Should Have at Least Once

Sex is a crucial aspect of life, and you will probably be experiencing tons of sex in your lifetime. Sex can be of various types, and you might actually regret some of them. You might try experimenting which could either be a whopping success or a terrible disaster. However, there are certain types of sex […]

16 Craziest Reasons Why Women Reject Men

Relationships are excellent for both partners, but dating, prior to a relationship, can be really exhausting at times. Even if a date goes well, the next date might ruin the entire relationship. Some rejection reasons are valid, while there are others which are completely weird. This article gives a list of top 16 craziest reasons […]

Things About Love Making That Young People Are Not Aware of

1. Doing it everywhere isn’t the best choice. Thanks to movies nowadays, people think that Love Making in any place outside is $exy, but it can turn into a nightmare soon. And that is even more true since you hardly have any privacy in certain places.       2. You can get pregnant by […]

14 Posters That Explains Your life ‘In A Relationship Vs After Breakup’

Being in a relationship completely changes one’s life. Even every aspect of their life changes. Everything ‘me becomes us’. You share everything with your partner. Also, at a point of time, you know every single thing about your partner, as if you two were a married couple.  You become so used to each other than […]

This Guy Tried Publicly Shaming His ‘Cheating’ Fiancée And It Backfired Spectacularly

Cheating is the worst thing that can happen to a person while he or she is in a relationship. But that doesn’t mean that whenever you have any doubts on your partner, you assume that cheating is involved. Before you accuse your partner of cheating, you should at least have some definite evidence to back […]

Sleeping With Someone New: Expectation vs. Reality

Everyone has very high expectations about sleeping with something new, but the reality is completely different. 1. First Time For the first time at his house, you wear a beautiful dress and you are hoping for some good music, wine and maybe a candle light dinner. But the reality is completely different – he doesn’t […]

The Difference Between Men And Women When It Comes To Love Making

#1 Initiating $ e x Men often have the tendency to initiate $ e x more often than women do. It is the one thing in this world that has remained actually really old fashioned. Inbred in us, men have been taught to ask any woman out for a date, ask for her hand in […]

Women Confess The Most Annoying Moments While Getting Intimate

Having a cozy and intimate moment with the one you love is always such a pleasure. It makes you not only more comfortable with each other but also makes the understanding a bit better. There are in fact certain things which should always be kept in mind while doing ‘it’ or you might be at […]