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Family Refuses To Include “Ugly” Daughter In Family Photos

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We hear many stories about people with big hearts and who are heroic and save peoples lives. They are always uplifting and inspiring. And then every now and again we hear about people who take away all hope for humanity. Like this family who think their daughter is so ugly they refuse to be seen with her.

1. Children

In Columbus, OH this couple Steve and Debbie Peake have been reported to never allow their oldest daughter of two children to be in any family photos.

2. Pictures of her that Exist

There is apparently one picture of their daughter that exists, which is a school photo taken of her. the other photo was a family photo that was taken before her little brother Jackson was born which Steve (her loving father) erased and locked in a chest. Debbie explains why they treat her like this, “We recognize that our daughter is not nearly as attractive as our ten-year-old BOY Joey. We want to protect her from feeling responsible for ruining our family photos. That would be an unfair burden for her.” And her husband adds, “It’s all about putting your best face forward. We’re a well-respected family, and don’t want people to look at us differently, especially my boss.”[adinserter block=”16″]

3. The On-set of Social Media

Now at the age of 21, the girl has begun to use social media in which she posts selfies of herself on a daily basis. As soon as her family found out, they kicked her out of the house because they refuse to let people know that she is a part of their family.[adinserter block=”16″]

4. Most Recent Selfie

Steve became very angry when he saw the pictures on Instagram and said that if her appearance gets better as she gets older maybe they could allow her back in the family.
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