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17 Shocking Photos Of Celebs After Getting Wasted

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Everyone loves to party, but hangovers are one of the major side effects of parties which can completely ruin your next day. However, you are not alone, there are tons of celebrities out there who are just like you.

Take a look at the drunk celebrities, and you will probably feel less guilty about your own drinking habits.

1. Beyonce

Let me sing for you. Oops! Can’t even stand properly

2. Cameron Diaz

Get the hell out.

3. Christina Ricci

I need to sleep right now.

4. Christina Aguilera

Do I look good in this pose?

5. Britney Spears

Too drunk to notice the wardrobe malfunction.

6. Tori Spelling

Look how flexible I am.

7. Emma Watson

That kid is spoiled.

8. Robert Pattinson

My hotness meter just increased by 1000%.

9. Diddy and Jennifer Lopez

C’mon, let’s dance.

10. Avril Lavigne

Yes, I need more of this.

11. Ben Affleck

This is how I look normally.

12. Rihanna

Let’s grab another bottle of beer, shall we?

13. Michelle Rodriguez

Move away you idiots.

14. Verne Troyer

Don’t you dare disturb me.

15. Deena Cortese

What would I do without you, friend?

16. Lindsay Lohan

Someone please help me

17. Paris Hilton

Let me make a somersault real quick


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