Here’s What You Are Addicted To, According To Your Zodiac Sign

All the zodiac signs have something to say about you. Here we can look into what you are addicted to, according to your zodiac sign. Check if these observations are correct as per you and others you know.

Here’s What You Are Addicted To, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Aries – Coffee

Aries – Coffee Here's What You Are Addicted To, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Coffee Keep us always alive. For Aries they need to be active for the whole day, Coffee keeps them Alive. Coffee gives them energy levels. An Aries will drink as much coffee as much you offer. It doesn’t matter for them to care about their health. Coffee is so important to Aries.

Taurus – Food

Taurus – Food Check What You Are Addicted To From Your Zodiac Sign

Taurens, We will find many peoples like this they are everywhere. They are around us. They really know how to enjoy fast food. Taurens always get their company. It doesn’t matter if you are on a date or with friends they are always attached to food.Whether it’s a celebration or a bad time, you will find a Taureans eating food on both occasions.

Gemini – Cigarettes

Gemini – Cigarettes Here's What You Are Addicted To, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Smokers in our list are Geminis, They love to smoke. A person who never miss smoking breaks and looks forward. Whenever they get in trouble they like to smoke.

Cancer – Painkillers

Cancer – Painkillers Here's What You Are Addicted To, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Cancerians look something which can reduce their pain, maybe it is medicine or feels free after crying. Every time Cancerians will be having Painkiller with them.

Leo – Shopping

Leo – Shopping Here's What You Are Addicted To, According To Your Zodiac Sign

They want things which make them perfect and better than others. Most of the girls spend every penny on shopping. They love shopping so much. They like to spend everything on themselves.

Virgo – Toxic relationships

Virgo – Toxic relationships Here's What You Are Addicted To, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Virgos do whatever they want they go out of their limit as well. They help or love a person like mad but they don’t get the same feeling from another person. They can even hurt the person very badly.

Libra –  Social media

Libra - Social media Here's What You Are Addicted To, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Social media is the addiction to Libras. They check their phone many times, change DPs of their accounts. The Internet is the main addiction to Libras.

Scorpio – Sex

Scorpio – Porn/Sex Here's What You Are Addicted To, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Scorpio’s have better sexual power. They take sex quite serious. More interested in sex.

Sagittarius – Gambling

Sagittarius – Gambling Here's What You Are Addicted To, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Sagittarians believe in YOLO and therefore they love to hustle a lot. Sagittarians have immense confidence in themselves through which they always try to intimidate others. At everywhere like at Party, you would like to see them betting their entire amount on a single game. Victory encourages them a lot and after that, they start taking the risk.

 Capricorn – Work

Capricorn – Work Here's What You Are Addicted To, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Capricorn people are famous. They are hard workers. For them, work defines their existence. They get addicted to only their work so easily that they forget about themselves and they just want to work for the world.

Aquarius – Video Games/Books

Aquarius – Video Games/Books Here's What You Are Addicted To, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Aquarians love to get lost in fantasy. Because of that, you will see them getting lost in a book or in a game. They are all time gamers. Games are important for them nothing is more important for them they just want to play games and enjoy life.

Pisces – Alcohol

Pisces – Alcohol Here's What You Are Addicted To, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Pisceans like alcohol, Never worried about their life and they just want to drink and whatever bothering them it’s only worries and sorrow so they might end up having to consider contacting Pacific Ridge to beat help them beat their drinking addiction. They look at alcohol as the solutions to every problem. And before they consume the alcohol, alcohol consumes them.


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13 Existing Women That Will Give You Awkward Feelings

Well, the present era has seen a lot of evolution, evolution in species of plants and animals and above all evolution in the human beings as well. What is actually meant is some people are there who are quite unique in their appearances. That is why they are famous all over the world. Let us have a quick glance at the strange yet unique appearances of the top 13 women all over the globe.

1. Valeria Lukyanova – She looks like a Barbie doll.

2. Meet Jyoti Amge –World’s tiniest woman with the height of 2ft. 0.6 inches.

3. She’s Tila Tequila. Her assets don’t look out of place.

4. Mayra Hills- The woman with the biggest boobs weighing 40 pounds.

5. Abigail and Brittany Hensel – Conjoined sisters sharing only the lower half of their body.

6. Charity Pierce – World’s fattest woman in the world.

7. Mikel Ruffinelli – Woman with the biggest hips in the world.

8. Julia Gnuse – The woman with the most tattoos.

9. Cathie Jung – She holds the smallest waist in the world.

10. Woman with the longest dreadlocks – Asha Mandela.

11. Three-breasted woman – Alisha Hessler.

12. Kristina Rei, who wanted to have lips like her favourite cartoon Jessica Rabbit but sadly Botox went wrong.

13. This female bodybuilder actually has earthquake arms!

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Count Your Bracelet Lines On the Wrist. Do You Know What It Actually Means?

Look at your wrist; you should find there are certain curved or horizontal lines, which divide the palm from the remaining part of the arm. These lines are known as bracelet lines, which, rather surprisingly, can be used to predict a lot about a person’s health and financial condition.

Read on to know more.

1. Line 1

Most people usually have two or three bracelet lines, but the most important one is the first line. It is an indicator of how the person fares in his life in terms of health and social activity.

2. Line 2

If you find that the second line doesn’t have any gaps and is completely straight, it means that you will lead a happy life in future, and more wealth will come your way in the future.

3. Line 3

If the third line doesn’t have any gaps, that mean you will become an influential person if future, and people will remember you for a long time for your work even after your death.

4. Line 4

This line is not so significant as the others, and it strengthens the effect of the third line.

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Terrible Differences Between Reality And Expectation In Daily Life

Each and every guy in this world has a countless number of expectations in his mind –we want to get rich as fast as possible, live in huge mansions, own luxurious cars and on top of that date the sexiest and cutest girl. However, reality is quite different than expectations.

However, looks can be deceiving at times, so don’t just date a girl based on her looks alone. The reality is far more different than you can imagine. Here, the article shows some of the top things you need to be aware of while dating a girl.

1. Trying to make a bubble gum.

2. Only works in movies

The reality is different than movies.

3. Playing video games

Most girls nowadays aren’t interested in playing video games. That being said, some girls do play video games and are surprisingly quite good as well.

4. Trying to wear nail polish

Ask your girlfriend next time about nail polishes and you will understand what it feels like!

5. Wearing sunglasses

You have to admit that girls always look cute when they wear sunglasses.

6. When drunk

Well, you can’t expect everyone to be Angelina Jolie.

7. When girls have sleepovers

Yeah, girls can be nerds too at times.

8. Long hair

One expects dating a girl with long hair is probably the best experience ever, but the reality is quite different.

9. When she is laughing

And this is the main reason why you shouldn’t just date a girl based on her smile on Facebook!

10. Sleeping

It’s difficult to accept this harsh reality but there is no other option.

11. Pouting

This is an art, and everyone can’t do it.

12. Girls while partying

You probably won’t be attending a party anytime soon after this nightmare.

13. Fashion with sprinkles

Sprinkles won’t work for everyone.

14. Coloring your hair

It really isn’t as easy as is shown on the television.

Don’t forget to share this article and comment about what you think.

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15 Pictures That Prove Bikinis Are Not Good For Plus-Size Women.

We often find plus sized women wearing bikinis on the beach. But should they really wear bikinis, or do they even have the finesse to pull that off. Check out the article below to know more.

1.“Plus size women don’t look nice when they wear bikinis.”Most bullshit thing ever said.

2. “Its best if they don’t wear bikinis.” This lady definitelyproves them wrong.

3. “I don’t want to look at them when I am on the beach.” Well in that case that is your problem, not anyone else’s.

4. “They are unattractive.” Yet they don’t have any results to back their claim.

5. “They are not yet ready for the beach.” This beauty shows that she is perfectly ready.

6. “How can someone find them sexy?” My question is how can someone not?

7. “Bikinis are not really made for plus size girls”. Well that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

8.“So much skin out makes others uncomfortable around them.” You need to find a better reason than that.

9. “Wearing a bikini when you are overweight is courageous.” Its not courageous, its called normal.

10. “I wouldn’t even dare to touch a bikini if I was overweight.” Keep your worthless opinions to yourself.

11. “I don’t find any reason for bigger girls wear bikinis.” How about the fact that they look wonderful in them.

12. “Are bikinis even available in that size?” Do some research before asking such stupid questions.

13. “If I were a big girl, I would wear one piece swimsuits.”Well you don’t control their lives.

14. “Men don’t prefer such bodies.” Yes, they do.

15. “ I think that one should dress according to their size.” I believe one should dress the way she wants to.

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This Is What Your Chinese Zodiac Sign Says About You…

Even Chinese zodiac signs can reveal a lot about you. Read on to know more.

13. Chinese Zodiac Signs

You will find two types of people in this world – ones who believe in astrology and others who don’t. If you fall in the former category, you should know that Chinese zodiac signs can reliably predict your personality even though you were not born in China.
The following chart should tell you which category you belong to. As an example, according to this chart, someone born in 1994 belongs to the zodiac sign Dog. Here, the zodiac signs come from the names of animals such as snakes, ox, dogs, dragons etc.


12. Rat

People who belong to the zodiac sign Rat are usually charming, compassionate and are great at social functions. They are also quite powerful and are great at business. However, they can also be short-tempered and often get furious at simple mistakes.
Rats can understand anything quickly and have excellent imaginations and intellectual abilities. These people are able to grasp opportunities which most people will miss. Although these people are opportunists, they are too committed to fault. However, they take their relationships very seriously.


11. Ox

People belonging to Ox, are able to handle any kind of tough situations with ease, hence they are often called as “strong as an ox”. They know the proper procedure to perform their duties which also earns them a huge respect at their workplace and among their friends.
However, this can also be a disadvantage, since they are very demanding people. They only try to meet their own needs, and hardly care about others.


10. Tiger

People belonging to the zodiac sign Tiger, are very emotional which makes them excellent lovers. On one side they can be quite competitive, while on the other side, they require love. As a result, their relationships are always flourishing, and never get stale. They give their 100% effort in a relationship and expect that their partners will do the same. They are also very confident.


9. Rabbit

These people are quite kind, pleasant and interact with others politely. They don’t want to get involved in controversies or fights. They believe that relationships are very important.
However, they are also easily distracted, when they are looking for fun. They are mainly conservative in nature.


8. The Dragon

Everyone is aware of how dragons behave. They are always filled with energy and have a special aura around them. They are also very intelligent and are extremely talented in their line of work.
They thrive under pressure and enjoy working under challenging conditions, which also makes them short-tempered and loud at times since they don’t want to be bound by rules.


7. Snake

The next zodiac sign is the snake. They are very creative, practical and are excellent thinkers. They are very wise and are very methodological in their line of work which allows them to reach their goals without others even realizing it.
They are romantic as well, and have a charming personality, but often get jealous of others.


6. Horse

People with the zodiac sign Horse can work extremely hard at work, making them worthy of the phrase “works like a horse”. They are not afraid to take on any responsibility and will work really hard to complete their duties successfully.
However, they prefer working alone and can’t work well with a team, since they tend to egoistic.


5. Ram

People with this zodiac sign are everyone’s favorites; they love various forms of art such as dancing, singing, painting etc. and their personality is rather charming.
However, they are pessimistic in nature, and they won’t hesitate to complain if they are feeling dis-comfortable.


4. Monkey

People belonging to this zodiac sign are quite clever and have a charming personality. They can also turn any situation into a humorous one if needed.
However, people have a tough time believing them, mainly because they are never serious and are always making jokes. They can also be quite restless.


3. Rooster

They are very well versed in work and industry and can easily explain to others their opinions. They are attention seekers and are easily able to gain other people’s attention.
However, their living standards are above average, but still, they have lots of good friends.


2. Dog

Dogs are known to be loyal and faithful. similarly, these people too are honest and loyal in any relationship. Irrespective of their career choice or hobbies, they will put 100% effort into anything that they are interested in.
They are excellent friends since they are honest and can be trusted easily. But they don’t forgive when their partners make mistakes in a relationship since they often hold grudges until they have been appeased. As a relationship, they are not so successful in long term relationships.


1. Pigs

We finally have the pigs. People belonging to this zodiac sign can become excellent companions, mainly because they are patient, tolerant, honest, kind and also mentally strong, allowing them to tackle even difficult situations properly.
They also have an excellent sense of humour, but many people misunderstand them. One of their main disadvantages is that they get furious if others don’t offer the same kindness that they are offering.

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Science Says: This Is The Ideal Body Of A Woman

#1 What’s Perfection?

The age old question of what is the “perfect” body shape has finally been answered, all thanks to science.

#2 Fashions Rule

Fashion has long pushed the idea that being stick thin is the most desirable body type for a woman to have, but luckily celebrities and media figures have shown that’s not true.

#3 Busty Beauty

In fact, a study done at the University of Texas shows that the ideal woman who is 1.68m tall should have 99-63-91 measurements.

#4 Ultimate Attractiveness

Scientists say someone who’s considered “plump” has the ideal body when it comes to fertility and attractiveness. Nowadays, men connect a full figure to health and youth.

5. Video



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Remember ‘The Human Barbie’? Well, You Should See Her Now

1. Valeria Lukyanova

1. Valeria Lukyanova, better known as the “human Barbie” became a huge Internet sensation a few years ago. People couldn’t believe how she changed so much after her pictures were shared on the Internet, because she looked exactly like a real life version of the Barbie doll.

It was a massive transformation, and people claimed that this was impossible without surgery. Valeria denied, and said that her workouts and strict “breatharianism” diethelped her achieve this look. In case you are wondering what “breatharianism” diet, it proclaims that food isn’t essential for survival.

2. No longer wants to remain the “human barbie”

2.Fortunately, Valeria now no longer wants to remain the “human barbie” and has made several changes in her life to transform from Barbie to Amazonian. Check out in the next page her current transformation.

3. 30 years old Now

The Human Barbie has become an internet sensation cause she looked exactly like a Barbie doll. However, Valeria Lukyanova, now 30 years old, realized that she wants something more from her life, and decided to change. So he moved to a new diet and started a new workout routine. Looking at her recent pictures, it is easy to understand that she can’t be called “Human Barbie” anymore.

4. Passionate about singing

Valeria is also passionate about singing and will be releasing an album soon in collaboration with DJ Sender from Ukraine. Her song will be in “ancient and forgotten languages” over an 80’s synth beat. Valeria also said that she almost moves into a trance while singing – she hopes that her songs will help people feel more relaxed and rediscover themselves in a new way.

She said, “I believe this malarkey of ancient languages could actually open a new chapter in the world of singing. I think everyone would want to dance to some Latin proverbs.”
This isn’t the end though. A woman has discovered a doppelganger of Bambi, check her out on the next page.



Many people don’t have the money or the time to go to Disneyland to watch princes and princesses in real life, so for those, watching this video of Bambi in real life is a must.
Keep in mind this isn’t Disneyland, and we have to admit that Bambi’s lookalike loves animals. If Valeria once again becomes the human Barbie, I am sure that Disney will surely contact her. Don’t you think she kinda looks similar to Elsa from Frozen?


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13 Totally Obvious Differences Between Men And Women

Differences Between Men And Women


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Which Style of Private Hair Do Guys Prefer?

#1 So Many Options

How’s a girl supposed to choose?


#2 Men Care More Than Women

That’s not surprising. A hairy woman is worse than a hairy man. But what style is preferred?


#3 Close Call

38% of guys prefer a woman who has a little bit of hair, which includes the Brazilian strip and classic bikini wax.

#4 Do Men Feel Pressured

Only 20% of guys don’t give a sh*t about grooming.


#5 A Bone Killer

Only 9% of men are complete idiots.


#6 What Women Think of Men

Over half of women don’t even care about men’s pubes. Seems a little unfair, but whatever.


#7 What Women Really Do

Half of the women were usually hair-free. While 46% did SOMETHING to their down there hair. And 4% went completely natural.


#8 Going 0ral

The style of hair is more important if a guy is going down on a girl.


#9 And Now You Know….


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Man’s Preference About Woman’s Breast Size Says A Lot About His Personality!

You would be surprised to know how much you can get to know about a person’s personality from awkward stuff. The latest one is a man’s preference about a woman’s breast size. The breast size that a man prefers can reveal a lot about his desires, his passions and how he treats others. Read on to know more.

1. Hungry men prefer big breasts!

This might sound awkward, but men link big breasts with “food security”. Men think that bigger breasts show that the woman is from a rich and wealthy family. This happened due to the effect hunger and poverty had over British men, hence men consider women with big breasts to be a better partner.

2. Sexist men prefer big cups!

According to a study conducted by the Journal Archives of Social Behaviour, where around 300 men aged 18-68 participated, men chose 3-D models over bigger breasts over the smaller ones. It was also seen that those who were sexists particularly chose the bigger cups.

3. Men looking for a malleable partner go for small breasts!

Men who are looking for submissive women want smaller breasts, since women who have smaller cups are less competitive that ones with bigger breasts.

4. Men who are independent prefer large breasts!

According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, men who are independent go for bigger breasts.

5. Men who are financially stable go for smaller cups!

This matches with the first point, since men who have no worried about money and have a bigger pocket don’t need “fat reserves”.

6. Men who aren’t ready to become fathers prefer smaller ones!

Men who are ready to become fathers prefer larger breasts indicating that they can handle and nurture a child with ease, while men who don’t want to become fathers any time soon, prefer smaller breasts along with larger waist to hip ratio.

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32 People Who Will Probably Make You Feel Smart

What’s the simplest thing YOU have ever had to explain to someone ?

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You’ve Been Wiping Your Butt Wrong All Along. Change The Habit Before It’s Too Late, Here’s How!


Let me ask you a simple question – do you know how to wipe your butt? You probably think that this is a very silly question since that was one of the first things that you learned as a kid. But answer me something – if you know how to do it, why do skid marks occur frequently? Also, I would just like to inform that any reader thinks that it’s taboo to speak about such things, you probably shouldn’t read the rest of the article.
Hygiene is critical to maintaining proper health. This also includes cleaning the anus, and it is rather unfortunate to see that many people are doing it wrong. When it is not done properly, you might feel discomfort or irritation due to the accumulation of fecal matter in the anus, which can lead to serious diseases and odor problems.

2. Instructions

Remember to wipe from front to back always gently. Wiping in the reverse direction can cause fecal matter to get in contact with the genital area, leading to infection. Also, be gentle so as to prevent hurting yourself.
Please note that you should wipe till the entire fecal matter is gone. The best way is to wipe most of the feces using regular toilet paper initially, and then use special wet pipes to finish the cleaning process. Baby wipes can be a good substitute. For people who have sensitive skin, ensure that the wet wipes aren’t scented. Otherwise, they might cause unnecessary irritation. The above instructions should provide a complete cleansing process, reducing all sorts of discomfort and irritation.


Baby wipes or wet wipes can be used to complete the final cleaning process.
The reason why most people don’t know how to wipe their butts the correct way is that they use lots of wadded paper.
Consider an example. Suppose you have a chocolate pudding, and accidentally you drop off a chunk of it onto your white table top. What do you think is the best way to wipe it off? Will you use dry toilet paper?
The most efficient way would use a wet cloth, which can also help in disinfection.


Have you ever wondered why toilet paper isn’t used for babies? That’s because they can’t do the job. Baby wipes are the only option. Otherwise, you will end up with a rashed baby and no adult wants that.
But suddenly after we have been potty-trained, we start using toilet paper. Rather surprising, isn’t it?
Baby wipes are paper towels soaked in baby oil and witch hazel and are much more useful than toilet papers.


Still most adults don’t use them. Cleaning with baby wipes provides a much more comfortable experience than toilet paper. In case someone thinks they are same, they definitely haven’t tried them.
Wiping your butt is an important issue; so don’t neglect it, and go out to buy a pack of baby wipes. Trust me, you won’t go back to toilet paper ever again.

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What Sin Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There is no human being on Earth who has not sinned. We are not supposed to do so, but doing so is often fun and gives pleasure. Some sins are barely noticeable, while there are others which can affect a person’s life severely. Some people commit sins every day, and these gradually define that person’s personality. Astrology can reveal a lot of information about us, including our dark sides and the sins we are most likely to commit. Take a look at them below.

Let us know which sin you like the most!

1. Pisces

Sloth. You are slow, and you are a day dreamer. You are a sluggish person, and since you work at such a slow pace, you make others frustrated.

2. Aquarius

Being a false prophet. You have this opinion that God has sent you to this earth for some special purpose. You are ahead of everyone else, and you think people show become more like you. However, you are a nobody, and nobody cares about you.

3. Capricorn

Greed. You always want to be one step ahead of your competitors.Your lust for money makes you greedier than everyone, yet you have more money than most of your colleagues. You enjoy showing off which is a sin.

4. Sagittarius

Adultery. You are always flirting, hence finding partners is easy for you. You enjoy sex, but you cannot commit to a particular person. Hence, your relationships don’t last long, and finding true love is difficult for you.

5. Scorpio

Lust. Being the most passionate among all zodiac signs, you enjoy intimacy. Since you have a charming personality, you have no problem in finding partners. This lust is sinful since you have difficulty in finding true love.

6. Libra

Vanity. Venus is the ruler of Libra and is the goddess of beauty. Your beauty comes before everything else. The mirror is your favorite object and the first thing that you do in the morning is look in the mirror. You are so obsessed with your personal beauty that it becomes a sin.

7. Virgo

Envy. You are always jealous and want to be the most important person in a group. You are unable to manage your jealous feelings if someone is in possession of something that you want, especially if that someone is a lover. Your sin is jealousy; hence you are unable to express your emotions properly which makes you even more jealous.

8. Leo

Pride. You always want to be the best at everything you do, and also think that no one is better than you are. You are naturally talented to excel in any activity you participate in, and you are well aware of that. This also makes you arrogant and full of pride. If is a sin, and ultimately it can affect your life.

9. Cancer

You are constantly following others and never believe in yourself. You are so concerned about your close ones that it ultimately affects you negatively. You are more concerned about them than yourself. It is a sin to put these people at a status above you.

10. Gemini

Dishonesty. Being dishonest is a serious sin. When you are telling the same incident in different ways to different people, it’s a lie. You have a tendency to lie quite often. However, you don’t always do this intentionally; your face has two sides which are complete complements of each other, and that is why you say two different things.

11. Taurus

Gluttony. You always think about yourself and enjoy having food, buying expensive stuff and having sex. Since you don’t know how to keep in control, you lead an unhealthy life.

12. Aries

Murder. You are short-tempered and unpredictable. Most people aren’t able to handle your rage. When you are angry, you have no control over yourself, and you might murder someone then.

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What Your Secret Fear Is Based On Your Zodiac Sign

1. Pisces (19th February – 20th March): Fear of responsibility

Most people belonging to this zodiac sign are afraid of responsibility.They don’t want to grow up and prefer to enjoy their fantasy world where they can behave like children and don’t have to worry about anyone. However, they are quite creative and brilliant too. They know that once they grow up, they can no longer pursue their creativity which is very dear to them.

2. Aquarius (20th January – 18th February): Fear of institutionalization

They are afraid of being trapped that this isn’t the usual claustrophobia that many people suffer from, they are afraid of getting bound by the duties of marriage, work or academics. They want to spend their time in their way and believe that the intellectual abilities of people are inhibited by these institutions. Group mentality is probably a side product of this curbing. But these people aren’t prone to get caught in a group; they are original and always prefer to stay that way.

3. Capricorn (22nd December – 19th January): Fear of failure

Capricorns are extremely hardworking, and they have a passion for business. They try to become successful in every field they work in, and this is also their fear as well – since they are afraid of failure. As a result, they can often become slow in their line of work, since they prefer to ensure that everything is perfect before moving onto the next task. They believe in the term, “Better be safe than sorry.” But this fear is also what instills in them the seeds of success in future.

4. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Fear of enclosed spaces

Sagittarius are claustrophobic in nature; they don’t prefer enclosed or crowded places. They are explorers and want to visit the various place on Earth to seek the truth. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is their ruler. Hence, they hate 9-5 jobs and responsibilities, since that curbs their freedom.

5. Scorpio (23rd October–21st November): Fear of intimacy

Scorpios are very sensitive and emotional. Hence, when they are in a relationship, they are rather afraid of getting dumped by their partner. Often when the relationship progresses to the next level, they distance themselves since they are afraid of intimacy. Hence, their relationships suffer since their friends and partners can’t understand what they did wrong.

6. Libra (23rd September– 22nd October): Fear of being alone

Libras don’t want to be alone. They are quite romantic and are great as lovers. Hence, most of the times, they remain in relationships. They always need someone to show their affections and passion and being alone prevents from doing that.

7. Virgo (23rd August – 22nd September): Fear of imperfection

Virgo is a perfectionist in every aspect of life. Also, they are normally quite pessimistic, which helps them in their work. They are realists and are often afraid to face their fears. They tend to stay away from those things which they have no control over and cannot be perfected and organized.

8. Leo (23rd July – 22nd August): Fear of being ignored

Leos crave for attention; their only concern is getting ignored. If they are attending a function or a party, they want everyone in the room to look at them and praise them. Hence, they often spend a lot of time on their appearances, the type of dresses they wear and their body language. They think that people don’t notice them, then they have failed.

9. Cancer (21st June – 22nd July): Fear of leaving home

Cancerians prefer to stay in their comfort zones, close to their home and family. Hence, they are often stuck at one place and cannot move forward in life. If they want to succeed in life, then they need to go our more and visit new places to get rid of this fear.

10. Gemini (21st May – 20th June): Fear of making decisions

Gemini is fickle-minded; they often change their opinions and can’t stick to one particular decision. That is the reason why their symbol has twins. It’s almost as if they have two personalities – both of them are complete opposites of each other, and that is why they can’t make any decision properly. This is their main fear, and they would prefer if other take these decisions for them.

11. Taurus (20th April – 20th May): Fear of financial instability

Taurus loves to stay in comfortable places; they prefer simple things in life – a nice house, a small but close group of friends and family, a cozy bed. Since they want to remain comfortable, they also are cautious about money and stay away from debts as much as possible. They spend money carefully, and not having any money in the bank is their main fear.

12. Aries (21st March – 19th April): Fear of losing people

Aries are fearless warriors; they don’t hesitate to fight to protect their loved ones. They enjoy these challenges, but they are afraid of losing people. Sometimes, their actions don’t bear the same results that they expect and this can mess up things, the worst part is these fights can often lead to the death of others, and they can’t do anything about it. Hence, they are always in a state of caution, on the one hand, they are warriors, but on the other hand, they are afraid of losing others.

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6 Signs She Is A Girl, Not A Woman. #5 Can Prove This Alone.

Girls and women are different. Don’t believe what I am saying? Then read the article below – you will be amazed,

The following is a list of top 6 signs which portrays the major differences between a girl and a woman.

1. Seeking attention

A girl will always try to find attention in some way or the other – maybe by wearing raunchy clothes, or posting many selfies on social media sites, or by hanging out with friends at clubs and parties. However, a woman rarely cares about popularity and attention; she wants that everyone should respect her.

2. Independent Woman

Girls might be greedy and ask you to buy her something or do something for her all the time. But women love to be independent; they can take care of themselves, are financially stable and will resort to seeking help from her friends when she is in real trouble.

3. Partying the right way

While you will often find girls getting completely drunk in parties, and losing their balance and sometimes, sleeping on the streets, women know how to handle these situations better. They never cross their limits and know how to party the right way.

4. Obsessed with social media

The girl is obsessed with social media – I am sure this doesn’t come as a shock to anyone. They are always on their phones, posting selfies and chatting with their friends. They can’t stay separated from their phones for even a few hours. But women are different; they care about respect, not attention from others.

5. Time Well Spent

Women are different from girls – while girls prefer gossiping and watching movies and TV series on Netflix, women, on the other hand, don’t waste their time this way, they always try to be productive and spend more time with their family and friends, and are never afraid to try something new.

6. Eating Habits

Girls think that becoming skinny is the best way to look beautiful, and they deliberately eat less especially in front of strangers despite the fact that they are seriously hungry. This often leads to various ailments as well. Women, on the other hand, aren’t obsessed with their weight. They have accepted the kind of body structure they have and are satisfied with it. They eat till their stomachs are full, but they refrain from eating junk food, they prefer fresh food and vegetables. Hence their weight naturally remains normal.

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Shape Of Your Finger Tells Something Fantastic About Your Personality



It seems to be trend now all these body parts that can determine your personality! We are going to show you what the shape of your finger tells us. While no system is 100 accurate I found this to be extremely close so check out what your fingers say about you.

1. So which are you A, B, or C?

Chose 1 finger, hold it up and examine it, It may not be exactly like the ones shown but go with the closest shape.

2. Type A – The Straight Finger

You are a strong independent person! You are very emotional and often sad but you hide it well and pretend to be a lot tougher then you actually are. You are honest and helpful, fair and kind.

3. Type B. – The Pointed Finger

You are dedicated and loyal. Once you set your mind to something or someone nothing can hold you back, sometimes a little clingy because you have a fear of being hurt.

4. Type C – The Big Knuckled Finger

You like to stay in your comfort zone, soft hearted and kind you prefer to accept someone’s opinion other than rock the boat. You are respectful and try to make everyone happy which often lands you in some unfamiliar situations. You do not like a challenge and prefer to let go of anger.

5. Does this really describe you?

Yes, this is what your personality is like, it is not an exact science but most people find accurate.

6. Try it with others

Share this and find out how many of you actually are what your fingers say! You may be shocked.


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9 Times When Hollywood Celebs Lost Their Fashion Sense Completely

People were always obsessed with celebrities, ever since television and movies started. However, nowadays due to the advent of social media, this has reached a whole new level. All celebrities post their pictures in their new dresses on social media sites, and their fans immediately start buying them. Human beings have a tendency to follow the latest trends, irrespective of whether that trend is a good one or not. We just believe that the celebrities can never make any mistakes. However, that definitely isn’t true.

Celebrities need to be choose the best dresses for the occasion, since their fans follow their dressing styles. Besides, they also have a list of dresses that they will never wear at any cost. However, this list might not be properly set, since many a times, these celebrities display their horrible fashion sense unless they are using the new graphic tees on the market. Read on to check the top 9 dresses which show the poor taste of celebrities in fashion.

1. Sun visors

Sun visors don’t really work that well, to be honest a normal cap works much better and looks cool too.

2. Cropped baggy cargo pants

They don’t look cool at all, and on top of that they make your legs look fat. Who would want that?

3. Sneaker mule.

They might be comfortable to wear if you are too lazy, but they increase your chances of falling drastically and that definitely isn’t something that a celebrity wants.

4. Animal fur-printed sweaters

Considering the fact that several celebrities endorse PETA, wearing these sweaters shows their disrespect towards animals. Moreover, they are baggy and you would look sexier in any other dress. So why even wear those?

5. Food printed on pajamas and jackets

Only Cara DeLevigne is known as a human pizza, and she still is cute. For others, this just doesn’t work.

6. Neon outfit

Only Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj can wear this outfit with grace.

7. Creased pants

This stuff is probably fine for stock brokers, but for celebrities it’s a complete no-no.

8. Black-brown combination

Although there is nothing wrong with it, still for a celebrity this is just too casual.

9. Kitten heels

Doesn’t matter what type of kitten heels a celebrity wears, they just aren’t suitable for the Oscar’s night.

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17 Things Every Girl Has Done During Her Periods

Periods are one of the worst nightmares of a girl. Every motnth, girls face enormous problems during their periods, which include extreme mood swings, immense pain etc. To combat these problems, we often try out innovative ways. Take a look at the top 16 things that are common during periods.

1.Keep your thighs together while going to the bathroom.

2. Ask someone nearby to check your back after coming back from the bathroom.

3. In case the inevitable happens, you want to be ready so just keep a jacket over the chair for safety.

4. Keep pads under your clothing; you never know when you might need more.

5. This is the most appropriate face when you keep standing for a long time.

6. You feel horrible when you wake up in the morning.

7. When you cough, you start thinking whether the inevitable has happened or not.

8. Holding back the sneeze or cough can result in something like this.

9. Asking for tampons at your office. Needless to say you have to be extra careful when you ask for one.

10. Making a pad from just toilet paper since you urgently need one and there is none left at home.

11. Keeping legs crossed to stop the bleeding, yet convincing everyone that you are extremely comfortable.

12. Unable to understand whether you have bled or it is just sweat.

13. You wear double snickers just in case, to reduce the damage that might be caused.

14. Peek down to check what you have done after you see the tissue.

15. Keeping a hot bottle under your clothes to ease the pain you have to go through every day.

16. Remain in bathroom for a long period of time because the blood just won’t flush in a single go.

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This Is What Your Kissing Style Reveals About Your Relationship

People who have been in a relationship earlier or are currently in a relationship will be able to correlate with this article better, but that doesn’t mean that single people shouldn’t read this. In fact, by reading this article they can gain a lot of experience when they get in a relationship. Kissing style can reveal a lot about a relationship, especially which stage the relation is in at the moment.

So what you need to know is that the form of kissing can easily help you understand what stage your relationship currently is in.

Passionate Kissing

This is the form of kiss which happens when both the partners have been waiting to see each other for a long time, and finally when they meet, they give each other a passionate and gentle kiss.

Peck Kissing

This form of kissing in a relation shows that it still has many miles to go. You only get to know your partner slightly and you will get to know a lot more as the relationship progresses.

French Kissing

I am pretty sure that anyone who has been in a long term relationship knows exactly what a French kiss is. The term literally means playing with your tongues. If your partner and you French kiss, then it can be said that your relationship is quite a playful one and both of you arr comfortable with each other.

Single lip kissing

This kissing is common when both the partners are crazy for each other and they meet each other after a long time. This kissing shows that both the partners are attracted to each other very much.

Closed mouth kissing

This form of kissing shows lack of experience, meaning that the partners haven’t been in many relationships in the future and their relationship too is quite new.

Sloppy or lick kissing

In this form of kissing, they not only lick the lips but also the surrounding areas. This shows that the partners are completely crazy for each other and they have a strong chemistry between them.

Cheek kissing

This kiss means that the relationship is probably a friendly relationship rather than a romantic one. It also shows that they care for each other a lot.

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