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6 Things Every Female V!rgin Should Know That Nobody Will Tell Them!

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Virginity has always been a scary subject for people, especially parents who want to protect their children. But they do not realise that to protect their children, they actually need to be more open and honest, because knowledge is power. Girls who are still virgins are actually still very vulnerable and they fall in love so easily. So instead of being ignorant, there are certain things that a virgin girl should know about sex that people are too shy to talk about.

1. Condom

Many guys will try to convince you that sex feels better without a condom, that may be true. But is it worth the risk of getting an STD? or even falling pregnant? You need to protect yourself and be firm on the rules.Source

2. Queefing

Many girls don’t queef until they lose their virginity. The cavity in your vagina is still too tight to contain excess air that needs to be forced out. It definitely isn’t something to be embarrassed about, it’s only a natural thing of life.Source[adinserter block=”16″]

3. Getting in

Everyone is essentially different and built differently as well. So even if a guy isn’t a virgin, doesn’t mean he knows the exact entry point. And finding it can lead to a little bit of pain, so to protect yourself, do not be shy to try and help guide him in.Source

4. Tampons

It’s no rocket science, but tampons can feel uncomfortable if you are a virgin, but after a while when you start to have sex, you lose the tightness. Soon tampons will fit easily. Source[adinserter block=”16″]

5. Lubrication

Being a virgin means your first time will make you feel very shy and unsure f what to do, so you become very nervous. No matter how much foreplay you go through, you may end up being very dry when it comes to the act itself. So it is a very good idea to keep lube with you so you experience a lot less pain. Source

6. Take it one step at a time

Your first time ca be very scary and nerve wracking. So the best thing to do is try to relax, so there is no need to rush through it at all. A last good tip is when you do it, keep a towel underneath you, you may bleed a little bit so it will keep the surface of the bed or whatever you do it on clean.
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