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Which Egg Is Actually Healthy According To Yolk Color ?

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We have eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner regularly. In fact, some people even have eggs every day. And there’s a good reason behind that – eggs are low in fats and rich in proteins, the perfect food for someone who wants to lead a healthy life. However, most of us buy eggs only from the supermarket, without ever thinking whether they are fresh or not. Check the article below to know whether your eggs are actually fresh or not.

1. Three Different Sources

All of these 3 eggs comes from different sources. The first one comes directly from a farm, while the second and the third ones comes from pure grain fed free range chickens and the supermarket respectively. egg yolk color chart

2. Farmer’s Egg

An egg is taken from the first box which was taken directly from a farm. breeds of chickens and their eggs

3. Cracks The Egg

She then cracks the egg into a frying pan and cooks it properly. hens that lay colored eggs

4. Grain Fed Free Range Chickens

Now, it is time for the egg from the second box. This box contains eggs from grain fed free range chickens.healthy egg yolk color

5. EggsFromSupermarket

Finally, it is time for the egg bought from the supermarket.
color of egg yolk

6. All Three Together

Check the colour of the yolks carefully. You will notice that there is a major difference among the three, especially in terms of colour. The egg which was directly taken from the farmer has a rich bright orange colour. On the other hand, the other two eggs have a dull yellow colour. It is almost impossible to distinguish between those two. types of chickens that lay colored eggs

7. Rich Orange

Note that this is the exact colour and type of the yolk that’s completely healthy for you and this is the one that you should be consuming every day.
why do chickens lay different colored eggsSource

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