The Shape Of Your Nose Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

Nose is considered to be one of the most prominent features of our face, mainly because it is protruding in nature, hence people usually notice that easily.But you will be surprised to know that the nose of a person can reveal a lot about his or her personality too. Just imagine that you can tell so much about a person just by observing his or her nose carefully.

Read on to learn more about your personality from the shape of your nose.

1. Big Nose

This shape shows that the person has power, leadership qualities, and ego and loves to work without depending on anyone else. Such people hate accepting orders from others. They always prefer completing bigger projects despite them being tougher instead of smaller ones.
nose shape personality

2. Small Nose

These people are quite creative, hence they contribute a lot in group activities. However, they are short tempered and often get frustrated. They love their work and have no problems in performing repetitive boring tasks.
personality from nose shape

3. Long Nose

Long nose means that the person in business and is ambitious and has great leadership qualities. However, their main problems also come from their strengths. nose shape and personality

4. Nubian Nose

Such people are innovative and curious. They don’t follow mainstream ideas, instead they try to look for new ways to solve problems. They can easily express their emotions and are attractive.personality by nose shape

5. Wavy Nose

These people get noticed easily because the tip of their nose has a bump and the tip is also larger. These people are quite entertaining in group activities and are normally fun loving.
personality traits by nose shape

6. Roman Nose

These people are very ambitious and are usually headstrong. They turn out to be brilliant leaders and have strong personalities. They are quite patient and are great organisers too. nose shape personality traits

7. Turned-up Nose

These people are full of energy, kind and optimistic in nature. They always support their friends and are loving and caring in nature.
dr oz nose shape personality nose shape and character

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If These Two Lines On Your Palm Meet, This Is What It Means

Palm reading, also known as Palmistry, was discovered almost thousands of years back and since then it has been continuously developed by talented individuals.

Anyone who has been interested in palmistry at some point of time will tell you that it is an amazing but difficult art to master. It has always worked 100% of the time, and our knowledge is improving gradually every year. We are discovering newer meanings of the intricate lines we find on our palms, which has no meaning to a layman.

Check out the article below to learn more about the love and marriage lines of the palm.

1. Palmistry can accurately predict your love life and marriage, along with other details of your lives.

2. Ellen Goldberg is a renowned palmist. She has been involved in palmistry for several years now.

3. She can help you understand the different lines on your palm which reveal several secrets about your future life.

4. The love line, or as many people call it the affection line, is located near the thumb. It can be used to predict the age at which you should find your perfect partner.

5. In case you are wondering about marriage, that line is located below the little finger.

6. You need to place your two hands beside each other to match both the lines.

7. Check the video below to know about this in detail.

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Meet The First Plus-Size Male Model

1. Zack Miko

It is about time that husky boys got some credit for their strong good looks! IMG Modelling Agency decided it was time they created a new division for bigger men known as the “Brawn Division”. Ivan Bart from IMG Models said that, “Brawn has a body positive message. Brawn is physical strength.”

2. Plus Size Woman

The past couple of months has seen a rise for female plus size models, especially for the Women’s Running magazine and Sports Illustrated who had plus size models on the covers. This being the first time for both publications and a big spot light win for the models Ashley Graham and Nadia Aboulhson.

3. Discovery

Miko is quite a man, being 6’6” tall and a 40inch waist, he is the icon for people of all sizes wanting to look great.

4. How things Turn Out

“Never thought I would be a model”, he also said that he never thought a career in modelling was something that could happen for him at all. But IMG has declared that they want to steer the industry to include more and be more diversive, and making a body something to be positive.

5. Changing the World of Fashion

“Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and confident and sexy,” he said. “The conversation has changed from ‘This is what beautiful is’ to ‘What is beautiful?’ I am humbled to be able to raise that question for the men’s industry.”Miko said about the evolving industry. But the great thing is that IMG is excited that the Brawn division will help all men be more interested in fashion.

6. Support

Many men seem quite into the fact that there is a new Brawn division, since many men can actually relate to Miko.

7. And the Women…

Women are also showing their support, but probably because they like the image of a real man for a change.

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All Women’s Breasts Are Beautiful But What Your Breasts’ Shape Says About Your Personality

There are so many different types of breasts in this world. And along with that there are many articles like this that try to give tips of your personality based on a body part. We all find them fun to at least look at for a bit.

Shapes 1-3

  1. The size and shape of these breasts usually fit with a quiet and reserved girl who doesn’t really like many people.
  2. Breasts of a larger size and gravitating towards the size usually means this kind of girl is a great leader who is rather independent. They are smart enough to make changes that make things better.
  3. Nice perky pairs are adventurous and free spirited. They are so bubbly they are never dull to be around.

Shapes 4-6

4. These girls tend to be dreamers who are funny. Because they are dreamers, they tell many jokes that sometimes can accidentally hurt people’s feelings.

5. Girls like this have big personalities that people like, but they need to be careful of the things they do and how people remember them.

6. If you have these types, then you are a kind hearted individual that people find reliable.

Shapes 7-9

  1. Wisdom and dignity are a huge part of your life. You are always trying to learn as much as you can, even if you end up carrying a book wherever you go.
  2. You are popular due to your unique and creative personality. This leads you on your own oath in life.
  3. These are unique girls because they have an amazing personality that people love, and you always try to surround yourself with the best of people since you are a good judge of character.

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10 Problems Only Girls With Big Bums Will Understand

Humans mostly have quite a unique shaped body compared to most other animals. Even against chimps. But most of all, unlike animals, we humans have hips and buttocks that invite sexual attraction between men and women. Some men love a nice round booty, yet a man will never understand the struggles that big booty may actually cause. So for the women who know the struggles, here is your story so that men can be educated!

1. Clothing Sizes

It is quite a fascinating thing to go shopping for clothes and never find anything that actually fits. Now a big bum and a tiny waist is possibly the worst combination for jeans since the size of your butt makes your waist too small. So clothing alterations need to be done, and let’s face it, that just costs us more money.

2. Time Spent on pulling up your pants

With a small waist and a big bum in the way of it, pulling your pants up becomes quite a struggle that takes so much time that just going to the toilet becomes a little bit embarrassing. And when you are on a date, you don’t want your date to think you are going number 2…

3. Stools

Sitting on certain surfaces ends up being rather uncomfortable, such as stools or even ledges which also creates a certain level of awareness of your clothes and the spaces occupied by your pillion.

4. Bike Rides

Also, riding on bikes or even just sitting on a couch wearing certain hippie like clothing can get very revealing considering the bodily dimensions with a large bottom.Source

5. Clothes riding up

With every action or move you make, your shorts or skirt, depending on what you are wearing rides up, even causing to wedgie yourself. This leads you from being cute to slutty faster than you realise!

6. Rebellion

Unfortunately, the dimensions of a larger behind leads your clothes trying to ‘Break Free’ from your body and rip and tear. It costs money, but as they say, you need to free your soul from all chains or binds.

7. Twerking

Nothing is more insulting than being stereotyped into being a great twerker only because of the size of your behind. Twerking is not easy, no matter what size a person is.

8. Knocking things over

It definitely proves embarrassing trying to squeeze past tight spaces a tiny person can easily move through, especially when your butt bumps glass on tables and what not down, spilling everywhere!

9. The Teasing

You may have a big beautiful hiney, but because it stands out so much, especially if you wear certain types of clothing, then your friends tend to tease you about it, and sometimes that does just get a bit too much!

10. Always the Bum

If you have a loved one, 10 to 1, they were attracted to your butt, and that is always the first place their hands go to! So just accept it.

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6 Reasons And Benefits Of Love Making During Periods You Must Know

You are probably thinking that the writer is crazy – how can someone even think of intercourse during periods? I am pretty sure that any woman reading this article will have this thought initially. Some people think that s3x during periods can be harmful to the body, while others just find it weird and gross.

There is definitely a need to change the world view about menstruation and s3x during periods. Yes, s3x during periods isn’t harmful and I am sure that your notion and view will change too once you read the top 6 benefits you can achieve by having s3x during periods.

1. Endure painful cramps

Cramps are a common phenomenon during periods, but you can reduce the pain by having s3x. During intercourse, two hormones are released into the body – oxytocin and dopamine, which can help a lot in reducing these cramps. Source

2. No lubricant necessary

When she is on periods, much lube is not necessary, and hence you don’t have to place too much effort during s3x.

3. Reduces period length

If you have s3x during periods, it will help in getting the blood out quicker which will significantly reduce the length of periods.

4. Gets you out of your comfort zone

If you have s3x during your periods that means that you are overcoming the barrier and getting out of your comfort zone, which will help you deal with all the stress during periods.

5. Brings greater intimacy

If you and your partner are comfortable having s3x even during periods, that means that there is an increased level of intimacy between you two and your relationship has reached the next level.

6. Brings higher craving for s3x

When you are on periods, your pelvic area and genitals get swollen, leading to higher craving for s3x.

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What Girls’ Hairstyle Says About Their Personality

There are many articles out there about figuring out girls, it can range from their makeup or clothes or to their profession. But here we have a simple and easy way to knowing the first steps of knowing a girl, just by the kind of hair style she has. Everyone has a specific hairstyle they have as a default that they feel most comfortable in. So read on and learn and be amazed!

1. Pixie Style

what hairstyle says about you

This style is meant to be an easy to manage style. It may be called a pixie style, but these girls don’t want to waste time on their hair so they keep it short and slap on some gel and move it around a little to make it look presentable and possibly cute and wallah! Because of the way they keep their hair, these girls come off as confident and people type of people, so they like to party. So they are tough and don’t generally worry what people think about them.


2. Long Hair

what hairstyle suits my personality what hairstyle fits my personality

Having long hair is actually very high maintenance. It may look super beautiful, but most people don’t have the time or patience. So the girls that do have extremely long hair, love their hair so much because let’s face it; it’s pretty! And they don’t want to be ugly, but at the end of the day they are fun loving and a little emotional so they tend to not be very straight forward.


3. Widow’s Peak

what girls' hairstyle says about their personality what you say about me

These girls are actually very pretty. And because they are so pretty they never seem to complain about their relationships or relationship status. The truth of the matter is that they are literally born with an arrow pointing at their faces.


4. Colorful, Rainbow Tresses

what hairstyle should i get

There are more and more girls like this these days. Their hair is creative and different and they stand out like sore thumbs. But this is only a reflection of their crazy personality of unpredictability and their energy for partying and booze cruising all night long.


5. Pigtails

what does your hair say about you what your hair color says about you

Pigtails always make a girl look extremely cute and attractive to guys. And girls know that. So obviously a girl needs a little bit of confidence to be comfortable in this doo since they are actually big flirts.


6. Intricate updos

what long hair says about a woman

Another hair style with high maintenance and a lot of effort even to just set it up into position. This does promote the image of classiness and living the lavish type of life. These girls are actually quite down to earth, but remember to not mess with the hair!


7. Side-shave

hairstyles for personalities

This is one unconventional type of hair style. These girls are free spirited and prefer to express themselves over keeping their mouths shut and following the rules of society; they are free spirited. This means they also like to party and generally have fun.


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What Does Your Hair Length Say About You

Believe it or not, your hair can reveal a lot about your personality, what kind of a person you are and so on. Our hair length can also help in that regard, since our hairstyle denotes the type of life we love to lead.

1. Growth Chart

Check from the picture below the category you belong to, based on your hair length. Source

2. Ear Length Hair

Those women who have ear length hair are normally quite intelligent and straightforward. These women don’t prefer any non-sense and always stick to the main point instead of diverting from it.

3. Chin Length Hair

You were born with creativity, hence you can always find a solution from any problem you are facing. You can also recognize other people who have similar taste in design and style and are just as creative as you are. Source

4. Neck Length Hair

Women who have neck length hair are usually very kind and caring. They are compassionate about humans as well as animals. Since they are so friendly and kind, everyone wants to be their friend. Source

5. Shoulder Length Hair

If you have shoulder length hair that means that your personality isn’t static; it’s quite versatile. At one point of time, you might be shy or depressed, while the very next instant, you might be overwhelmed with joy – it’s impossible to predict how your mood is going to change. Source

6. Armpit Length Hair

A kind and down to earth person, these women rely on logic. They always remain compassionate towards others, and never become overconfident, irrespective of the situation.

7. Waist Length hair

You always speak the truth; you are so honest that sometimes it works against you as well. In case your friends need any advice or opinion, they will always turn to you since you will always tell them the truth, no matter how harsh it may sound. Source

8. Bra Strap Length Hair

Often termed by men as being “low maintenance”, these women are always happy and their youth and enthusiasm can turn even a dull place joyful. Source

9. Hip Length Hair

These women are quite feminine, and they love to dress in the most recent trends. They won’t hesitate to spend valuable time to make themselves look gorgeous. Men often call them “difficult to manage”. Source

10. Tail Bone Length Hair

Flirting is an inbuilt characteristic in such women. Although they are quite confident and possess a strong personality, they also maintain their feminine side too. Source

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Your Ears Surprisingly Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

It is quite crazy and out there to think that people have worked out how to figure out a person based solely on their ears. So read on, and maybe you can start cold reading people using their ears.

1. Large Ears

Most people big really big ears tend to be very independent and strong to get to high places in life. This isn’t that surprising, or is it? To get through life being teased about how big your ears are means you must have a strong willed personality.

2. Small Ears

Going with the opposite of big ears, people with small ears tend to be a lot more self-conscious and sensitive if people notice their ears in particular. They end up over thinking everything instead of showing some spontaneity and believing in their gut feeling.

3. Long Earlobes

People with long earlobes tend not to be weighed down in any way because they are free spirited and they know happiness when they see it.

4. Ears lower than your eye line

People with ears lower than their eye line are very level headed people with a very relaxed and stable type of personality that keeps them out of trouble.

5. Sticking out

Ears that shat stick out mean you know how to live with and for happiness by keeping to your goals is your determination at succeeding, even with a regular job hours’ type of routine.

6. Triangle Shape

Having a beautiful and exciting type of shape to your ears means, well, you are a little insane. This can be a good thing, but you must remember to try and be happy every day.

7. Higher than your Eye line

With your ears being higher than your eye line, it Is a symbol of being closer to your brain which makes you a great intellectual and a person that is always curious about their surroundings or the world they live in.

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What Subtle Tattoo Should You Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

There are many kinds of people in the world. And star signs seem to be a way for many people to find themselves and who they are. That sort of thinking makes Star signs become a very emotional and meaningful thing in those people’s lives. So why not get a tattoo based on your sign and represent who you are in quite a meaningful way? If you need a little help figuring out what kind of tattoo you need, read on!

1. Aries – Rose on your Arm

For this sign, your personality characteristics are summarized to the need for growth and warmth and even love, which makes a rose the most fitting tattoo you can get. Because as an Aries you love new starts and engaging in people, whether its starting a new relationship or a new career, wherever you go, you spread your warmth and happiness around.Source

2. Taurus – Anchor on your wrist

The cheesiest reason for a tattoo, and something that everyone will tell you, is that you are a very grounded person and everyone likes you because you become their “Anchor”. This being said, obviously you are very well known for being level-headed and the one that takes care of your friends when they need a responsible person in their lives. Even still, you can douse flames in a tense situation which gains you a lot of respect. Source

3. Gemini – A Triangle on the ankle

The triangle has quite a significant meaning to you, since you are a multi-talented individual, you have quite a knack for seeing things in many different angles to a single type of situation, so a triangle signifies your decision making capabilities on all angles around a fact.Source

4. Cancer – Black cat on the ankle

Over all you are quite a relaxed person, you take like as it comes and with that, you are actually quite a lucky person. So a cat has nine lives but you have the luck to take on risks to try jump ahead in life with a determination, and surprisingly a laid back friendly and resilient attitude.Source

5. Leo – A crown on the wrist

A crown is a bit of an obvious one, but that makes it all the more to be proud of. After all, a Leo is king of the jungle which makes you a natural leader. And that is why people tend to be a bit intimidated by you.Source

6. Virgo – Love inscribed on the rib

Having love tattooed on our rib is symbolism for being loved by almost everyone you know, and the rib is closer to your heart as well. You go through your life being a caring person and helping others in need which makes a popular person that people love to be around!Source

7. Libra – Heart on the finger

Being a Libran means you have a certain magical type pf charm that absolutely draws people to you like a magnet and people are fans of your personality. But beyond that, Librans are romantics deep down, who dream of their lives being the grandest of love stories to retell over and over.Source

8. Scorpio – Moon on your ankle

Being a very powerful ad mentally strong person makes you quite self-sufficient with a certain type of enigma about you. People trust you because you know how to keep secrets.Source

9. Sagittarius – An Arrow on your finger

These kinds of people know themselves, know who they are, what they want to do, what they hope to achieve, their lives are planned out already by themselves and that makes you a strong willed person that doesn’t care much for what people think. You follow your heart and you fly in that direction.Source

10. Capricorn – Infinity symbol on the neck

Capricorns are driven for all kinds of achievements and the thrill on taking on something new. You know your possibilities are endless, even though you may get confused on your next path.Source

11. Aquarius – A Bow on the finger

These types of people have a much different way of thinking to the conventional people around them. This draws people to you for your opinion and different and intelligent way of looking at things. Source

12. Pisces – An “X” and an “O” on the wrists

Pisces tend to swim alone and feel incomplete or searching for someone to complete them. You love everyone, your family, friends and loved ones. You are a physical and delicate person that makes you extremely appealing to others.Source

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Traits About Zodiac Signs That May Surprise You

As time has gone on in the last couple of hundreds of years, people only seem to be getting more and more interested in their Zodiac signs and what they mean. There are hundreds of books and different interpretations. But here is an interesting list for people who are keen to simply know about Zodiac signs and their traits in a quick and easy type of guide.

1. Aries

Aries seem to tend to be quite active and ambitious and possibly know what they want. They like being great at what they do which is why career and money, even being an athlete or a leader is what drives their ambitions. Being very extroverted, they also tend to be the first to make moves in love and romance to get things going their way.Source

2. Taurus

The Taurus are quite an interesting bunch who seem to have a heightened sense of touch which makes them seek out love and affection. Being sensualists they seek a love that keeps them intellectually challenged and can match their desire for the better things in life. That being said, they tend to be in a group of friends who share similar status and social circle.Source

3. Gemini

Geminis are born under the Air sign which makes them extremely intuitive type of people who actually embrace change. The personality type they have makes them tend to switch jobs quite often because the influence of Mercury makes them sometimes get moody or chaotic when they are bored or left alone too long, so they need constant stimulation by doing different types of activities to find contentment.Source

4. Cancer

These people are very emotional beings who love to be around water or even in water to just relax and be comfortable, so visiting the beach is an ideal holiday destination for a Cancerian. Being emotional also makes it tough to get over things such as break-ups because they are natural nurturers that can’t let go of love.Source

5. Leo

Leos are of a very robust type pf personality and that brings out a lot of different things to their lives are the people around them and definitely within their job life. Being the type of people that worry too much, they might find it difficult to relax so the best way to lift their spirits is an adventurous trip of some sorts or even simply just a night out at a club.Source

6. Virgo

Virgos are born under the earth sign which makes them very easy going but yet again they can be very selective of their friends based on who is worth their time and trustworthy which goes along with their trait of being extremely practical. But be careful, Virgos don’t lose their temper easily, but don’t push their buttons too much else they will become very intimidating.Source

7. Libra

Libras have the most amazing ability to be compassionate and empathetic which helps for their trait of being able to read people’s minds. They have amazing communication skills that draw people to them as Librans are very good listeners and make almost anyone feel better. Being smart and passion, they also love a good debate and they get very competitive to win as well.Source

8. Scorpio

A strange and mysterious sign belonging to a water sign, they see life as only black or white which makes them really crave something or someone or just not care about it at all. They have a strange sense of humor which is mostly dark and prone to sarcasm.Source

9. Sagittarius

These seem to be very free spirited beings who love to travel since they are very broad-minded and philosophical ideas to life motivates them as they search for their own meaning in life. This happy-go-lucky type of person can make many promises and things they want to do, but they do not always deliver. And more than that, they can get very impatient very quickly and turn quite rude without warning. Source

10. Capricorn

Capricorns are a nice breed, who love to live life and tackle problems with conventional ways. They have values in maturity and stability, and of course, calmness. They do not trust people easily, but they’re definitely one of the most loyal of the signs.Source

11. Aquarius

These are extremely deep thinkers which make them question everything, and in turn become very rebellious to find the truth or their own way for anything. They tend to be spiritual leaders or aeronautics as a career path and be good at it.Source

12. Pisces

These are an interesting type of people as well, they don’t like to face many things, choosing to rather ‘Escape’ the things that they are confronted with and just not fix the problems. And yet, very strangely indeed, they are attracted to people in need of helpSource

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Charts That Explain What It’s Like To Date Every Zodiac Sign

#1 Your time while dating on Aries

#2 Your time while dating on Taurus

#3 Your time while dating on Gemini

#4 Your time while dating on Cancer

#5 Your time while dating on Leo

#6 Your time while dating on Virgo

#7 Your time while dating on Libra

#8 Your time while dating on Scorpio

#9 Your time while dating on Sagittarius

#10 Your time while dating on Capricon

#11 Your time while dating on Aquarius

#12 Your time while dating on Pisces

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This Is What Your Fingernails Tell About Your Personality

Our personality represents who we are. People know us by your personality, which constitutes out thinking processes, manner, behavior and nature. People become friends with us because they love our personality.

Our personality depends on a lot of factors. One thing that most people are unaware of is the fact that our fingernails too play a vital role in determining our personality. This might sound weird, but it completely true.

So check out the article below which explains in details about the various fingernail shapes and patterns and which personality each of them represents.

1. Flat And Wide

These people have a clear goal in mind. They trust their instincts and follow them. They are quite creative and are well known for their excellent problem solving skills.

2. Square And Regular

If you have such fingernails, then you are a very sensible person. You are sincere, loyal and complete your responsibilities. You are extremely reliable and that’s why people trust you. They are often to become leaders. And they also know how to make parties awesome.

3. Small And Curved

These guys are creative and they love to make others laugh. They are hilarious and they are great at talking with people. Apart from that, they are also loyal, but have been known to be a bit stubborn at times.

4. Uneven And Small

This pattern denotes intelligence. These people are usually smart, energetic and love to interact with others. However, they are sort of introverts in the sense that they don’t express all of their emotions to others.

5. Triangle-Shaped Nail

People who have fingernails in the shape of a triangle are known to be brave. They have a strong will and they are honest and smart. They work according to your own plans. Since they are excellent planners, any work they performs will produce a perfect result at the end.

6. Rectangular And Elongated

They are extremely lively and cheerful people. They are social and love making new friends. They are quite careful and make every decision in their lives with extreme precision.

7. Long And Oval

This fingernail pattern indicates creativity. People with such fingernails have brilliant imaginations and are always happy. They can be excellent artists too.

8. Exclusive Cuticle Line

If you belong to this category, then you are a unique person. Your choices differ vastly from ordinary people. You are a social person and you like to be happy and cheerful all the time. They have nothing in common too.

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11 Completely Romantic Ways to Ask Your Crush Out This Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is considered to be a special day for all couples as well as single people who are looking to get into a relationship. This is also considered to be one of the best days for people to ask their crushes out. But the traditional methods rarely work nowadays; if you are serious about someone, you need to up your game. You need to start thinking out of the box if you want your crush to understand how much you love him or her. Check these top 11 creative ways to ask your crush out this Valentine’s Day, and hopefully, you will soon find yourself in a relationship!

1. It’s impossible to say no to this

If someone uses this method, he or she will be considered a creative genius.

2. No one can ignore a pizza

Pizza is one of the best ways to convey your feelings, cause after all, who can ignore this cheesy pizza!

3. Sometimes, geeky solutions can work wonders

Who thought a book could prove to be so useful in a relationship?

4. Nature is always there to help you

Take advantage of nature’s beauty whenever possible.

5. Convey your romantic messages through food

Everyone knows romance and food go hand in hand.

6. Use puzzles to convey your message

If your crush prefers geeky methods, definitely give this method a try.

7. Doughnuts are the ultimate attraction

This is your best shot if you know your crush loves donuts like crazy.

8. Take advantage of various festivals

Carving a message on a pumpkin might seem like a Herculean task, but once done, it will be worth that effort.

9. A quiz might do the trick

Easy quizzes are not boring, in fact they are actually quite fun to work with.

10. Write down your romantic message

Write it down somewhere so that your crush can easily see it.

11. Use a coffee cup judiciously

If your crush loves coffee, this is probably your best chance.

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What Does Your Mole Say About Your Personality?

Most people don’t know this but your mole location can reveal a lot about your personality. And it has proven to be quite accurate as well. Check out what the location of your mole reveals about you.

1. Forehead

If you have a mole on your forehead, that means that you are a brilliant negotiator, as a result, you can easily get whatever you want from others.

2. Above the eyebrow

If the location of the mole is on your forehead but above the eyebrow, that means you are an ambitious person. You will have a great career since you are extremely productive.

3. Middle of one eyebrow

If you have a mole near the middle of one of the eyebrows, that means you are an extremely fortunate person. Start working hard from now on since you are going to receive a fortune from your hard work pretty soon.

4. Nose

If the mole is located on the nose, then you will be well settled financially. You will earn a lot of money and your investments will all work perfectly, bringing you a lot of cash.

5. Between the nose and cheek

If your mole is located between the nose and cheek, this also indicates that you will gain a lot of financial success. Start investing cause that will give you great results.

6. At the nose tip

This mole location indicates that you will have a successful career and you will never fall short of money. Even if you get into a debt, you can repay it back quickly.

7. Nostril

You will gain a lot of money soon, and will probably win the lottery or some other big prize money soon.

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This Is What Your Blood Group Reveal About Your Personality

Most people don’t know that blood groups are not only useful during blood transfusion; they can also reveal a lot about one’s personality. Based on blood group, it can be determined if a person is selfish or kind, ambitious or lazy among other aspects. Let’s take a look at the individual personality traits based on the blood groups in detail.

1. Blood group A+

These people are extremely patient, cautious and tend to be perfectionists. They are good planners and often have several plans in mind for any particular task so that they are ready if one of their plans fails. Their presence of mind allows them to tackle even difficult situations with ease. As a result, they are often excellent as leaders.

2. Blood group A-

These people tend to be shy; they are mostly introverts and don’t share their emotions with others. They prefer working in isolation, and as a result, they can be extremely hardworking, since they don’t have to face any distraction.

3. Blood group B+

People belonging to this blood group are probably the most caring and kindest people in the world. They believe in sharing and won’t hesitate to help others in times of need. As a result, everyone loves them, and they can easily interact with others and become friends. In certain situations, they won’t often think twice before making a sacrifice for their close ones.

4. Blood group B-

People belonging to this blood group tend to be the complete opposite of the B+ group people. They derive pleasure from others’ losses and tend to be sadistic in nature. They are non-flexible and want everything to happen the way they want. They are also quite selfish and easily get jealous of others’ successes.

5. Blood group O+

People belonging to this blood group are quite similar to the B+ group people. However, they rarely become leaders and are mostly followers of others. They are generous and are caring as well. Due to their nature to lend a helping hand to everyone whenever required, they are said to be born to help others.

6. Blood group O-

These people are narrow-minded. They don’t want others to succeed and are extremely jealous. As a result, very few people like them. Most of them are extremely fit physically, and that’s why they often become sportsmen.

7. Blood group AB+

These people are narrow-minded. They don’t want others to succeed and are extremely jealous. As a result, very few people like them. Most of them are extremely fit physically, and that’s why they often become sportsmen.

8. Blood group AB-

These people are the most intelligent among all blood groups. They are known to be brilliant in any field of science. They are quite trustworthy too. Due to their intelligence and smartness, they are quite successful in life and often become scientists or engineers in top companies.

Image Source : zazzle

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What Kind Of Woman Are You According To The Month In Which You Are Born

Most people believe that human beings cannot change their personalities permanently ever, they are born with it. They are not wrong, and the personality depends a lot on the moth you are born in. And this has been proven to be correct in numerous occasions.

Check the article to know more about your personality based on your birth month.



Ladies born in this month are known to be quite ambitious, but they are shy as well. They are quite patient and hardly get angry but they are poor at showing their emotions. Hence, they often don’t have too many friends. They will only become close with those people whom they believe are at the same level as they are.



These people are extremely romantic. They are willing to do anything for their partners. However, they also expect the same feelings from their partners. Also, they often change their minds and are never firm in their decisions. It can be quite difficult understanding them.


These women are loyal to their partners. But its very difficult to get into a relationship with them. Also, they can be dangerous when they are not in the right mood. When they are upset, they don’t have any control over themselves and are willing to destroy anything in their sight.


True diplomats, these women are usually great at socializing. They are filled with jealousy, so you need to be careful around them. However, if she begins to trust her partner, he will be one of the luckiest men in the world. They are usually shy, but show their emotions to the ones they trust.


They are extremely disciplined and always abide by their principles. However, it is extremely difficult to understand them, and they never forget the men they love. So even after the break up, they will always remember you.


Curiosity is an intrinsic characteristic of these girls. They are also creative and are quite social. But sometimes they speak too much, thus hurting others. However, they believe that one should always tell someone the truth rather than lying.


They are quite shy as well as mysterious and you won’t get to know a lot about them. They are quite honest and don’t prefer bragging despite being quite intelligent and beautiful. They hate fights, hence they are always polite. However, if her partner cheats on her, then he will never be able to regain her trust ever again.


They have a great ego, but are also quite romantic. Keep in mind a word of advice when dealing with them – never mess with them, since you will lose eventually. They have an excellent sense of humor. However, they don’t prefer someone mocking them. If someone does mock them, then they will definitely fight back. Also because of their glamor, they are always among the most popular ones and are always getting men’s attention.


They are kind and disciplined. They are quite attractive too. But never ever betray them, because they will never forgive them. They might even look for revenge. They are into long term relationships. They are not really into one night stands or short term relations. On the positive side, they will do anything for their partners.


These women love to be independent. They are well educated and don’t prefer to live on others’ terms. But they are weak emotionally. But they are quite smart too, so they control their emotions.Since they are so strong, they often have to face jealousy from other women.


Anyone born in this month is extremely well educated. They know how people acts and can easily recognize any lies. Also, one should never mess with them, because they can see that coming a long time ago, and ultimately those people are the ones getting hurt, not them.


They are quite lucky but often impatient. Thanks to their fortunes, they can find their way out even in tricky situations. They are very good at socializing too. They often make great friends. Also, due to their luck, even if someone tries to hurt them, they are the ones who ultimately get hurt.


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These Village Girls In China Can Beat Even The Vict0ria’s Secret M0dels

What do you picture when someone tells you to imagine a ‘village girl?’ Depending on the place or country from where you hail, we’d all have a variety of different imaginations, with the spectrum being far too wide.

But whatever it be, if there’s one thing that can be said with surety, it’s that the following pictures of village girls from China aren’t going to be anything you’d expect. But then again, if you start expecting the unexpected, it would mean that it is exactly what you expected.

Anyway, instead of getting into this paradox for no apparent reason, how about you just scroll down and check out what we have for you!

1. Are those chillies meant to symbolize the ‘hotness?’

2. She’s so hot, the water behind her could very well turn to steam!

3. I don’t know about dragons, but China is a land of beautiful women!

4. See? What’d I tell you just now?

5. Don’t think anyone’s going to disagree after seeing this picture!

6. You didn’t expect this, did you?

7. Well, who could?

Let’s just thank the internet!

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10 Tricks To Get Your Food Faster At Starbucks

Starbucks is one of the biggest coffee company and coffeehouse chains in America. Their customer service is top notch too. But obviously customers have to wait for some time before they receive their food. However, very few people know that there are certain tricks which can help you in getting your food at Starbucks faster. Take a look at these tricks below.

1 .First Order Your Food

This tip seems obvious, but you will be surprised to know that many people tend to order their food after a long time. So order your food first, since they will start preparing your food earlier and thus you will receive your food much faster.

2. Tell Them If You Want An Iced Drink While Ordering

Clearly specify if you want an iced drink or not when you are ordering. If you don’t, they will already provide you with normal coffee, and then if you tell them that you wanted iced drinks, its going to take a lot longer to bring your order.

Source3. Tell Them Which Drink Size You Need At The Beginning

Always remember this trick – clearly tell them which drink size you want when you are ordering. In fact, this should be the first thing you say, since it will make their jobs easier and you will receive your food faster. Also, tell them the drink specifications properly, e.g. “venti caramel macchiato with two extra pumps” can be understood better than “caramel macchiato with two extra pumps that’s a venti”. In this way, you only need to tell your order once, saving you precious time.


4. Stick to Coffee Or Tea If You Are In A Hurry

In case you are in a rush and have to quickly get your morning drink, order either plain coffee or tea. Tyler, a barista from New York City Starbucks, reported that its much faster for him to get a cup of coffee or tea than any other drink; the reason being that he can grab the drink while you are paying. Don’t try to order something extravagant such as latte, since preparing it is going to take some time.


5. Extras Should Be Named Before Main Drink

This one is an extremely important tip; always state the extras before you name your actual drink. For example, if you want a latte with soy milk and an extra shot, it is much better to say it as grande hot soy milk extra shot latte. Charlotte, a barista, posted in Instagram why this works better. Basically, if you state the extras later, the barista won’t know the specifications of the drink so he will have to wait till you state your complete order before he can start preparing. If the extras are told earlier, he can anticipate what your order will be, bringing your food faster.


6. State Your Order Slowly If You Need Multiple Drinks

Often, it is found that even though some customers have huge orders, they will state their orders so fast that the baristas can’t even understand and they have to repeat again. The best way is to inform your barista first that you will have multiple orders and then state each drink slowly.


7. Don’t order a “regular”

Never ever order a “regular” drink, since it isn’t necessary that both you and the barista call the same size regular. Next time, clearly state the size (tall, grande, venti).


8. State At The Beginning If Your Food Has To Be Warmed

Unless You Are Ordering A Sandwich, normally your food won’t be warmed until you request so. Hence, in case you want the food warmed, specify that at the beginning of your order.


9. Reload Your Money In The Mobile App Before Your Arrive At Starbucks

This is extremely important, never ever wait till you are at the register to reload your money. According to a barista, this causes the baristas to once again start the transaction from the beginning, thus causing you and the others behind you a lot of delay.


10. Tell The Barista How To Spell Your Name

In case your name is a bit complicated to spell, tell the barista how to spell it. This will avoid a lot of confusion later. Also, many people get upset that their names have been spelled wrong, so this can be avoided if they told the baristas how to spell it in the first place.


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Typical Female Problems That Men Can Never Understand.

Every woman in this world has certain secrets. And they don’t reveal these secrets even to their partners or husbands. Some of these secrets are scary, some might sound funny and some of them are simply awkward.

A woman might truly love someone from her heart, but she won’t tell him these secrets, regardless of whether he is involved in them or not. Take a look at some of these secrets, and you will probably find that some of them correctly suit your woman.


You end up with raccoon face because you’re a perfectionist!

Think you’re sleeping beauty with gorgeous locks…NOT!

Because there’s no need to groom if a man isn’t looking at your body! IT’S POINTLESS!

“But, why does the Youtube girls not look like she climbed out of a tree?”

Why those mirrors are much more forgiving than a camera?!?

Half of your close still have tags on them…but it’s not meant for TONIGHT!

There is no part of you that wants to stick with celery and juice…


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