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Embarrasing Texts From Your Neighbors

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Usually neighbors are a part of our life. Most of times, we like our neighbors and we get along with them well. But in some other cases, neighbors will be very irritation, some are noisy. How to deal with them ? I don’t know. Here are some embarrassing texts from neighbors.

1. That’s an electric toothbrush

But offer still stands.

2. Tramp In Trampoline

I agree with you now :D

3. Don’t Play Her Man

only she can call her man names, not you ****** neighbor !

4. 3 Inches Is 3 Inches

He literally set that burn up himself…poor small divorced man.

5. Uhhh Weird Question…

There is a limit to weirdness sir…like asking to BORROW someones child. WTF!?


Sir, she never asked for your advice…and now you must pay the price.

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