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Meet The First Plus-Size Male Model

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1. Zack Miko

It is about time that husky boys got some credit for their strong good looks! IMG Modelling Agency decided it was time they created a new division for bigger men known as the “Brawn Division”. Ivan Bart from IMG Models said that, “Brawn has a body positive message. Brawn is physical strength.”

2. Plus Size Woman

The past couple of months has seen a rise for female plus size models, especially for the Women’s Running magazine and Sports Illustrated who had plus size models on the covers. This being the first time for both publications and a big spot light win for the models Ashley Graham and Nadia Aboulhson.

3. Discovery

Miko is quite a man, being 6’6” tall and a 40inch waist, he is the icon for people of all sizes wanting to look great.

4. How things Turn Out

“Never thought I would be a model”, he also said that he never thought a career in modelling was something that could happen for him at all. But IMG has declared that they want to steer the industry to include more and be more diversive, and making a body something to be positive.

5. Changing the World of Fashion

“Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and confident and sexy,” he said. “The conversation has changed from ‘This is what beautiful is’ to ‘What is beautiful?’ I am humbled to be able to raise that question for the men’s industry.”Miko said about the evolving industry. But the great thing is that IMG is excited that the Brawn division will help all men be more interested in fashion.

6. Support

Many men seem quite into the fact that there is a new Brawn division, since many men can actually relate to Miko.

7. And the Women…

Women are also showing their support, but probably because they like the image of a real man for a change.

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