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15 Spine-Chilling Stories of Real Life Cannibals, Horrible!

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Most people believe that cannibalism is a thing of the past. It is true that cannibalism was rampant in the stone ages and medieval times. But what’s surprising is the fact that cannibalism still exists in today’s world.

Check out this article to know about the top 15 horror stories of real life cannibals.

1. Omaima Nelson

She barbequed her husband and then even tasted it. His entire body was fried and was kept in the refrigerator.

2. Armin Meiwes

He placed an ad on an Internet site asking for a well-built person, aged between 18 and 30, to be slaughtered and eaten. Surprisingly, someone even responded to that ad, and Armin actually consumed that person and even recorded it in video. [adinserter block=”16″]

3. Alfred Packer

Alfred went on an expedition with his 4 friends to the Colorado Mountains. He returned back after two months alone. It was later found that he had actually murdered his friends and eaten them.

4. Issei Sagawa

Issei murdered his co-ed in the year 1981, and consumed her for a couple of days. What is even more shocking is the fact that he was freed even after getting arrested due to errors in paperwork and was move to an asylum. [adinserter block=”16″]

5. Albert Fish

He was not only a cannibal, but a pedophile as well. He even confessed killing people to eat their flesh. He sent a letter to a victim’s family describing in detail the horrible ways in which he killed people. Based on that letter, he was taken to court and arrested.

6. Jeffrey Dahmer

He used to being young men to his house, and then drug them. Then he murdered them, and used to consume their flesh or use them in other experiments. [adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

7. Tyree Lincoln Smith

He murdered Gonzales, a 43 year old man, who was kind enough to give me a spare room in his apartment. He confessed that he killed him with an axe and then ate his eyes and brain.

8. Hadden Clark

He murdered Laura Houghteling in 1992. When brought to court for that, he confessed further that she also killed a child named Michelle Dorr in 1986. Not only did he eat her flesh, she also made a necklace using that kid’s bones.
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9. Mauerova family

One of the most shocking cases of all times, the mother of two children along with her relatives tortured and killed her own children, and then even ate their flesh. She confessed that she did this since she was a member of a cult.

10. Alexander Kinyua

When his housemate disappeared in 2012, he was considered the primary suspect by the police because he has been involved in heinous crimes earlier as well. Finally, the remains of the housemate were found in a tin can located in the basement. Alexander even admitted that he cut and ate his heart before putting the other parts in the bin. [adinserter block=”16″]

11. David Viens

He didn’t want to continue an argument he was having with her wife, so she strapped her and taped her mouth. Unfortunately, she died of gagging. To escape from the police, she didn’t bury her body, but instead cut her body into pieces and cooked them and ate for 4 days.

12. LeonardaCianciulli

Leonardahad a failed pregnancy and had a disturbed childhood. She believed that in order to protect her eldest son during the 2nd World War, she needs to sacrifice a human beings. She first invited her victims to her house, before cutting them into pieces with an axe. Even horrifying is the fact that these pieces were used to make soup. Their blood was mixed with egg, milk and chocolate to make tea cake. [adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

13. Joachim Kroll

Kroll first used to kill people, then perform sexual acts on them and finally eat them. After getting arrested, he confessed that he had killed 13 people and that he became a cannibal to save grocery money.

14. Jose Luis Calva

He killed his girlfriend and hid her body in the closet, fridge as well as cereal boxed. When the police arrived at his house, they found him eating human flesh seasoned with lemon.
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15. Dorangel Vargas

He became a serial killer in 1995. He killed 10 people before he started eating their flesh. When arrested, he described the body parts he preferred eating. He also said that he made soup using eyes and only ate healthy people, so that he didn’t get cholesterol. Apart from human beings, he also ate dogs, cats.
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