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Supplements Ruin The Life Of A Health Freak

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Almost all of us, who have gone to the gym at some point in their lives, have heard about supplements. These are artificial products which are supposed to increase the rate of progression in the gyms and make you healthier faster. But supplements can also have life threatening effects. Read on to know the full story. You can check them out and browse around this site

1. Healthy Life

Taking care of our bodies and consulting a certified functional medicine practitioner are important. One should always try to lead a healthy lifestyle but obsessing about fitness too much can be damaging as well.
The story below is about a person named Matthew Whitby, a 27 year old father who stays in Australia. Matthew wanted to lose some weight and wanted to practise a healthy lifestyle. Although there was nothing wrong in his plan, the way he executed it brought disastrous results. This article will draw a lesson for all of us to always get advice from experts before intending to use dietary supplements. Better yet, read gundry md reviews or any reviews about supplement you plan to use to know what it’s made of and what it does for your body to avoid this unwated results.
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2. Supplements

Matthew was an aspiring bodybuilder and was obsessed with gaining muscle mass. As a result, he began working out. When he found that the results were quite slow, he consulted with some of his friends who advised him to take supplements to make him progress faster.
He listened to their suggestions and bought two weight loss supplements, along with protein powder, green tea and a 70% garciniacambogia supplement. He couldn’t have made a worse decision in his entire life. Although all of us know the side effects of supplements, we doubt we knew those could be so drastic.
Read on to know how these supplements completely destroyed his life.
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3. Just As expected

Matthew didn’t blindly listed to his friends; he conducted his own research before investing in the supplements. Unfortunately, he obtained false information during his research. He began taking supplements every day, and their side effects completely destroyed his life.
In a recent interview, he said that before buying the protein powder, he checked the reviews on the website and they seemed legitimate. Moreover, it was an Australian brand, and since he himself is from Australia, he was confident the product would work.
His health conditions deteriorated just months after he started taking the supplements. When he consulted a doctor, it was confirmed that he had a liver failure.
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4.Almost Dead

Doctors predicted that Matthew probably has two more weeks. He needed a liver transplant within that time period. The only one available was a liver infected with hepatitis B. Since he didn’t have any other option, he was compelled to choose it.
And now in order to stay healthy, he has to take expensive medicine every day which will continue till the rest of his life. One should learn a lesson from this – supplements arent good for our bodies, if you are interested in bodybuilding and getting healthy, you have to take the long step of working out naturally. The gains might be small, but at least you will be healthy.
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