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18 Times Where Airport Security Turned Into Humiliation

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Security is of major concern in the airline industry to keep us free from terrorists. However, airport security can sometimes become a display of humiliation, and since no one is going to question a security guard for checking, the person is touched despite having passed though tons of sensors. This shows that too much liberty can be dangerous as well. Take a look at 18 such instances where airport security check became something much more than just a normal routine security check.

1. Smiling is not allowed during security checking.

2. Just looking for guns and bombs.

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3. We are almost done humiliating you.

4. Listen old lady, if you don’t follow my instructions, you will be labelled as a terrorist.

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5. We don’t really care about your convenience.

6. Those look very suspicious.

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7. How come you aren’t wearing a belt? You are a terrorist, aren’t you?

8. Whoa! Is that a weapon or what?

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9. You can’t complain, ma’am. We have full liberty of invading your private space.

10. This old lady who is in a wheelchair might be carrying a big bomb or a gun.

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11. Don’t make such faces.

12. Making people strip is a part of the job.

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13. Our job of humiliating you is almost done.

14. Come on, don’t be shy. Let me take a look.

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15. Who knows? You might be hiding a bomb there.

16. Are you hiding a gun there?

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17. Don’t look anywhere else, Maam.

18. Take it down, kid. Just doing my job.

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