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Million Pounds Of Rat Meat Being Sold As Boneless Chicken Wings In U.S

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Ronal Jones, a renowned FDA inspector, commented recently that chicken wings are one of the most sought after food items during the Super Bowl. Most of the times, restaurants and grocery stores aren’t able to meet that demand. He added that according to the USA laws, one cannot sell rat meat as a consumable product. You should know that your health will not be affected if you have rat meat, but it is still illegal to sell it.

1. Huge business

According to Allen James, a FBI coordinator, selling counterfeit meat as chicken wings is done by a huge number of restaurants and shops and is apparently a huge business. What makes it even trickier for FBI is the fact that these conditions change every year. Last year, FBI seized huge quantities of opossum meat, which came from Mexico.
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2. Perfect Time

The Super Bowl is the perfect time for various illegal activities – bets, gambling etc. Everyone knows that if one can earn money easily, even by an illegal process, people are always willing to do this and they often find a way to evade the police and FBI.
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3. How to know about the meat?

Jenny Brookside,FDA spokesman, reported that once the product has reached the market, it is almost impossible for them to recognise the counterfeit meat. After buying the meat, it’s the sole responsibility of the buyer to check if the meat is counterfeit. Making this even more difficult is the fact that you cannot really be sure whether you are eating chicken or rat meat.

The only difference might be that your chicken wings taste a bit different than usual, but that can be due to several other factors as well. Besides, spices and other ingredients used in preparing chicken wings often minimise this difference in taste.
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Hence, you need to be very careful about what you eat from now on. FDA conducted a study in 2014 which showed that more than 36 million pounds of rat meat were sold in the USA that year alone. (video in next page)

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