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Women Around The World Use 5,000 Different Terms To Indirectly Refer To Periods!

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Only science can tell how many women and men there are on the planet. But logic is the world being half populated by women and yet in some parts of the world the topic of menstruation is still embarrassing. So the International Women’s Health Coalition has done a study by asking about 90, 000 women from about 190 countries questions about their periods. In some countries women were more uncomfortable talking to men about their monthly bleed such as in Russia only about 14% said they were comfortable talking to a man and Japan being way more shy with only about 12%.

When they conducted their research for the survey, they actually found that there are more than 5,000 different ways and phrases that women refer to their periods with.

1. “In Italian we say, ‘my friends came to visit me’”

2. “I say that I have my ‘days’”

3. “The red tide”

4. “In my family it’s ‘Aunty Flo’”

5. “Time of the month”

6. “In Chinese we say ‘hey, my aunty is visiting’”


Cover image via telegraph.co.uk

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