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She Slept With Plastic Wrap And Bandages On Her Stomach – What Happened In The Morning Was Nothing Short Of A Miracle

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We all wish there were miracle ways to lose weight or just lose a bit of skin in the right places. Ways that don’t cost a lot of money, like plastic surgery. And ways that don’t take up time or energy and make you miserable because you are starving or craving a donut. But one lady decided to sleep with plastic wrap around her waist, and believe it or not, but it did exactly what she wanted to! Read on to find out how.

1. Coleen Says

“After three births, my stomach was no longer flat and attractive. I was persuaded by a friend to buy seaweed lotion, plastic wrap and bandages, to achieve weight loss”. So she started by rubbing quite a lot of lotion on the skin of her stomach.

2. Plastic Wrap

After applying copious amounts of lotion, she then wrapped plastic wrap all-around her waist and stomach with an adequate amount of plastic. She had to make sure she didn’t make the plastic too tight since she has to sleep with it on all night and you don’t want to suffocate yourself or stop any kinds of blood flow.

3. Bandages

After wrapping the waist in plastic, she wrapped bandages over the plastic to hold it in place. You have to make sure you cover all the plastic with bandages as well, to add a little bit of heat that will help your stomach sweat out any retained water from weather or the food a person eats. Then she is ready to get herself comfy in bed and sleep for the rest of the night.

4. Before and After

This DIY method does wonders for a quick change if you have to wear a certain dress for an event. Butof course, it is not a diet so if you want to lose a lot more weight, then you have to help your body by following an eating and exercise plan. All this method does is the lotion and the plastic help you sweat out any retained water. But in the end, Coleen says she is amazed with the results and also said, “When I got up, I took off the bandages and wrap and measured my waist. I was in shock. I lost 2.5 inches during one night.”

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