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Secret Things Boyfriends Are Too Afraid To Tell Their Partners

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Your boyfriend often has various expectations from you regarding s3x, but he might be too shy or afraid to tell you those things directly. Instead, he will keep on giving you hints as to what he wants or needs.

However, in case you suck at guessing, then your relationship might be hampered. Check the article below to know the secret things about oral s3x that your boyfriend might want to tell you.

1. Reduce depression by ingesting

Ingestion of semen can reduce depression due to the various beneficial hormones present in it.

2. Sticky hair

Note that your hair might get sticky and messed up if you pull out his penis from your mouth just before ejaculation.

3. Spontaneous

If you don’t prefer cleaning before the act, just jump right in. Keep it spontaneous.

4. Protein

Semen actually contains lot of nutrients such as proteins and calcium which are beneficial for the body.

5. Bonding

This can strengthen the bond between you and your partner, taking the relationship to the next level.

6. No mess

There will be no more mess on the floor, his body or other areas to clean up.

7. Rude

If you are not interested in swallowing, you shouldn’t ask him to go down on you, cause you should know that he too might think the same way as you do.

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