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Here Are 10 Tricks to Remove Tartar Build-up at Home – Be Your Own Dentist!

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Everyone wants really nice teeth for that big, white and toothy smile of confidence. But the fact of the matter is, most people have issues with their teeth that make them super self-conscious, and that isn’t a nice feeling. But unfortunately, not many people know that much about teeth to try to help themselves. This is why I also recently visited a wonderful dentists in Tijuana as they have such lower prices and it’s a really nice trip too (which was easily paid for with the savings) so have a look at them if you need some major dental treatment. My friend from U.S. also recommended me to visit his dentist in ogden utah who made the best improvements of his teeth, find more information about why dentists are so important tmj relief.

This article is for tartar build-up, and if you don’t know what that is, take a look at the picture below. Tartar build sticks to your teeth, which basically damages them. So it is within your best interest get regular check ups and get rid of it before you may actually have to make a visit to the dentist in Western Branch. Tartar can cause bad breath and destroy the outer layer of your teeth which may require a tooth extraction surgery in extreme cases. Should you need a dental surgery, make sure to find a qualified dental surgeon to do the procedure. If you have missing teeth, you may get dental implants to restore your beautiful smile. These dental implants are surgically placed in your jaw to replace the missing teeth. Your dentist may also recommend porcelain crowns to be placed around your implants.

Here are ways for you to get rid of any tartar build up at home.

1. Baking Soda

Here is a remedy for ingredients you most definitely have in your kitchen somewhere. All you need to do is mix together 3tbsp of baking soda, 2tspn of salt and 2tspn of apple vinegar in a bowl until it starts to foam. Then of course, use it to brush your teeth. But just a general warning, do not try to use this mixture every day because it can cause many other problems with your teeth.

2. Horsetail

Here is a plant that works many kinds of wanders, let alone get rid of tartar build-up. It is essentially a healing type herb. All you need to do is boil about30 grams of the herb in about 300ml of water for about 20 minutes. It then becomes a little drinking for you that you drink twice a day and it should last for about 20 days.

3. Apple Vinegar

This is a very simple procedure to help with your teeth. All you do is let your toothbrush soak in a glass of apple vinegar for about 3 minutes. Then you just use the toothbrush to brush the tartar build up, but brush properly to get rid of as much as possible. After that, rinse your mouth and your toothbrush and then proceed to brush with toothbrush like normal, but making sure to clean the cavity as much as possible.

4. Aloe Vera and Glycerin

Take a bowl, fill it with a bit of warm water, then mix in a bit of baking soda, 1tspn of aloe vera, 1tspn of lemon juice and 4tspns vegetable glyrin. This mixture is actually an amazing thing for our teeth and you will see all kind of benefits after a while. You use the mixture to wash your teeth every day and then you use toothpaste to brush like normal.

5. Orange Peel

Here is an odd one to do, but oranges do have a little acidity to them. Just take an orange peel and rub your teeth with it. It might feel a little weird, but it is a great way to counter act tartar build up. Do this before you go to bed and don’t rinse, leave it, go to sleep and let it do its thing over night. The next morning, brush your teeth like normal.

6. Strawberries

We all love strawberries don’t we? They are sweet and full of flavour. But with this treatment for your teeth, you cut a strawberry in half and rub your teeth with it. But be warned, you will have to brush your teeth afterwards to protect your teeth because strawberries actually contain acids and a lot of sugar which will damage your teeth. And as you know, you are reading this to protect your teeth…

7. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is amazing for your teeth because it actually gets rid of toxins and many kinds of bacteria in your palate, even in your body which in turn reduces the amount of tartar building up in your teeth. This procedure may be a little odd or unpleasant, but remember the benefits you get! Just put 2tspn of coconut oil and put it in your mouth. It has to stay in your mouth for at least 5 minutes for the best results, so gargle it, swirl it around and then you spit it out.

8. Banana Peel

Bananas are a great source for Vitamin D, potassium, magnesium and calcium which will help your teeth be super healthy and much whiter and of course, remove tartar build-up. This may seem a little uncomfortable, but you just take a banana peel and rub your teeth with it for around 2 minutes or so, massaging it in even in your palate to clean out all those impurities. Afterwards, you brush your teeth like normal with tooth paste and all.

9. Linden flower with Sunflower

In a pot, mix 4tspns of Linden flower, 3tspns of Sunflower seeds and one litre of water on the stove on a very low heat. It will take about a half an hour to be ready. This is a healthy mix to brush your teeth with, so use this mixture after every meal you eat to clean out anything sticking to your teeth as well.

10. Walnut Shell

Take about 30 grams of walnut shells and put them in a pot with water in, on the stove to boil for about 15 minutes. This is also a very odd way to clean tartar from your teeth, but leave your toothbrush in this mixture so that it can soak it up enough so that you can use it to brush your teeth with it. But you have to brush continuously for at least five minutes for the procedure to be most effective at getting rid of that tartar build up.

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