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His Fiancée Cheated On Him With His Best Friend, So Revenge Was Necessary

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Every now and again you hear a good story about cheaters and the revenge that is thrown at them. But if you are a gamer, this is the best thing you can do. So this guy’s fiancé went and cheated on him with his best friend and they are now supposedly dating. And his ex-best friend left his Wii at his place, so this is how this guy exacted his revenge.

1. Supplies

He started buy the supplies he needed to do what he needed to do, by buying 600 zip ties, long and short ones and some gorilla tape.

2. Sensor

He started on the sensor, he wrapped the cable around and then he obviously felt the need to keep it tidy, so he wrapped multiple zip ties around the cable and the sensor.

3. Sensor not done yet

After the round of zip ties, he then profusely wrapped it with gorilla tape and then proceeded to repeat this process multiple times.

4. The Wii

At least he figures he should at least protect the Wii machine, so he first covered it in cardboard. And then pretty much repeated the same process he used on the sensor.

5. Console Continued

Yes, more ties and more tape, lots and lots of it.

6. Cables

Probably not the healthiest thing for cables, but he knotted them and then tied them up with multiple zip ties as well. You have to exact revenge neatly.

7. Cables have a lot of work

He also seems like an artist who creates a work of art, these cables look like a porcupine snake combination.

8. A New Pattern

Isn’t that looking cool?

9. Now for the Games

Still being a little considerate, he wrapped the games in zip lock bags to protect them from damage,

10. Games protection

He then taped and managed to tie them to garden fencing. That is some new level of protection.

11. Looking good

He then wraps the games with the fence and uses zip ties to keep it all together. It actually looks like a nice present.

12. Games Finished

After he was finished, he decided he wasn’t finished yet, so taped them more and used more zip ties, just to make sure.

13. Boxing

To protect everything, he the Wii and all its components into a box, and threw in a few peanuts.

14. Important component

After putting in more packaging protection, he felt that something pretty was missing, so he threw in some glitter.

15. All the Glitter

He wanted to go al; out, so he bought a 12 pack from Amazon, out o that he only used 10 bottles. But that is still quite a lot of glitter!

16. Trash

Continuing with the presentation of his gift, he threw in some more trash and a whole lot more glitter.

17. More and more

Lastly he threw in more trash and protection, and of course ended with a lot more glitter.

18. Final product

I am sure this satisfied this guy quite a lot. I don’t think anybody would have fun opening this box. Mostly because there will be glitter absolutely everywhere.

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