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Moments of Big Bang Guys in Public with their Wives/Girlfriends

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If you are a ‘Big Bang Fan’ then you will know that the guys play real geeks who struggle to get the hot girls. Raj as a character can barely even speak to a girl let alone win a girl’s heart. But believe it or not, our geeky heroes actually have some serious game in Hollywood. In their show, and compared to real life they are the complete opposite of their characters.

1. Just like everyone else

We may watch them and love their characters on tv, but it is always a weird thing to see pictures of our favourite celebs doing every day normal things like we do.

2. Raj

So Raj, the guy that can’t even say a word to a girl because he is too shy, meet his wife. Miss India 2006. Doesn’t that just blow your mind? She is tall slender beauty, and he is, well… Raj.

3. Leonard

In the show he may have had some luck with Penny and that was an on and off thing. So it might not blow your mind as much as Raj, but living the American with a tall and slender blonde.

4. Howard

So Howard was probably the most interesting character from the show. He was a complete loser and mommy’s boy and eventually got married to a smart and pretty blonde chick. Now on to real life, meet his beautiful wife.

5. Happy Family

He seems to be quite the lucky guy, a beautiful wife and a happy family. He is living his dream and seems to be quite doing a normal thing like walking down the street.

6. The Beach

Even the rich and famous and the beautiful famous people take strolls on the beach. Look how happy the couple is amongst all the normal people.

7. True Love

Doesn’t Leonard just look bad ass? Have a cigarette and walking across the street with a beautiful girl on his arm.

8. Hot Couple

Doesn’t he look so cute and in love? Say aaaaah for happiness!

9. Sunshine and Happiness

This is one sincere and genuine photo of a happy couple. The sun shines on them warming all of our hearts.

10. Family on the Beach

Wallowitz has a cute baby building a sandcastle on the beach. Just like a normal family would do.

11. Lucky Guy

With having a happy and loving family, he’s wife is smoking hot, especially in that dress she is wearing.

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