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7 Powerful Pictures That Will Make You Speechless

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Pictures can speak a thousand words – this is a popular idiom, and it is entirely accurate. While some photos bring us joy, there are other pictures which are so powerful that after looking at them, one simply can’t erase them from their memories. This article shows some of the most compelling photos of past incidents, which will make you speechless. Take a look at the pictures below.

1. Self-Immolation of a Buddhist monk

This event took place in Vietnam in 1963 as a form of protest.


2. Tibetan woman sets herself on fire

A Tibetan woman deliberately set herself on fire as a form of protest.

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3. The family running from Tsunami.

This picture shows a terrified family running from the Tsunami. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it out alive.

4. The power of one woman army

This picture shows an old woman refusing to give up against tormentors in Israel in 2006.

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5. Remains of Russian Astronaut after rocket failure

Space missions are always dangerous, and quite a few times, we have lost talented astronauts due to rocket failure. This picture shows the remains of a Russian astronaut who died owing to a defective rocket.

6. The young boy salvaging a stroller from his home

This scene has been taken from the disastrous earthquake which occurred in 2008.

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7. The girl with tornado

This picture was taken in 1989. In case you are wondering who the intrepid photographer is, it’s the girl’s mother who took the picture.

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