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She Went For Jogging And Now Is Fighting For Her Life. The Reason Will Shock You

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Many people go for jogging in the afternoon to stay healthy and active. But have you ever imagined that something terrible could happen to a person when he is out jogging?Just imagine that someone close to you went out jogging and you came to know he has been injured severely. How would you feel?

A similar incident happened to two cousins who went for a jog and got attacked by four pit bulls. Check out how this happened below.

These are two cousins Isabella George and Rebekah Forgey.

They went for a jog in the afternoon in Carroll County, Indiana.

Something terrible happened to them.

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They were chased by four big pit bulls.

They didn’t pay any attention initially


..when they saw that the dogs were running towards them, they ran for their lives near a field to try and hide from the pit bulls. Unfortunately, the dogs were too fast for them, and their plan didn’t work. The pit bulls attacked them, and nothing could stop them.

The owner of the dogs came to know about this.

He tried his best to control the dogs but failed miserably.


..a woman saw them in this terrible situation. She was in a car and drove into the field to scare away the dogs. Then, she immediately drove the two girls to a nearby hospital.


..both of them are struggling for their lives. While George was bitten throughout her body, Forgey is in a much more serious condition. The dogs ripped out flesh from her scalp as well as leg muscles.
We both hope that the two cousins recover and return to their normal lives very soon.

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