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Her Son Poses For A Photo With A Stranger, And Then Mom Sees Something In Her Eyes That…

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Kids are always taught by their parents to take care of their belongings, but some spoiled children never listen to their parents, and don’t even care what happens to their toys, games, cell phones etc. – they know that even if they lose anything, their rich parents will immediately replace that with a better product. Unfortunately, not all parents can be so wealthy as to buy their children everything they want. In a way, that’s actually good for the child since he or she will learn the value of some product.

Meet Chase

Chase led a difficult life from a very early age. When he was only two years old, doctors found out that he has brain cancer known as CPC. As a result, he couldn’t attend school for a whole year, since he had to go through radiation and chemotherapy. Most children will be exhausted after such tough treatments, but Chase was not one of them. He was overwhelmed with joy when he found out that he can join school again.


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However, two years later, another tumour was discovered.

Angel, Chase’s mother, was surprised to see that her son was so hardworking and put so much concentration and focus on studies. He didn’t miss a single day and would complete his homework every day. This made her worried, since she thought that Chase will be really disappointed if he has to leave school again.


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However, his dedication earned him a surprise gift one day, when he and his mother were shopping.

Angel and Chase went to an Apple Store in Arizona one day. Angel was looking at the various gadgets on display, while Chase was trying to complete his pending homework sitting at a corner table. Angel’s sister started chatting with one of the employees at this point. Angel then saw that the employee was also talking with Chase.


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After a few minutes, the store manager approached Angel. She thought that maybe Chase accidentally broke a gadget and she will have to pay the fine, but to her surprise, it was completely opposite.


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Angel later found out that the employee’s name was Vicki. When he came to know about Chase’s condition, he asked the manager if they can help him somehow. The manager was also pleased to see how dedicated Chase was, and decided to give him a gift.

They gifted him a brand new latest iPod Nano for free.

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Angel is so grateful to the staff for their kindness and even thanked them publicly on Facebook, saying, “They absolutely made his week!!!! Please pass this story on. I hope it somehow finds its way back to Vicki and Jason so they know how much they made an impact on Chase. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Vicki and Jason!”

It’s stories like this that restore my faith in humanity. Best of luck in the future, Chase!


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