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Heartbreaking Story Of A Single Dad Who Received Note From A Couple

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Valentine’s Day is celebrate worldwide as a day of love. On this day, couples worldwide spend time with each other to celebrate love while single persons often propose, hoping to get into a relationship. Needless to say, this day is one of the best days in a person’s life.

Unfortunately, that is not true for everyone. For single parents, this day can often prove to be a burden, since they miss their partners a lot. Here, we are talking about a single dad who went out to have dinner with his daughter on the Valentine’s Day. There, he was offered something which made his day and filled him with joy.

1.On one fine day…

That day was Valentine’s Day, celebrated worldwide by couple as the day of love.Source

2. A couple went out to have dinner

Just like many other couples, a couple decided to go to a restaurant to have dinner and celebrate Valentine’s Day. Source

3. They noticed something while having dinner

While the couple was having their dinner, they noticed a dad who has comes with his daughter to the restaurant. Source

4. The dad was on a date with his 6 year old daughter

It was clear that the dad was either divorced or has lost his wife due to some unfortunate accident. Even then, he has come out on a date with his 6-year-old daughter on Valentine’s Day. Source

5. Couple left a note behind

The couple wanted to do something for the parent to show their respect for him. That’s why they decided to leave behind a note. Source

6. What The Note Contained

Check the picture below to know the contents of the note. Source

7. Dad was overwhelmed with joy

After reading the note, the father could no longer hold back his tears.

This incident shows that even amidst greed and jealousy, there are still kind and compassionate people in this world who care about others. Don’t forget to share this story!

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