“I was on a mobile app that allowed you to rate girls, and if they rate you back, you get a connection. Well, I was going through some pictures, when all of the sudden I see a pretty cute girl. I rate her “hot”, then move on. A couple hours later I get a notification saying this said girl (let’s name her Mary) rated me “hot” also, so I PM her.”

It started innocently enough.




Things start to turn racy with Mary

“A couple hours of talking go by and we exchange phone numbers. One things lead to another, and we start sending…well…sexy pictures. About half an hour of this goes by, when she tells me she’s coming to visit the town I live in soon (we live in different states). So in my mind, I’m thinking, ‘cool! We’re totally going to hook up!’ This is where the fu(k up happens.”



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Maybe he should have suspected something…

“A week before all this happened, my parents said my cousin and her dad were coming into town to visit. I had never met them, so I had no idea who they were. So a day passes after initially meeting Mary online, and I get a text from her saying her flight just landed. At the exact same time, my mom tells me she’s leaving to go pick up my cousins at the airport. I still haven’t made the connection yet. I go back to texting Mary, and ask her when she’s going to be free. She tells me that she’ll be able to get away tonight when everybody falls asleep. Yay!”






Then he realized his mistake

“Fast forward an hour. My mom gets home with my cousins. I’m sitting on the couch watching TV, when I hear her come in. I turn around to greet them and low and behold, fu(king Mary is standing right there. The same girl that sent me nudes and wanted to hook up with. Holy fu(k! We both just stood there, staring at each other, without saying a word. Then her fu(king dad walks in behind her. I blink a couple times to shake off the shock, and try to put on a smile and shake hands with the dad. He introduced himself and his daughter Mary. I looked at her and just gave her a small smile and said hi.”



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“That entire weekend we hardly looked at each other, let alone talked to each other. I still can’t believe that I almost hooked up with my cousin.”




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