18 Photos Which Prove That Your Genes Are Amazing

These 18 pictures of family members prove that genes are amazing. See the similarities of kids of same family from different generations, there won’t be a better proof to magic of genetics.

#1 Generations in a single photo

3 generations in a single photo. It looks like 3 different pictures of same kid. But actually they are from 3 generations. Source

#2 History repeats itself

These women have gap of four generations between them. But they look like same personSource

#3 Identical features

Of course this granddaughter got many features of her grand mother.Source

#4 Generations apart

A great grandfather- great grandson duo. We just can’t distinguish them easily.Source

#5 Are we twins

If you think they are twins, you are wrong. They are father and son.Source

#6 Handsome genes

Apart from hairstyle this grandfather and his grandson look alike.Source

#7 Complementing stuff

Looks like twins but actually generations apart.This image of of Grandma and granddaughter shall certainly make you sit up and look with eyes wide open. Source

#8 Laughing out

Only the settings are different otherwise i am just like my father. Source

#9 At same place

May be they have shot the pictures at the same place .Mother and daughter closely resembling each other including the backgrounds. Source

#10 Like father – like daughter

Have you ever said Like father like daughter.This image will surely make you say this. Source

#11 Another one

Here also we can see one more shot of resemblance.No doubt why daughter is laughing. May be seeing her father’s image. Source

#12 Another father- daughter resemblence

We have seen exactly looking mother and daughter but this is so astonishing to see similar faces of Father and her daughter.Their smiles so indistinguishable. Source

#13 Mother daughter duo

One more example of how genes of a person passes in their family.Mother and daughter are so similar looking. Source

#14 I am just like you

another mom and daughterSource

#15 Mother and her shadow

Every daughter aspires to be like her mother in whatever they do.But here the daughter is exactly the carbon copy of her mother to say the least. Source

#16 And once more

You will never fed up watching this again and again.Even the son is amazed to see his father looks like him. Source

#17 Brothers indeed

Genetics can make things looks like miracle. Here we can see father and son looking exactly the same. Source

#18 Father and son duo

See the smiles from this father-son duo. That makes you wonder about genetics for sure.Source

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20 Reasons to Be Thankful You Don’t Have Children

Some people always tell others how grateful they are for having kids and how much they love them and care for them. They keep on telling how cute their babies are, and that they never feel like them leaving them for a single moment. Their laugh and toothless smiles make their days perfect. However, some people will disagree.

There is no doubt that babies are cute but not always. There are times when you start to think that you would have been better off without your children. Check out the top 20 reasons you should be grateful for not having kids.

1. No one will be there to destroy your delicious peanut butter


2. You don’t have to worry about other disgusting stuff which bear a strong resemblance to curry.


3. You don’t have to clean up others’ mess afterwards.


4. You can decorate your walls according to your own choice.


5. Your iPad will stay safe and secure all the time; you don’t have to worry about anyone chewing it.


6. Paint according to your own wish


7. Enjoy your Disney World Tour without any worries or troubles.


8. Enjoy dinner with those people who love to eat as much as you do.


9. No accidents will happen in your toilet.


10. Use your sinks only for brushing and washing hands, nothing else.


11. No more worrying about pee on your favourite clothes.


12. There is no chance of wearing T-shirt of the same color as that of another person…. cause the color of his dress changed due to pee.


13. Open your packages when they are delivered without any inconvenience.


14. Don’t worry about cleaning up any mess before sleeping.


15. Your couch won’t change its appearance overnight.


16. You won’t have to watch some gross acts of children.


17. Watch any TV show you want without any distraction.


18. No one else will touch your expensive makeup.


19. No worries about what went into someone else’s mouth.


20. If you love baking, you can do that peacefully without any disturbance.


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51 Year Old Mother Helps Daughter In Bringing Grandchild

Meghan Holliday dreamt of becoming a mother when she got married. In fact, she would sometimes even insert pillows in her clothes to appear pregnant when she studying in fifth grade. However, unfortunately, she was born without a uterus, a rare defect and couldn’t give birth to a child as a result.

She realised that the only possibility to have a child was a surrogate, but when she and her husband went to the doctor, they came to know that it was too expensive; it would cost a minimum of $60,000.

Meghan was heartbroken. One day, she was watching Oprah. In that particular scene, a 63 year old lady was seen to bring his grandchild. This is when Meghan thought that her mother might be able to help her.

This would be difficult since her mom was already 51 years old. However, through IVF, she brought her grandchild to this world, giving her daughter the most precious gift – motherhood. Meghan realized how important her mother was and she started valuing her even more. She is extremely grateful to her mother for her help.

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Mom Gives Birth To Identical Twins, Then Doctors Realize The STUNNING Truth

It’s really a happy moment when doctor says you are going to have two babies not just one. Same thing happened to this couple as well. The young couple Richie and Danielle were told that their unborn babies shared an amniotic sac in Danielle’s womb.But surprising thing is not that, they found it out only after they were born.

#1 Excited Parents!


Interestingly, One baby’s internal organs like liver, heart, spleen etc placed opposite side of other baby. Lucas and and Louie were DAYS away from being c onjoined twins after they were conceived. Mirror-image twin means the two siblings are the complete opposite of each other, causing a mirror affect when they are face to face.Source


Louie and Lucas are the defintion of “twinning,” as they are an extremely rare type of twin. In fact only a quarter of twins are born as mirror images.Source


There are many attributes which can come from being a mirror twin, such as writing with the opposite hands, birthmarks on opposite sides and the pattern of your hair being different.Source


They are now two and living life to the fullest – wild and fun like any other toddlers. “The bonding and the closeness of them is unreal to watch,” their dad Richie says.Source

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Ridiculous Texts All Siblings Have Sent To Each Other

Siblings are always fun to hang around. They know each other well and also have common interests which in turn makes interaction much easier. That being said, siblings can have weird conversations as well. They often send messages to each other as well on stupid topics. Check out these ridiculous text messages siblings have sent each other regarding money, toilet paper etc.

#1 The almighty money solves it all

#2 Toilet emergencies…

#3 The lost and founds

#4 Domestic hunger games

#5 Warm beer and cold women have always been the misery of men

#6 The taste of sweet revenge

#7 Hello…its me

#8 Time for favors

#9 Getting each other butt hurt

#10 There’s a price to everything…even cleaning

#11 What you sow, so shall your younger one reap

#12 Now, you know where to look if your skirt goes missing

#13 Dissing never gets boring

#14 Turning family trip memories into a joke

#15 The culprit is mostly an insider

#16 Random missings

#17 Burning each other is the best fun thing to do

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Meet Adorable Baby Born With Dark Birthmark, She Will Need 7 Surgeries to Remove Birthmark From Her Face


Seven month old Ruby Ashby will undergo 7 surgeries to remove birth mark from her adorable baby face. About she was born in Wollongong, Australia with a visible birthmark on the upper right side of her face. Her parents have already started making preparations to remove that birthmark.


This condition is known as Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, and is extremely rare – it occurs in only 1 in 500,000 people. In order to raise money for the surgery, her parents have created a “Go Fund Me” page. There will be seven surgeries altogether; the first one will be done on January 12. According to her parents, all the seven surgeries will be completed by time Ruby is admitted to a school.


The surgery is extremely complex – the doctors will place a silicon balloon under an area of her skin where there is no birthmark. The balloon will be gradually filled with saline. This will create new skin which will be used to replace the birthmark.


The funding page was created by Ashleigh Morris, Ruby’s aunt. The page states that just because one in 500,000 people are supposed to be born with this condition, they shouldn’t have to spend their entire lives with this condition.


Approximately $18,000 has been raised and the next fundraiser will occur on 6th January thanks to experts like them

Share and spread this story and help this cute girl.

Read more on GoFundMe and help her.

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Mom Keeps Finding Bugs Around Her Baby And Calls Her Aunt, What She Discovers Is Horrifying

Rachel, 26 and Adam Stott, 31 are a young couple from Manchester who brought home their newly born child Leo a few days ago. However, they were scared to find several bugs near their son and took immediate steps to remove those. They washed all the clothes and bedding, also applied lots of bug sprays. However, all these seemed to work temporarily since the insects would keep on coming.



Rachel’s aunt was informed about this incident, and she advised her to check the baby’s crib which was recently bought. They listened to her advice, and they were stunned to find tons of bugs falling from that basket. The mother informed that she felt horribly sick watching those bugs, since her baby was sleeping in that same basket for so many days now. Rachel’s aunt also told her to call this reliable pest control services similar to the pest control service Melbourne company that offer eco-safe solutions and methods in getting rid of any sort of pests which is best suited to their situation that they a baby.




Rachel said that she couldn’t even imagine her baby was in such close proximity to the bugs all the time. She was really distressed about the whole incident and thought that she wasn’t a good mother since she couldn’t keep her baby safe, although that should have been her primary concern this whole time.


Getting rid of pests and bugs is one of the most tiresome processes, which is one of the main reasons why people hire services offered by Insight Pest Control New Hampshire. The wicker basket was brought much before Leo’s birth from Tesco Direct. The package wasn’t opened and remained exactly the same way for almost two months till his birth. That’s when those insects were seennear the basket. Rachel contacted Rise Pest Control Minneapolis and informed that she had no idea about the place of origin of those bugs and was looking for an expert to help her out. She had tried everything that was possible, and was extremely depressed. Here you can get more info to get rid of pests.


Fortunately, when her aunt came to know about this, she enquired whether there was any wicker basket in the house. She was the one who suggested her to check it by shaking it against a plastic bag. Rachel did as she was told, however, she made a grave mistake by doing it indoors.


As she was shaking the basket, the bugs began to fall out. She opened the doors immediately, so that the bugs could escape. Those bugs were the size of ants and she later found out that they survive by sucking blood. The first step she took was contact


Rachel would really like to enjoy her son’s first Christmas but she can’t achieve that until she is sure that she has managed to get rid of all the bugs from her house. She is now checking different pest control companies to have the house fumigated. This Bed Bug Exterminator NYC is the best she found. She is also extremely angry regarding the fact that Tesco could be so irresponsible about a child product. “Aren’t they treated before packaging? And why did such an event even occur in the first place?” she asked. Visit or other experts as to know how to get rid of pests.


She has already informed Tesco, and they immediately took back the basket. A Tesco spokesperson apologized and stated that the company is extremely strict about the quality of their products and such an event is extremely unfortunate and rare. They will also send a new crib and a toy for the baby to show how much they care about safety.

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35 Most Adorably Awkward Childhood Photo Recreations



































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32 Tweets That Perfectly Describe Parenting in Less Than 140 Characters.

Being a parent is really a great thing. Raising your kids with your partner is happiness. Kids are our life, we will do anything for them, to make them happy. But on other side things are little different. Children are loud, sticky, messy creatures who cry about the craziest things.
As much as you love your children, there are days where you can’t stand them and need to tell the world about those evil spirit you have created. Yes you adore them however some of these days you cant stand up with their craziness. These folks portray their life as parent in minimal words.

































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Everyday Problems Of A Pregnant Woman Hilariously Illustrated By A Mom

No, you didn’t, now can we continue to have sex?

Everything you drop will just have to stay there until the baby is born.

It’s a jungle down there, but out of sight out of mind!

You might look like a tiger, but that’s a part of the process.

You’ve never cried of food so much in your life!

There’s a soccer game going on in your belly 24/7

You’ll have to be taught how to tie a shoe again because you haven’t done it in 9 months!

Via :

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A Stranger Took This Photo of a Mom with Her 5-Year Old. Then She Did Somethign Even Worse

Mother-of-two left outraged after finding a photo of herself and her children posted on Facebook by a stranger who publicly shamed her for carrying her sick five-year-old in a baby carrier

Erica Kalnins Was Shopping With Her 5 Year Old Daughter When The Manager Shamed Her

Erica Kalnins, age 31, is a mother of 2. She was carrying her sick 5 year old in a baby carrier while shopping when the manager of the store took a photo and shamed her on social media.

This Is The Facebook Post The Manager Used To Shame Erica

Mindy Domingo is the manager at the accessories store that Erica was shopping at. She posted this photo calling Erica stupid.

Mindy Domingo Went On To Say That People Like Erica Should Not Have Kids In The First Place

In the comments section of the post Mindy went on to rant about Erica and parents like her, saying that they should have no become parents in the first place.

Online Support From Other Moms for Erica

Erica saw the viral post and explained that her daughter was feeling unwell that day, which is why she was being carried. Other moms posted photos of themselves wearing baby carriers to support Erica.

The Store Apologized For Mindy’s Actions

The store issued an apology on social media for Mindy’s actions, saying the “appropriate action” had been taken. Erica planned a sit-in at the store to protest the next day, with many mothers joining her in support.
Via :

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Mom Lets Her 3-Year Old Boy Dress Her For One Week

It is often hard to tell how good your child’s sense of humor is, unless you let them dress you for a week straight.

Day One: Not a Total Trainwreck

Summer ended up “liking” the outfit, admittedly besides the off-colored shoes. “Like” is a bit too strong for our taste…

Disney Day!

Day two is looking a bit better than day one, we would easily believe that Summer put this outfit together herself.

This Kid is a Future Fashionista

This outfit is new-age casual, and this kid may just have a future as a personal stylist.

Fashion Brings them Closer

Summer and her little boy Rockwell, have found something new to bond over: fashion.

Arrow Fetish

Rockwell apparently is obsessed with arrows, which explains the inspiration behind choosing this outfit.

Bro, Those Shoes Don’t Match

Rockwell does not restrict himself to conventional fashion traditions. You know, concepts like matching.

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