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All Women’s Breasts Are Beautiful But What Your Breasts’ Shape Says About Your Personality

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There are so many different types of breasts in this world. And along with that there are many articles like this that try to give tips of your personality based on a body part. We all find them fun to at least look at for a bit.

Shapes 1-3

  1. The size and shape of these breasts usually fit with a quiet and reserved girl who doesn’t really like many people.
  2. Breasts of a larger size and gravitating towards the size usually means this kind of girl is a great leader who is rather independent. They are smart enough to make changes that make things better.
  3. Nice perky pairs are adventurous and free spirited. They are so bubbly they are never dull to be around.

Shapes 4-6

4. These girls tend to be dreamers who are funny. Because they are dreamers, they tell many jokes that sometimes can accidentally hurt people’s feelings.

5. Girls like this have big personalities that people like, but they need to be careful of the things they do and how people remember them.

6. If you have these types, then you are a kind hearted individual that people find reliable.

Shapes 7-9

  1. Wisdom and dignity are a huge part of your life. You are always trying to learn as much as you can, even if you end up carrying a book wherever you go.
  2. You are popular due to your unique and creative personality. This leads you on your own oath in life.
  3. These are unique girls because they have an amazing personality that people love, and you always try to surround yourself with the best of people since you are a good judge of character.

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