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Embarrassing… Woman Posts Picture Of Her “TASTY” Meal On Facebook. But Didn’t Notice…

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1. Food Porn

Everyone has that moment where they either go to a big fancy restaurant and order a really expensive and delicious looking meal and then take a photo of it and post it to Instagram or Facebook to try and make all your friends jealous that you are eating a super delicious meal. Or you can even cook a fantastic meal in your own home and take a photo, just like this woman did. But she should have looked at the photo properly before she posted it of course.

2. Just Euw

As you can see, on the plate of food, that she made in her home, is a roach smiling for the camera! If I was her, I would be very embarrassed, because who would ever visit her house ever again?

3. Lesson Learnt

There were a few lessons learnt on this one single post. The first is obviously to always double and even triple check your photos before you post them to make sure there isn’t anything funny in them. And the second, if you have a cockroach problem, get an exterminator over to get rid of them!

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