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They Had No Space For Their Child In Their Home, So They Came With This Amazing Idea

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Sometimes having a family requires way more space than you actually can provide with the home you currently have. Most people would just sell the house and move. So either some families can’t afford to move or some just don’t want to. But with this story, these parents realised there wasn’t enough space for their child, so they got creative and decided to create something awesome to create more space!

1. Solutions

If a person is smart and logical, you will know that there are many ways to actually save on space. Besides that, we have Pinterest now if you are looking for new ideas. But this person decided that sliding drawers was a great way to store cleaning products. Besides saving space, it makes finding what you are looking for way more practical.

2. Need more Space?

Again, just being smart you will realise there are many ways to save space and there are many great places that essentially waste space if you don’t make the most of them. Like this behind the cupboard door shelf for herbs and spices. It saves a lot of space and makes for practicality to easily find the exact herb you are looking for.

3. Glasses

Here is an extremely clever way to store your glasses! And everyone thinks that glasses waste space… But not everyone thinks of putting a tray on top of glasses.

4. Closet

These parent’s little girl didn’t have much space at all for all of her things, so her clever parents tried to optimize the space usage with this really cute closet with a lot of packing space.

5. Building

A different family also had space issues but felt bad for their child. So they decided to build a play room from scratch by themselves. It actually looks super cool part of the house for the kids to play in.

6. New Space

How awesome does this play room look now? This turned into some luck for this kid! See how using your brain to save space actually has an awesome pay out?

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