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19 Most Hilarious Bathroom Signs You’ll Ever See

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Signs are everywhere in the world. They are used as an easy ‘to look at quickly and know what you are looking for’ tool. And one of the most important signs we have are toilet signs. Toilets are an essential thing for humans since we don’t poop in a bush. And more than that, men and women need a separate bathroom and you never want to accidentally walk into the wrong one. There are many restaurants and places that actually have very cool and very creative bathroom signs that are comical or just make for a specific theme of the place. And many places have really funny and fantastic ideas, so prepare for a very good laugh!

1) I like that one!

2) For the geeks!

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3) That one is smart.

4) These indicative signs!

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5) The ‘to the point’ bathroom signs.

6) The signs’re reflecting the true situation.

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7) Common washroom.

8) The Toilet seat saga.

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9) The best bathroom sign ever seen!

10) The way you get beer out of your system.

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11) For the comic book nerds.

12) The Unisex signs.

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13) Perfect for brunch restaurants.

14) That’s how sophisticated Berlin is!

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15) Perfect bathroom sign for a pizza restaurant.

16) Shadows.

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17) That one would confuse many.

18) The one for the Barney Stinson fans!

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19) I see what you did there!

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