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Ever Noticed Those Numbers on Egg Cartons Under the ‘Best By’ Date? Here’s What They Really Mean

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Have you ever wandered what the best by date under an egg carton was? The more you know about your food is always the better thing. Since eggs are difficult to judge when they will go bad, its never fun to crack one open and its rotten on the inside. So learn about the Best-by date and enjoy your eggs.

1. The Best-By Date

It isn’t required of the FDA to give eggs a best by date by manufacturers. So knowing that, t is actually logical that the date isn’t actually accurate at all.

2. Julian Date

The way to figure out the age of an egg, is to find the Julian Date which is located close to the best by date. This is just a 3 digit number that indicates the exact date the eggs were packaged. So the number 359 would it was packaged on the 25th of December. This is given because manufacturers have a month to pack the eggs after being laid.

3. Keep Cold

A good tip to remember is that you need to store your eggs in your fridge, this makes them stay fresh as long as 5 weeks. No matter what, beyond that, the egg is already off.

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