Weird Remedies To Improve Your Vaginal Health

By nature, the way the reproductive organ of women was conceived, makes them be exposed to many diseases compared to men. Women can easily get Urinary Tract Infections or UTI which considerably include bacterial as well as the yeast infection, and Vaginitis etc. If it is not treated in time, it can lead to serious […]

Why You Should Never Let Anyone Kiss Your Baby on the Lips

The seasonal outbreak of flu and many other infections are usual happenings common to all countries spread across the World. The increase in the number of flu cases and new types of flu has been the cause of concern prevailing in the medical industry as well as among the patients. A new type of illness […]

5 Effective Steps To Get Rid Of Cavities And Tooth Decay In A Single Go

Human body is a complex system. No one, not even qualified professionals knows what is happening inside the system at any point of time. There are many bones in our body. While all of them are important in their own ways, a set f bones that really play a crucial role are our teeth. In […]

12 Changes In Your Fingernails That Could Signal Other Problems

What Your Nails Say About Your Health Nails are considered to be a purely aesthetic feature. They act as a window to your body, with their varying colours, textures, and shapes. While some nail symptoms are very common and harmless, others can be the indicators of serious chronic diseases like anaemia. Even the grow rate […]

Wine Before Bed Makes You Lose Weight, Science Says

Wine Before Bed Makes You Lose Weight, Science Says If you are one who really enjoy a glass of wine just before going to bed, we might just have the best news you will get all month! According to a new study conducted, a little wine just before you go to bed can actually help […]

Simple ways to get a flat tummy in just one month

Simple ways to get a flat tummy in just one month Who doesn’t want to have a flat tummy? Flat tummy is everyone’s dream and for many of us, it dreams only a dream. This may be attributed to the not-so-active sedentary lifestyle and all the junk food we munch upon all the time. Though […]

It Turns Out the Average American Woman Is Not a Size 14 Anymore

Accuracy is extremely important when it comes to women’s clothing size, but a recent study has revealed that this has become even more important at present, since retailers have been using information which is completely outdated when it comes to the size of women’s clothing. According to a new study published in the International Journal […]

QUIZ: If you answer NO to more than 2 questions, your heart is at risk

Everyone knows how dangerous heart disease are, however considering this important fact, it is really surprising to see how negligent people are regarding taking care of the heart. Most of the heart diseases that occur nowadays could have been easily avoided if people were a bit more careful about their health. Are you one of […]

One Month Before A Heart Attack, Your Body Will Warn You – Here Are The 8 Signs

A month before you actually get a heart attack, your body will warn you with these 8 vital signs…. After conducting various surveys, the American Heart and Stroke Association have concluded that heart diseases and strokes are the leading causes of deaths all over the world, causing the highest number of deaths. It found out […]

You have been pooping wrong your entire life and you don’t even know it

Life is full of lessons. Life has so much to teach us that we would require many lives to learn the many things it teaches. Many of us learn things in a simple manner while many other learn it the very tough way. While we consciously keep learning many big things in life, you will […]

Mom Drinks a Glass of Baking Soda Water Every Day for a Month — THIS Happened to Her Body

#1 Baking Soda. I Got Baking Soda. If you grew up with one of your grandmas in the house, you understand the benefits of having some DIY remedies in your toolbox. Some home remedies go a long way in curing common pains and believe it or not, but baking soda is something you NEED to […]

THIS Is Why Eating Green Or Sprouting Potatoes Can Be REALLY Harmful

We have grown up in a society which has been telling us that wastage of anything must be avoided right from our childhood. Particularly when it comes to food items we have been time and again instructed not to waste them. Wastage is a taboo and this mentality can sometime sabotage our health if we […]

14 Dangerous Headaches And How to Treat Them

Headaches are really painful. Not only do they cause pain but they cause irritation too. Medical science says that the brain does’nt trigger signals directly to cause headache. It is the nerves, chemicals in the brain, blood vessels and tissues. Medical experts say that they know more about headaches and the precise reasons for their […]

8 Natural Home Remedies For Boils On Thighs And Buttocks

Skin infections are of many types. Skin infections that affect the hair follicles and oil glands are the common types though. Boils, one type of skin infection mainly affects the armpit, thigh, face and buttocks. While these boils cause pain, they are highly irritating too. Particularly things get worst when boils occur in the buttocks […]

Few But Effective Home Remedies To Remove The Unwanted Facial Hair

The word beauty has always been associated with Women. Beauty has remained the most valuable thing for women in general and any harm caused to the same gets her off the hook. Women feel embarrassed to handle issues related to their looks and one such thing that causes embarrassment in women is hair growth in […]

8 Reasons Your Biceps Are Still Flat And Loose

Women tend to get attracted to men who are muscular particularly with arms that look strong. While some men who are exercise freaks workout regularly and achieve the required shape successfully, there are others who do not get the desired results despite going to the gym and working out regularly. Such men do not really […]

10 Shocking Signs Proving That Parasites Are Eating Your Body

The human body is a complex system. As early as during our school days, we learnt that our body is made up of muscles, bones, and nerves. Our school curriculum educated us that some types of bacteria and yeasts are required for the wellness of our body. However, it is shocking that we were not […]

Entire Family Dies After Young Woman Makes A Simple Mistake In The Kitchen

Potatoes are one of those vegetables that are liked by a majority of the people across the world. The variety of dishes that are prepared using Potatoes makes good choice of food over others. There are still many who do not eat food without having potatoes as side dishes. We are sure it would be […]