How To Find Best Job For Your Zodiac Sign

How to find a job that is suitable to your zodiac sign? Here is the guide to help you.

1. Aries

People belonging to this zodiac sign are adventurous; they won’t break down during tough times. Hence, they should choose a career which is courageous and requires 100% commitment. You can pick a job in arts, or even a bank since it is challenging. If you love adventures, then becoming a soldier is also an option.

2. Taurus

They are down to earth and have good practical skills. They consider everything by their monetary values. Hence any job which offers a handsome paycheck will be perfect for them. They might even become entrepreneurs in future, and can also achieve success as a real estate agent. Choose a job in either accounting or economics or even painting.

3. Gemini

People, under Gemini, love for which make them relevant in the society. They also love attending conferences and traveling. Hence, teaching or journalism are the perfect choices. Since they are creative, they can also become successful in the field of literature. They can also work as PR agents.

4. Cancer

They love to be around children. Hence they are perfect for teachers. Whatever happens, do not choose a career involving sports or army. You can also find a job in photography or fashion.

5. Leo

They crave for attention and are usually good at interacting with other people. They can be extremely successful as artists. Other options are politics, or managing any business as a CEO.

6. Virgo

They are hardworking and reliable. They have an excellent memory and possess practical skills which can earn them success in any field. The best field is medicine, but writing can also work wonders.

7. Pisces

Those who belongs to this Zodiac sign, prefer peace and love. They are kind and caring. Their nature makes them naturally brilliant in the fields of music and arts since these fields help them live in a dream world filled with their emotions. They can also become good doctors or salon managers.

8. Libra

These are the most entertaining and glamorous people ever. You would be grateful if your customer service employs more Libras. They are extremely patient and co-operative. They can easily interact with other people. They can be brilliant leaders. A significant portion of Libras chooses a career pertaining to arts. Hence, they might want to open a musical band or a songwriter or painter. They can be excellent as contract negotiators, dancer, hosts of any TV shows or company supervisors.

9. Aquarius

They are incredibly honest, patient and nature lovers. They cannot stand against illegal actions and will do anything to oppose them. They prefer doing everything from scratch and crave for perfection. They can be ideal as scientists, musicians, artists or designers.

10. Capricorn

These people need adventures in their lives all the time. They are extremely hard working and are determined to work their way to the top. They are very good managers too – they can keep everyone under control and maintain strict schedules. Hence, any job which requires hard work and dedication to succeed are perfect for them. These include banking, managing, CEO of companies and any job related to science.

11. Sagittarius

These people are extremely energetic and can be excellent in making correct decisions. As a result, they can be brilliant as bosses. Most of them are spiritual and religious. Some of them are also avid travellers. They are humorous as well. The following jobs are perfect for them –trainers, coachers, ministers or any career related to travel.

12. Scorpio

They love adventures and challenges. Some examples of jobs where they excel might include performing a complicated brain surgery or diffusing a time bomb. They have great patience and concentration. Some of the best jobs for Scorpios include scientists, lawyers and doctors.

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What Kind of Alcohol is Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you getting bored of your old drink and looking for a new one? Choosing a new drink can be tough since there are so many choices. Your zodiac sign might be able to help you in that regard. Learn which drink is ideal according to your zodiac sign.

1. Aries

Vodka is the perfect choice for Aries. People, under Aries, are always looking out for adventures, and everyone knows Vodka can make you wild. Moreover, this drink is perfect for any occasion.

2. Taurus

They should choose beer. Plain old beer is the staple choice for a drink, and people under Taurus often lead a simple, relaxed life. They enjoy typical parties without too many activities.

3. Gemini

Geminis should try out the tequila. Geminis love adventures, without thinking much about the end results. Similarly, tequila will give a whole new experience, which can be either good or bad.

4. Cancer

Cancerians love mysteries, and they often have mood swings. Hence, they should try out Gin, since Gin too is a mysterious drink. Most people have heard about it, but few have drunk it for a continuous period.

5. Leo

People belonging to Leo should try out red wine. Leos are classy and are destined for greatness. Red wine is considered as a drink of the elite, which is a perfect match for Leos.

6. Virgo

Virgos are probably the kindest people; they are also caring and compassionate. White wine is ideal for them since white wine is mostly used for parties and get-togethers where friends and family meet who care about each other a lot.

7. Libra

Libras should choose whiskey. They are serious, mature and hate drama. Similarly, whiskey is considered as a no-drama drink. They also belong to the elite class, where whiskey is one of the most popular drinks.

8. Scorpio

They are some of the most influential people in the world and want to achieve success in everything they do. These people deserve a great drink. Moonshine is the perfect choice for them. Besides, they can brew it on their own according to their tastes.

9. Sagittarius

They are some of the richest people in the world, and consequently, they prefer the most expensive drinks. Top quality champagne is their perfect drink since they don’t care about the price tags and only about the quality.

10. Capricorn

Capricorn is usually not so popular among Zodiac signs, and their preferred drink also reflects that. They prefer Scotch, which is not so popular in parties. But that shows that they possess extensive knowledge about drinks.

11. Aquarius

Boxed wine is an ideal drink for Aquarius. Most hippies belong to Aquarius, and there is no doubt that boxed wine is their favorite. They don’t judge everything seriously and just choose something to start their parties, and apparently boxed wine is the first drink that comes to their minds.

12. Pisces

Absinthe is the ideal choice for Pisces. Pisces are usually very creative, and similarly, absinthe is known to boost creativity.

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The Worst Quality Of Each Zodiac Sign

Anyone who has a slight belief in astrology will obviously know his or her zodiac sign. Frankly speaking, most people only want to know the good things related to their zodiac signs. However, every zodiac sign has a unique worst quality as well. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)

They believe that they are superior to others and everyone else is a level below them. They work hard throughout their lives to reach that elite class and separate them from others. However, the only thing they achieve through this constant struggle is that they become boring. By the time they realize what has happened, they are already too late.

Justin Timberlake, the famous singer and actor, belongs to Aquarius.

2. Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

Pisces take everything seriously. They become emotional even when someone jokes about them as they are extremely sensitive. They are the same people who think that the comedian should quit when he or she tells a non-veg joke, even if it’s a good one. They like to publicize everything too. So next time you interact with someone belonging to this zodiac sign, never ever bring sarcasm into your conversation, you will seriously regret this decision.

Carrot Top is a famous celebrity who belongs to Pisces.

3. Aries (March 21 – April 20)

They are the most dominant type of people. They want everything to happen the way they want and if that doesn’t happen, they will do anything to reverse that. They like to show that they control everything but in reality they are just throwing a tantrum.

The most famous person to ever belong to Aries was probably Hitler.

4. Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

These people love money. They consider everything by their monetary values and are probably the most materialistic people ever born.They strive for perfection and are known to often stand in front of a mirror to check for any imperfections. If they find any, then they will immediately buy whatever cream or lotion they can find to hide that. Then they go to nightclubs to discuss about people who are less elite than they are. In a nutshell, they are boring.

One of the most famous personalities of Taurus is Bono.

5. Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

These people think that they are one of the best in their fields and are somehow representatives of their respective generations. They couldn’t be more wrong, since they are utter fools. Also, their actions are completely unpredictable which can make other people around them uncomfortable.

Miley Cyrus belongs to Gemini.

6. Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

These people are the saddest of the lot. They are sensitive and even little problems make them emotional and they return home only to cry in their bathrooms like babies. These things happen often too. As a result, very few people like hanging out with them.

The famous actor, Tom Cruise, is a Cancerian.

7. Leo (July 23 – August 21)

These people like to brag about themselves. They are constantly seeking attention, and they start getting crazy without that. In fact, some people even hire a few people to constantly look after him and hear his thoughts and him bragging about himself. While he thinks that he is helping them, the reality is that they are tired of that guy and will get rid of him as soon as possible.

The current president of the USA, Barack Obama, belongs to Leo.

8. Virgo (August 22 – September 23)

On the outside, they will look like the laziest people ever. You will find a Virgo lying on the couch and watching TV. However, the reality is that they are constantly planning what to do with their lives. They are brilliant strategists and always keep calm and patience. Another shocking fact is that most of them turn out to be racists.

Cameron Diaz, the famous actress, belongs to this Zodiac sign.

9.Libra (September 23 – October 22)

They often have the worst relationships. They choose partners who are the worst and they even acknowledge that. Even then, they continue to have serious relationships and even when times are tough, they don’t break up since they don’t have the courage to do that. Besides, on the laziness meter, they compete with the Virgos. Lying on bed while surfing the net or watching TV is the only thing they are experts at.

Al Sharpton is a famous Libra.

10. Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

They seem to have a dual personality. On the outside, they look sad and very honest people. However, that is far from reality. On the inside, they love to conspire against people. You won’t even notice when and how some Scorpio came and finished you. Hence, it is advised to stay away from them.

The famous actress, Emma Stone, belongs to Scorpio.

11. Sagittarius (November 23 – December 22)

These people will do anything to get attention. They are seriously stupid. And they often say – “I’m not religious, I’m spiritual.” Anyone with brains will realize that this statement basically holds no meaning.

A famous Sagittarius is Taylor Swift.

12. Capricorn (December 23 – January 20)

They are the hardest to interact with. They are extremely shy and socially awkward. Even when someone tries to convince them to interact freely, they won’t listen and often become the topic of discussion in offices and public places.

Even if they finally go to a nightclub with you, they still remain weird. While you order drinks, they will order water and chips. That is when it hits you that inviting him was a mistake. Basically, they don’t have any personality.

Betty White is a famous Capricorn.

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Remove These 7 Types Of Clothing Immediately

Ladies always have closets full of clothes. But, sometimes, you might find that there is nothing to wear for a particular occasion even if the closet is full. When this happens, the logical solution is to buy new clothes. However, this isn’t really the perfect decision.

Try to think calmly for a second. Your closet is completely full of clothes, yet you can’t choose any dress. That makes it pretty clear that the problem lies in the clothes already present in your closet. If you still go to a shop and buy clothes, remember that you are not solving the primary problem, you are temporarily neglecting it.

The truth might seem harsh – you actually have a lot more clothes in your closet than necessary. Buying more clothes will only add to the junk that is already there, and will further deteriorate the situation.You need to remove that extra junk to create the ideal wardrobe.

Remember that you have to be absolutely honest with this, or else the problem will still persist. Check out the clothing given below and note down which clothes in your wardrobe match them, and finally remove them.

1. Same type or clone clothing

It is common to have the same type of clothing in your wardrobe. This is fine if that applies to underwear, but for normal clothing, that is a serious problem. For example, if you find that there are six clothes having the same pattern and color with minute differences,you have a serious problem.

Pick those clothes and display them side by side together. Now watch closely. Try to remember when you bought these clothes and under what circumstances. Why did you even buy so many of them? Maybe you bought them on sale. Anyways, try to see if you have a favorite among them. Now comes the difficult part. You have to choose 1 or at maximum 2 from that group. This is tough, but remember at the end this will lead you to your ideal wardrobe.


2. Clothes you have never worn

All of us have clothes which we have never worn or maybe worn once or twice. You need to make a list of such clothing. Try to remember why you bought them. Maybe it was for a particular event? For example, your wedding dress will also fall in this category, but that doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of it. However, normal dresses which could have been worn on several occasions but you haven’t, definitely is a good match.


3. Comfortable house clothes

We all have clothes which we only wear inside our house and will never wear outside. These might include stained shirts or pants, over sized shirts etc. Obviously, since you wear them at home, no one should give a damn about that. However, remember that these clutter your closet. Besides, studies show that how we see ourselves in the mirror greatly affects our personalities and lives.

Some people say that these clothes are super-comfortable, but think for a moment. Do you only want to wear something comfortable or something which you also look good in?

Make a list of clothes that have stains, are torn etc. which can be removed.

4.Clothes You Used To Love But Now Hate

We all have clothes which we used to love and wear often but now hate. You need to make a list of all these clothes and try to answer the following questions?

What happened? Why don’t you wear them anymore? Why did you love them in the first place?

You might need to get rid of them if you want to de-clutter your wardrobe.

5. Clothes that no longer fit

Everyone has clothes that they can no longer fit in. Maybe we bought them when we were young or thin, or maybe they looked so pretty that we couldn’t resist not buying them. However, these are contributing to your wardrobe problem.

Quickly make a list of these clothes, and list their problems individually. Clothes which are too short and long have to be immediately removed. You might be able to keep clothes which are slightly over-sized or undersized, but if you need to shed lots of weight to fit into any of these clothes, get rid of them.

6. Irreparable clothes

There are clothes which have been torn, worn out and damaged. Sometimes, you might be able to repair them, e.g. if they are missing a button etc. However, if the damage is irreparable the time has come to say goodbye to these clothes.


There will be clothes that do not fit into any of the above 6 categories, which you don’t wear. They are classified as “filler”. Maybe the shirt you bought for a massive discount, or the T-shirt your friends compelled you to purchase? Anyways, since you will never wear them and they don’t hold any sentimental value, try to get rid of them as soon as possible.


Finally, after the hard work is done, look at your wardrobe. Your wardrobe will contain far less clothing, but remember that was our main aim – to de-clutter the closet. Trust me, from now on, you will have no difficulty in choosing which dress to wear for which event, and this will reduce your stress too.

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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Intimacy Life

We all know that zodiac signs can be immensely helpful in predicting a lot of things about a person’s life such as his career. It can also predict how intimate you are and it is extremely accurate as well. Learn about your love life by checking your zodiac sign below.

1. Aries

Aries represents intimacy. People belonging to this zodiac sign do not prefer flowers and are less romantic. They are more hurt than others when someone rejects their proposal, but they recover fast too. They are competitive and try to be first in every aspect of their love life.

They are adamant and will never ever give up if they want something. They believe in actions, rather than words and love if there is spice in their sex life. They will go to any extent to keep the person they love happy.

2. Taurus

They prefer a normal sex life, and believe that slow and steady movements in bed are perfect. They do not change their decisions and remain firm always. Unlike people belonging to Aries, these people prefer peaceful normal sex in their houses. They won’t get bored even if you keep on doing the same things in bed.

3. Gemini

People belonging to Gemini do not stick to their decisions. They prefer mental stimulation more than sex. Their moods often change, but if they are in a good mood, they can provide great experience during sex, especially since they will converse as well during intercourse.

4. Cancer

Cancerians love to have sex; they believe in true love. They will provide the best experience in bed if their partners also love them, be romantic with them and care for them. However, they are also known to be quite possessive of their partners.

5. Leo

These people are extremely confident and love having sex. They also want to try out different styles and positions for sex, since they are easily bored. Just a little bit of care and attention to them will bring out their best during intercourse. Pisces is the perfect match for Leo.

6. Virgo

People belonging to this zodiac sign are caring, kind and romantic. If their partners are kind and caring, they will reciprocate the same feelings towards their partners. They prefer their partners to be organised, neat and clean. They crave for perfection and look for the same in their partners.

7. Libra

Libra people are complex, and can be difficult to understand. They also aren’t firm in their decisions and have a tough time making them in the first place. However, they can make excellent love and are adventurous. They don’t hesitate to move out of their comfort zones to please their partners.

8. Scorpio

They take everything seriously, including sex. They are rather sensitive and can be easily hurt emotionally. They prefer normal and happy relationships. Their demands are quite high when it comes to choosing their partners, and they can often be dominating during sex.

9. Sagittarius

They love experimenting, and prefer their partners to be non-dominating. They won’t hesitate to try out new things in bed, however, they find it difficult to stick to a single partner for a long time. Hence, they remain bachelors for a longer period of time.

10. Capricorn

They are ambitious, and perform exceptionally well when they are in a good mood. They are reliable and look for serious relationships. They don’t want to try out new things in bed, instead they enjoy peaceful and normal sex.

11. Aquarius

They prefer mental stimulation, which in turn improves their performance during sex. They don’t prefer trying out new stuff in bed, but if they interest them, they might give it a try. During sex, they begin slowly but they start getting better as time progresses.

12. Pisces

People belong to Pisces look for serious relationships. They are more emotional and prefer mature partners. They trust their intuitions and can easily predict the next move during sex.

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14 Images That Prove Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus ! #7 Is FUNNY !

We know that men and women are not same. Males and females can’t behave the same way, can’t feel or think the same way. They differ in many ways. Brightside is proving that men and women are from different planets with some of the simple sketches.


1. This is how their desk and desktop differs. Don’t even think about messing up with her desk.

2. That’s how shampoo is picked.


3. Sharing Bed Equally means,

4. Getting ready for travel.

5. In public, No one wants to bother with guys, even guys.

6. Waiting for the toilet.

7. Getting ready for work.

8. After break up!

9. Going Out!

10. How they see themselves in the mirror!

11. Dress: Nothing and too much!

12. looking at a woman passing by

13. How they see colors.

14. Going to the Hair dresser.

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12 Things Men Do Differently To Women.

#1 Nick Names

#2. Eating Out

#3. Money

#4. Bathrooms

#5. Arguments

#6. Future

#7. Success

#8. Mariage

#9. Dressing Up

#10. Natural

#11. Offspring

#12. Thought of the Day

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Best Jobs In The World That Pay Highest !

When we think about a job, jobs like, Engineering Job, doctor Job, Nursing job, Manager job, Bank Job etc will be the first things that comes into your mind. Even though they are good jobs and pay higher. We must think of these type of jobs as well. They may not pay highest but they are really interesting and entertaining. After reading this you may die to get one of these jobs.

#1 B00b Adjusters

No idea what type of candidate will be ideal for this position. But for sure it will be an interesting Job. Not sure what you need to write in your resume.

#2 Security Guard

Stripping for safety is an important part of the job !

#3 Yoga instructor

Well you can always be a yoga instructor and it could be fun. A yoga instructor will have a lot of entertaining moments.

#4 Body Painter

You need to be talented in this job, but its really entertaining. Also paying high as well.

#5 Shoe Shiner

We may feel like its a bad job to do, but you dont know how entertaining it is.

#6 Body Positioner

Obviously someone needs to do this.

#7 Photographer

You get up close and intimate. With EVERYTHING.


#8 Masseuse

You get to touch naked bodies all day. All day.

#9 Bra Fitter

Apply to Victoria’s Secret ASAP if you want to adjust boobs all day.

#10 Lifeguard

Your job is to watch people in bathing suits.

#11 Painter

You absolutely must study nude models, of course.

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Best-Paying Jobs for Women.

#1 Cryptocurrency Trader

It’s been estimated that only 10 to 15 percent of the people currently investing in Bitcoin are female. Is this once-in-a-lifetime wealth-generating opportunity passing by a generation of women due to the preponderance of mansplaining around the topic of cryptocurrency? Studies have recognized that women perform as equals at, if not better than, generating returns on investments compared to their male peers. And with more people learning about the cryptocurrencies, it’s crucial that women take their skillset into that space and consider these assets as part of their investment mix. To start, visit

Median weekly earnings: $1,815
Approximate median yearly earnings. $94,427
Women as percentage of the profession: 15%
Earnings as percentage of men’s earnings: 80%

#2 Computer Programmers

The computer-related career world is male dominated, but that’s all the more reason for us gals to get our feet in the door. Plus there’s that little financial incentive.

Median weekly earnings: $1,238
Approximate median yearly earnings: $64,000
Women as percentage of the profession: 20%
Earnings as percentage of men’s earnings: 93%

#3 Psychologists

The job descriptions of psychologists cover quite a range. Some psychologists are therapists; some are researchers, some are professors, and so on. If psychology is your thing, you’ve got a variety of career options.

Median weekly earnings: $1,244
Approximate median yearly earnings: $65,000
Women as percentage of the profession: 71%
Earnings as percentage of men’s earnings: data not available

#4 Human Resources Managers

HR managers are like the matchmakers of the business world, to understand why just check with Andy Defrancesco. They find the right people for the right job, provide coaching and training, handle 401k…Alright, that last one isn’t like matchmaking at all, but you get the idea.

Median weekly earnings: $1,273
Approximate median yearly earnings: $66,000
Women as percentage of the profession: 72%
Earnings as percentage of men’s earnings: 86%

#5 Operations Research Analysts

Operations research analysts use software programs and some serious brainwork to analyze databases and statistics. They then use their findings to solve problems and improve operations within a company. If you’re good at problem solving and analytics, it just might be the career for you.

Median weekly earnings: $1,326
Approximate median yearly earnings: $69,000
Women as percentage of the profession: 44%
Earnings as percentage of men’s earnings: 105%

#6 Software Developers

While we know very little about what it actual takes, we think software development would be fun. And hey, not a shabby income there. If you’re good with computers, coding, design, and analysis, software development might be the thing for you.

Median weekly earnings: $1,388
Approximate median yearly earnings: $72,000
Women as percentage of the profession: 18%
Earnings as percentage of men’s earnings: 86%

#7 Pharmacist

Pharmacists used just to be the people who measured out pills and slapped labels on bottles. These days pharmacists are trained to not only fill prescriptions, but to understand exactly how drugs affect the body, what side effects accompany certain drugs, and how drugs interact, among other things.

Median weekly earnings: $1,898
Approximate median yearly earnings: $99,000
Women as percentage of the profession: 56%
Earnings as percentage of men’s earnings: 95%

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Here Are 17 Reasons Kids From The 80s Are Tougher Than Kids Today. #15 Brought Back Memories

When we were kids, grown-ups used to let us know how much harder they were and how we have it too simple. That discussion is occurring once more, however it is us 80’s children saying that in regards to the new, more secure, politically right, bubble-wrapped generation of kids. Check out 20 cases that demonstrate how intense we were versus today’s children and how much fun our life was as kids in 80s. I guess kids in new generation are missing real life like those days

# 1

Children played with Lawn darts even without grown-up supervision

# 2

Playing with firecrackers was fun, as well as encouraged.

# 3

Breaking something and getting a cast wasn’t a reason for a parental freakout, yet a symbol of honor.

# 4

Play areas were not made of plastic with “perilous” things like merry-go-rounds removed. We went down metal slides that were sufficiently hot to rankle you.

# 5

Children bravely (and lawfully) rode in the backs of pickup trucks everywhere.

# 6

Children rode in the front seats of cars without any stresses of getting caught and no seat belts either.

# 7

Children would play outside without steady supervision.

# 8

Sunburns weren’t viewed as dangerous, and children had a fabulous time peeling the skin off.

# 9

Children used to appreciate cycling as opposed to surfing the web.

# 10

Second-hand smoke? Normal and most likely came from parents.

# 11

Children would cook on the stove independent from anyone else, even home alone.

# 12

No buckling up in the backseat of the car. It was play time, pure and simple.

# 13

It was likely that your mom is smoking when she conveying you in her womb.

# 14

Children would return home from school, break out their key, open the door, and just go in and find something to eat or get their work done, without their guardians being charged for it.

# 15

Elder children would take care their younger siblings while their guardians wer away

# 16

There was no such thing as play-dates. There was unstructured, unsupervised time when children played together only on the grounds that, as opposed to it being made.

# 17

Youngster smoking was cool as opposed to net. Not to say it was correct, but rather that is the manner by which it was in the 80’s.

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What Your Feet Say About You… This is Actually Hilarious..

Do you know you can find out your personality by just checking your feet? Yes, You can see what type of person you are, by checking Shape of the foot, nature of arches, the size of the foot, the length of toes, alignment of toes, which way your toes curve, and width between toes. Here is the guide to check your details. DON’T FORGET to COMMENT YOUR RESULT.


Is your fat wide or narrow? It would appear that those with wide feet are the hard workers, while those with the tight feet work brilliantly by appointing. you can find out your personality by just checking your feet
Via :


Are your arches high or are you flat footed? High arched people are more independent, whereas their level footed companions are more realists
Via :


Huge foot or little foot? Do you have a big foot that is tough to find fitting shoes ? Don’t worry. You are a pioneer and one day may think of a beautiful shoe line for enormous feet. Then, our little-footed companions are more develop and insightful, despite the fact that they are usually littler individuals who look more youthful than their age.
Via :


Is your big toe is longest? Then you will be great at business. As it would turn out, it was the huge to who went to the business, while those with a more drawn out second toe, the toe who stayed home from the business sector, are most likely not devotees.
Via :


Perfect little piggies all consecutively? Shock. You’re precise and deliberate. Toes that traverse make for doubting individuals and the individuals who won’t give up, much the same as your toes who cling to one another.
Via :


Which way do your toes bend? At the huge toe implies you cling to the past while inclining toward the little toe implies you are in a surge.

Via :

Between The Toes

Spread? You’re somewhat a show-off and like to talk. Webbed? Your self-regard unquestionably doesn’t originate from your toes, unless you’re a swimmer.
Via :

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INTERESTING: What Your Thumb Reveals About You…I was shocked.

Take a look at your thumb and then read on to see what your thumb says about your personality.

Which Thumb Is Yours?

Look at your knuckle joint and choose the picture that most closely resembles your thumb.

Thumb A

You are a faithful lover, often fall head over heels, and can be obsessive. This may cause you to neglect school or work and call your lover too often. Try to be careful with that.

Thumb B

You’re a planner and have specific ways of doing things, helping you to achieve your goals. In love, you are objective and don’t get carried away with your emotions. You don’t move too fast in pursuing a relationship which can somtimes leave you ambiguous.

Thumb C

You are trustworthy and reliable with good observations skills. In love, you tend to restrain yourself and can sometimes miss out on an opportunity.
Via :

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10 Useless Skills You’re Really Proud Of, For No Reason At All

Some skills we actually proud to show in front of others but everyone knows they are useless. Here are 10 such useless skills you are proud of

Pen spinning.

Touching your nose with your tongue.

Opening your mouth wide.

Tying your shoelaces quickly

Wiggling your ears.

Throwing a peanut in the air and catching it in your mouth

Being an expert at Candy Crush.

Memorizing multiplication tables.

Peeling an orange to make it a wrist watch orange.

Twisting thumbs.

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