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6 Deadly Mistakes Girls Make During Their Periods

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All women have things that they will or won’t do when it comes to their periods. Even still some women have a lot more pain and actually can’t do much anyways. But here is a list of things not many people actually know about that they should actually avoid doing no matter what, they either were never told or they didn’t realize the severity so it is time you know what kind of hazards you should be avoiding completely.

1. Sexual intercourse with no protection

When you start your period, the vaginal canal becomes extremely vulnerable because it opens up entirely which is a risk for all kinds of different infections. So you should always avoid unprotected sex which is quite a huge risk factor concerning infections in your nether-regions.

2. Refusing to eat

Most girls get extremely bloated during their time of the month which leads to their loss of appetite from the constant full feeling they have. This is a really bad thing to do for you, because with all the blood leaving your body, you will start to feel extremely weak. So make sure you eat a decent meal to keep up your strength and ultimately, feel much better!
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3. Complete Exertion

We all have very busy lives with working or studying and just living in general. And with so much to do, you end up over working yourself to get through everything. It is ok to take a break every now and again, and you should relax more because your body is already much weaker.

4. Fast Food

Many women tend to crave things during their periods, whether its sweets, crisps and worse yet, burgers and fries. The key here is to eat as little junk food as you can, the more you eat the more bloated and uncomfortable you feel due to all the oil in your food.
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5. Work

All women have the right to take a day off when they feel horrible and bloated and especially tired. Remember you shouldn’t over exert yourself, this only leads to damaging your body in some way and making it weaker over all. So it is best you take a day off from work, go home and rest as much s possible. The key is to learn to listen to your body.

6. Not sleeping during the night

With the busy lives we live, we tend to find it difficult to relax. And with all the stress, relaxing is actually key to taking care of yourself. So during your period, when your body is at its weakest is when you should be taking care of it more than usual. So try to go to bed early and relax and nurse your body back to health.
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