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16 Scenes From Disney Movies Turned Hilarious By A Pause Button

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Disney movies are watched by millions of children worldwide. Even for us adults, these movies hold a special place in our hearths because they made out childhood so much more interesting and entertaining. They also taught us valuable life lessons which proved to be quite important later in life.

However, one pause button ruined everything. You are probably wondering how that is possible. Just take a look at the pictures below to understand what the pause button can do to our favourite Disney movies.

1. That’s some serious neck stretching, Tarzan.

funny disney movies paused never pause a disney movie

2. What happened to Show White’s eyes?

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3. Doesn’t Mike Wazowski look similar to a first year college student?

the most paused movie scenes disney movies should never be paused

4. Ursula is looking quite scary in this picture.

funny paused movie faces funny disney paused moments[adinserter block=”16″]

5. This picture shows why Belle didn’t want to marry Gaston.

funny disney movies list don't pause disney movies

6. It looks like this guy’s eyes couldn’t handle Ariel’s beauty.

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7. What happened to Aladdin’s teeth?

weird disney moments paused at the right moment disney screenshots

8. That image will scare even adults.

disney movie screenshots pause the movie ten most paused movie moments[adinserter block=”16″]

9. Hercules and Meg are getting sassy.

top 10 movie moments most paused scene jessica rabbit paused scene

10. I can’t understand if Jessie is flirting or crying.

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11. This is one of my favourite scenes from Cinderella.

12. Is Hercules laughing under water?

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13. Gaston pauses are seriously scary.

14. Hercules’s reaction is priceless.

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15. Looks like Tarzan is feeling bloated.

16. Hopefully, this final picture will help you understand that one should never ever pause Disney pictures.

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